A Monster Dorian is a monster that lives a in an area around Yokai Academy. At first glance, the monster Dorian have an appearance like those of the dorain found in the Human World with an exception of multiple mouths with extendable tentacles from each mouth with addition of a set of sharp teeth. But the true form of a monster is actually hidden underground and the dorian is lure, like an angler fish uses light according to Yukari. The true form looks in a way like a pitcher plant, and eats victim by swallowing them whole and slowly digesting the being. The red flesh of the dorian, which can still twitch even when it is dead, is a delicacy by Yokai monsters, who describe it as "plump and juicy" while Human like Tsukune find it rather repulsive finds the flesh unappetizing with the smell of "blood and old socks." It is discovered that when Human eats its flesh, they will get indigestion as a result.
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