First use of Muei-Tou

The Muei-Tou (無影刀, Shadowless Sword) is a primarily-defensive offense technique used by Tsukune Aono and Touhou Fuhai. This technique is designed to nullify the effects of techniques that require extremely-localized dimensional shifting as a component. Muei-Tou stops techniques from going through dimensions.

Touhou has not shown his own use of this technique, but Tsukune has said that Touhou taught him.

Muei-Tou TechniquesEdit

  • Muei-Tou: This technique was created by Tohou Fuhai, and nullifies the effects of the Jigen-Tou as long as it touches the user of the technique by locking the effect of the Jigen-Tou user's yōki in the current dimension, like "a saw that lost its ability to cut" and thus neutralizing the Jigen-Tou user.
  • Muei-Tou Yamikiri (無影刀闇切り, Shadowless Sword Darkness Cut): Tsukune Aono uses this technique with the principles of Muei-Tou, somehow imbuing it with an offensive cutting ability. The power of this technique proved sufficient enough to break Gyokuro Shuzen's ribs and damage her internal organs.
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