Love Interests.[edit | edit source]

Tsukune Aono[edit | edit source]

Outer Moka's first friend and love interest. She loves drinking his blood. Moka grew to care deeply for Tsukune since their first meeting, doing whatever she can for him. As time passed, her bond with Tsukune went from clingy friendship to love. She almost heard Tsukune declare his love for her on his birthday, but the arrival of the rest of their friends ruined the moment. Moka loves Tsukune with all her heart, wanting to spend her life with him; she's declared this once when the Graffitti Demon got defeated, and secondly when they finally share a kiss. Tsukune finally pipes her down in the last episode of the second season.

Inner Moka seems to have feelings for Tsukune as well, but how they are expressed and how they develop is more complicated. It's through Tsukune that Inner's ice-cold heart has begun to thaw, and as a result, makes her kinder. She knows how much Tsukune means to Outer Moka, so she does whatever she can to ensure he lives. It's found that Inner is falling in love with Tsukune throughout Season I and more openly through Season II, but is too stubborn (and concerned) to admit it. The first vestiges of her feelings are shown in Tsukune's first descent into a Ghoul, where first Inner Moka desperately tries to protect Tsukune by trying to turn him away, and then by her emotional and grief-stricken reaction to trying to kill Tsukune to prevent his ghoul form from committing atrocities, even though she would have wanted him alive even as a monstrosity. Against Hokuto she takes severe damage trying to protect Tsukune and once again tries to push him away to protect him, before getting caught up in the moment and grinning when she reflects on how self-less Tsukune is. Her defensive nature continues, however, as she tries to push him away once more by going after the Ritsu Mirror during the Riot, arguing that with the mirror Tsukune would no longer be caught in the crossfire of her battles.

In Season II these emotions become clearer: She smiles whenever she reflects on Tsukune and is emotionally frantic around him, lashing out in embarrassment or breaking out into a shy smile or blushes as she tries to maintain her cold and aloof personality (to no avail). However her fear of losing him continues to make her consider abandoning him, until when Tsukune reunites with Inner Moka at Fairy Tale Headquarters he promises to help her in her battles and that she no longer is alone, a proclamation that finally ends Inner Moka's regret and doubt for being involved in Tsukune's life. Throughout the battle against Akuha, Inner Moka is stunned by his growth as a character and they finally take to battle together, synchronizing perfectly to dispatch her younger sister. Inner Moka's love and care for Tsukune is explored deeper when she gets down on her knees and begs Gyokuro to save Tsukune in order prevent him from completely becoming a ghoul, an act considered unacceptable to a vampiress, a species that are known for their beauty. This act reveals how Inner Moka still heavily blames herself for Tsukune's worsening transformation condition, from his first decay into the ghoul state to the final battle against Gyokuro. Tsukune however absolves her of this, affirming that he would never regret meeting her or what has happened to this point, freeing her own regret and self-hatred that had prevented her from expressing and affirming her feelings to Tsukune. Throughout the final battle against Fairy Tale both are seen to work perfectly together, having full trust and confidence in each other's actions.

Ten months after these events, Inner Moka and Tsukune are clearly close, and she continues to pester Tsukune to drink his blood, stating his blood is still delicious as a vampire. Not only does she relish Tsukune and has faith in his capabilities, she also is eager to develop an even closer and more romantic relationship. Although this does not stop comical moments between the two, as the rest of the harem chase after them and try to upend Inner Moka's monopoly on Tsukune, Inner Moka plans to stay by Tsukune's side after he managed to become a Shinso Vampire.

Friends[edit | edit source]

Yukari Sendo[edit | edit source]

Close friend of Moka's who is in love with her, and wishes to be in a three way relationship with Moka and Tsukune. Because of such, this is one of Moka's more awkward friendships. At times, Yukari has even groped Moka, and finds her highly attractive.

Ruby Tōjō[edit | edit source]

She at first was an enemy from Witch's Knoll. Out of all Moka's rivals for Tsukune's heart, Ruby is the least mean to her.

Kurumu Kurono[edit | edit source]

Outer Moka considers Kurumu her best friend, but is her most frequent rival in squabbles over Tsukune. At times, they help each other out when they're having a mental struggles. Inner Moka initially hated her, for attempting to take Tsukune, but still values her considerably. However, by the end of the manga they are close, to the point where Kurumu almost convinced Moka to allow her to dive into Tsukune's dreams to become his lover in his dreams. However, this agreement hilariously derails when the rest of the harem tries to seize the opportunity and Moka withdraws her support.

Mizore Shirayuki[edit | edit source]

At first they were enemies, but later on, they became friends and rivals. Mizore really gets in the way between Moka and Tsukune (usualy by tossing kunais made of ice between them), but not as much as Kurumu.

Fang Fang Huang[edit | edit source]

Fang Fang Huang is her friend and fellow member of the newspaper club.

Shuzen Family[edit | edit source]

Kokoa Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Moka's younger sister. Outer loves and fears her, while Inner loves and is annoyed by her.

Akua Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Moka's Oldest sister. Although they were initially close, once Moka saw Akua kill Akasha, she develops an immense amount of fury towards her. Moka considered Akua an enemy at first, but that changed after Moka discovered Akua's reason for protecting her.

Kahlua Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Moka's Older sister. Both fear her madness. Outer dislikes her wrath.

Akasha Bloodriver[edit | edit source]

Moka's mother. She and Moka love each other very dearly.

Issa Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Moka's father. He loves Moka and her sisters and is very supportive of Moka's relationship with Tsukune.

Gyokuro Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Moka's stepmother. Moka was an enternal symbol of Gyokuro's hatred for Akasha and as such they never had a particularly close relationship.

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