Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Moka's main method of attacking is Tae Kwon Do by using kicks. Therefore, she has a lot of variation with her kicks. Her attacks are essentially intense bursts of concussive, strength released in one kick. The result of getting kicked is devastating. Even a strong opponent will be sent flying away and usually sustain a crippling injury. She considers kicking a more elegant way of fighting; however, in more than one cases while Tsukune was fightning Gyokuro Shuzen, and was in a bad spot, she did refer to trying to use her fist in a desprate attempt to save him showing that she does care for him. Despite her fighting nature as a vampire, she does not truly wish to kill anyone since she has a soft side and she is merciful. Also, Tsukune can stop her if he has to. Her skills in unarmed combat is as such that she is the one who originally taught Tsukune proper fighting that allowed him challenge even Fairy Tale monsters.

Keen Intellect: Despite Moka's fighting nature, she has proven herself to be very intelligent as she is capable of deducing the nature of her opponents and their tactics through either a mere glance or after a few short blows. In fact her intellect is enough to rival even Yukari Sendo (the prodigious student of Yokai Academy that was able to skip a few grades), which is proven when Moka was able to solve a legendary math problem in her head that is said to be so difficult that only Yukari herself was able to solve.

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