Yokai Academy

Tsukune Aono

Outer Moka's first friend and love interest. She loves drinking his blood. Moka grew to care deeply for Tsukune since their first meeting, doing whatever she can for him. As time passed, her bond with Tsukune went from clingy friendship to love. She almost heard Tsukune declare his love for her |on his birthday, but the arrival of the rest of their friends ruined the moment. Moka loves Tsukune with all her heart, wanting to spend her life with him; she's declared this once when the Graffitti Demon got Tsukune framed, and secondly when they finally share a kiss.

Inner Moka seems to have feelings for Tsukune as well, but they don't seem quite recipricated. It's through Tsukune that Inner's ice-cold heart has begun to thaw, and as a resault, make her kinder. She knows how much Tsukune means to Outer Moka, so she does whatever she can to ensure he lives.

Yukari Sendo

Close friend of Moka's who is in love with her, and wishes to be in a three way relationship with Moka and Tsukune. Because of such, this is one of Moka's more akward friendships.

Ginei Morioka

The Newspaper Club's president; he initially sought to date her, but has stopped.

Ruby Tōjō

She at first was an enemy from Witch's Knoll. Out of all Moka;'s rivals for Tsukune's heart, Ruby is the least mean to her.

Kurumu Kurono

A very good friend but is her rival. 

Mizore Shirayuki

At first they were enemies, but later on they became friends and rivals.

Shuzen Family

Akua Shuzen

Moka's older stepsister. Moka considered Akua an enemy at first, but that changed after Moka discovered Akua's reason for protecting her.

Kokoa Shuzen

Moka's younger half-sister. Outer loves and fears her, while Inner loves and is annoyed by her. 

Kahlua Shuzen

Moka's older half-sister. Both fear her madness; Outer dislikes the babying she is given.

Gyokuro Shuzen

Moka's stepmother. She absolutely hates Moka and her mother.

Akasha Bloodriver

Moka's biological mother. She and Moka love each other very dearly.

Issa Shuzen

Moka's father. He loves Moka and her sisters.

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