Year One[edit | edit source]

Freshman Year Arc[edit | edit source]

Moka first runs accidentally into Tsukune (by bumping her bicycle to him) and then sucks some of his blood, saying that she was anemic. She reveals to him that she is a vampire and says that his blood is very tasty (after this, she develops a love for his blood and started to enjoy feeding off him in a manner that resembled a kiss on the neck, saying that Tsukune's blood was the most delicious blood). The two instantly become friends. Upon learning that Tsukune will be her classmate, she becomes very happy and hugs him, to the jealousy of all the guys on the classroom. After class, Moka still accompanies Tsukune in a clingy and intimate manner in the hallway, which ignited more jealousy from guys especially from Saizo Komiya.

Since she never had friends before, she becomes very fond of Tsukune and becomes very clingy to him. Moka and Tsukune then explores the different sights in the academy, which resembles a date between the two. However, her friendship with Tsukune becomes estranged momentarily when she learns he is a human. Yet, Tsukune returns to her and releases her Inner personality for the first time (by removing the rosary from her necklace) to fight off Saizo Komiya. Tsukune says to Moka that he doesn't mind if she is a vampire for she is his friend. Tsukune further says to Moka that he likes her.

After this, Moka befriends Kurumu Kurono, a once conceited succubus, who was jealous that all the boys were falling for her and was trying to turn Tsukune into her slave. Her only good traits are her overly-developed breasts. At first, Outer Moka is jealous of Kurumu because Tsukune seems to follow her around. But Inner Moka says to Outer that Kurumu, as a succubus, has a power to bewitch guys to like her. Tsukune, however, is able to resist Kurumu's spell and unleashes Inner Moka. Following her defeat from Inner Moka, Kurumu learns to be nicer and falls in love with Tsukune.

Following this, Moka and Tsukune try to join a club, but since vampires can't go into water, she couldn't join Tsukune in the swim club. Due to Moka's jealousy (since the female swimmers are getting clingy to Tsukune), she goes out. But when Moka returns and finds out that the female swimmers are really man eating mermaids, she jumps to the water even if she knows that water is her weakness - just to save Tsukune. Tsukune unlocks Inner Moka, who defeats the vicious man eating mermaid seniors of the club. Inner Moka, however, berates Tsukune for not considering Outer Moka's feelings as he does not understand her weakness to water.

Deciding to join the Newspaper Club with Tsukune (and Kurumu as well), Moka meets the president of the club, Ginei Morioka, a perverted werewolf. During the club's first meeting, Ginei looks under the skirts of Moka and Kurumu but they don't notice. When Tsukune wants to know what Gin is looking at them under the skirts, Moka and Kurumu see him instead, and think he is a pervert. In another instance, Gin tricks Moka into thinking Tsukune is a peeping tom. However, Gin's plot is revealed thanks to the detective work of Kurumu, and Moka gains a deeper trust in Tsukune. Tsukune unlocks Inner Moka to defeat Ginei's werewolf form.

After the school exams, Moka saves the school genius, Yukari Sendo, an 11 year-old witch, from a group of students who view witches as below them. However, this act of friendship allows Yukari to take advantage of Moka's generous nature as she becomes increasingly attached to her and ends up groping her relentlessly. After a series of pranks Yukari pulled to keep Tsukune away from Moka backfire, the hate group attacks Yukari in their true Lizardmen forms. However, Moka comes to her aid, knowing what it’s like to be lonely without friends before meeting Tsukune and Kurumu. After Inner Moka beats the witch-phobic Lizardmen to a pulp, Yukari becomes proper friends with Outer Moka, Kurumu and Tsukune. Yukari later transfers to the Newspaper Club, claiming to love Moka AND Tsukune, since they both helped her out. She dreams of having a threesome with them once hes fills out. She also claims that her body is full of potential.

Around June, the art teacher, Ms. Hitomi Ishigami, a Medusa, asked Moka to model for her, in exchange for drawing lessons. This time, Moka's feelings for Tsukune is tested when she appears to have forgotten his birthday (later shown that she was taking the lessons to draw Tsukune). Thanks to Tsukune's quick thinking, he comes to the modeling room and unlocks Inner Moka, thus preventing Ishigami to turn her to a petrified stone. The relationship of Tsukune and Moka becomes stronger after Moka confesses that she truly cares for Tsukune. They defeat Ms. Ishigami (after Tsukune unlocks Inner Moka) and frees the petrified victims. After the incident, Moka reveals a painting to Tsukune (which is her gift for his birthday) and says that she loves him. She only attended Ms. Ishigami's class so she can learn how to paint.

Student Police Arc[edit | edit source]

Soon after the paper about their former Art teacher went to print, the Newspaper Club is attacked by the school police for not paying their dues (bribe money); Moka offers to go with the school police after her other personality beat up Keito when she tried to kill Tsukune and Kurumu. However, Tsukune's true identity was exposed to Kuyō by Ishigami and they're both taken captive in the S.P.'s dungeon. After Kuyo badly injured Tsukune, Moka managed to save him from being burnt to a crisp by Kuyō's flames when he double crosses Ishigami. However, Tsukune didn't have enough strength to keep his vision clear enough to remove her Rosario to release Inner Moka. Moka could only cradle the weakened Tsukune in her arms and await Kuyō's flames to burn them. Luckily, after their Newspaper Club friends -Yukari, Kurumu and Gin- heard Tsukune was human, they showed up to save them. Unfortunately, Kuyō beat their friends and Tsukune is badly burnt by a blast of fire that he jumped in front of to protect Moka from it, but not before releasing Inner Moka. Moka injects some of her vampire blood into Tsukune to save, briefly giving him a vampire form. Together, they beat Kuyō, but Tsukune passes out for days, with Outer Moka watching over him.

Though when he recovers, Moka decides to keep his transformation a secret because of the shock it could cause him. However, Rikishi, a dimwitted troll from the wrestling team tries to fight Tsukune after the rumor of him beating Kuyo spread through the school. With advice from Inner Moka, Outer Moka injects more of her blood into Tsukune to give him the power to fight off the troll.

Following this, it’s near the time for summer, but Tsukune is panicking over fear of not passing the midterms as the whole ordeal with the School Police and Rikishi kept him from studying. Moka offers to help him study, but Ms. Ririko forces Tsukune to study under her, which ends up being a bad idea because she fills his head with nothing but math formulas and drains his emotions using her monster powers. Outer Moka manages to write a notebook with hints on how to do the test problems and Inner Moka saves Tsukune from the mind control of their teacher to free him. Soon it is the day for midterms and Tsukune is worried. After the midterms Moka asks how he is, he says he is OK. Tsukune sees his score and that he passed, but the only one that did not pass is Kurumu.

Witch's Knoll Arc[edit | edit source]

Come summer time, Ms. Nekonome has them go to the Human World to conduct investigative journalism, which is really a cover for the mysterious disappearances around Witches Knoll that need to be sorted out before humans once again became aware of the existence of monsters. They meet Ruby, a young adult witch under the rule of her master, Lady Oyakata, planning to destroy the nearby city. Ruby gives Tsukune a death blow, forcing Moka to inject more vampire blood into Tsukune. After Tsukune became a temporary vampire again, he hit Ruby with a crossed arm strike to her stomach area.

Ruby is defeated, but befriended by everyone. Before she goes back to Witch's Knoll, she tells Yukari that her parent's were killed by a human's reckless driving. (Said human was driving while severely intoxicated with an open container) Ruby then states that her only comfort while growing up was cursing humans and their city. As she tears down the stairs, they show that Tsukune, Moka, and Kurumu were eavesdropping. Ruby goes back to Oyakata, shaking with fright as she knows Oyakata's temper. After Tsukune tries talking reason with Oyakata, stating that Ruby's hatred of humans (which clashes with her parents wish for humanity and witches to live in harmony) was keeping her from healing. Oyakata dismisses Tuskune's words then sends one of her Hanabake (man-eater plant monster) to kill Tsukune, but Ruby strikes it down with her transformed wings, stating that she wants to believe Tsukune and his friends.

Stabbing Ruby from behind in vindictive retaliation, Oyakata disowns her apprentice. After clashing with Tsukune's friends and showing them the future of Witch's Knoll, Oyakata seems stunned as Tuskune tries to atone for humanity's crimes. Oyakata then shows her truly malicious side by telling Tsukune he'll have to atone by watching Moka (who she thinks is human) die. Tsukune tries to make her stop but Oyakata tells him if he doesn't stay still, the city will be burned.

As Tsukune begins to despair, Moka tells him that it's okay. Tsukune changed her, Kurumu, Yukari and Ruby for the better, saying that if others change as they all have changed, then the future looks better. Enraged that Moka didn't plead for her life, Oyakata intends to kill her. Tsukune can't stand by and heads for Moka, after being bitten by the plant monsters, Tsukune and Moka get close enough for Tsukune to take the rosario off. Oyakata expresses her disbelief at Moka being a monster, as well as fury about it. Moka then kicks her hard stating that Oyakata wanted blood not peace, and that she understood blood. Oyakata chuckles darkly and tells Moka not to underestimate her, calling her a little girl. Oyakata then merges with several plant-based monsters, stating that they would see the power an angry with could hone in over a century of bitterness. Oyakata and the monsters then form one giant monstrosity. However, Moka defeats Oyakata by destroying her source of magical power, the gem on her magical tome, destroying the witch, but gaining a new friend in Ruby.

Mizore Arc[edit | edit source]

On their return to Yōkai Academy, Mizore Shirayuki begins stalking Tsukune and tries to kill Moka, but is stopped from doing so. However, when the gym teacher attempts to molest Mizore, Tsukune is critically injured again, forcing an infusion of Moka's blood. Mizore befriends them, but ruins any tender moments Moka tries to have with Tsukune.

Monstrel Arc[edit | edit source]

After this, Saizo returns, infiltrated with the Monstrels to gain revenge, but is defeated by Tsukune, whose humanity is being worn away by the continuous flow of blood infused in him by Moka, much to her worry.

Another Monstrel called Mido kidnaps Moka, forcing Tsukune to rescue her, but after Inner Moka is released, she tells him to leave for the human world in order to recover from her blood. During the fight against Mido, Inner Moka implores Tsukune to stay out of her business and affirms that she would not care if she never saw him again, despite her irritation towards Mido slandering Tsukune. Tsukune persists, however, using his vampiric power to save her from a death when Mido cheats by using a sprinkler system to weaken Moka.

Inner Moka is in disbelief when Tsukune asks her to give him another infusion of blood to protect her because her saying she didn't need him was wrong, and that she was just as important as Outer Moka. Though she protests due to the risk of killing him, Inner Moka realizes that Tsukune will likely die after he coughs up blood due to the injury from Mido's attack. Despite Inner Moka's worry that Tsukune will die with another infusion, but knowing how much Outer Moka loves him, she gives him another injection. As she gives him the injection she also admits that she wanted him to leave because she was afraid of him getting hurt.

When Tsukune doesn't seem to be getting better, Inner Moka collapsed thinking that she'd killed him, only to be surprised as Tsukune caught her and set her down gently. However, realizing that Tsukune wasn't suffering, Inner Moka realized in horror that Tsukune had transformed into a ghoul, who soundly beats Mido's group. After Yukari shut the water off, Inner Moka made the pained choice to kill Tsukune to keep him from attacking and killing humans. When Kurumu got in her way Inner Moka told her to move, but was surprised to see that Kurumu was right and that her hands were shaking. After Ghoul-Tsukune wounded Kurumu's side, Moka resumed attacking him. Blow after blow Inner Moka tearfully admits that she would rather have Tsukune live in this monstrous state, but that it would be torment for Tsukune to live in the confines of a bloodthirsty, feral ghoul. After a cloaked individual, later revealed to be Ruby who was fully recovered, restrained Inner Moka, Tsukune is saved by the Headmaster by chaining a Spirit Lock to his wrist to keep Moka's blood in his body locked down.

Anti-Thesis Arc[edit | edit source]

Moka tries to distance herself from Tsukune to avoid nearly killing him again, but is soon manipulated by Mako Yakumaru, the Anti-Schooler's "cleaner" into trying to murder him. Moka is snapped out of the spell by Kurumu, but she can't remember what caused her to try killing Tsukune. Luckily this memory comes back in the nick of time for her to save Tsukune from a death blow Mako was trying to deliver to Tsukune. Moka defeats Mako, but is left torn between staying or leaving Yōkai to keep Tsukune safe from her Inner self. Kiria Yoshi, the #2 of the Anti-Schoolers wanted to meet her vampire self and tried to use Kurumu's devotion to Tsukune to try fighting Moka. However, this backfires on the Monstrel when Outer Moka teams up with Kurumu to defeat the Cyclops duo he sent to fight her and Moka returns to school.

Things only got stranger the following day with Tsukune drinking tons of water bottles and him being mesmerized by the sight of a bleeding scrape on Moka's knee. By this time, Moka had gone without drinking blood for half a month and her anemia symptoms were resurfacing with a vengeance. She almost got bitten by Tsukune, who was thirsty for her blood (ironicly) because of it coursing through him, but she shoved him away because she was beginning to thirst for his blood and fainted when trying to explain. When she awoke, she found herself in the infirmary and left to find Tsukune facing a man-eating monster, who slashed her with its arms, tempting Tsukune with her blood as she fainted. When she awoke from her blood loss, Moka found herself being carried back to the dorms by Tsukune. After she asked to be put down, Tsukune asked why she'd been avoiding him, guessing it was because he'd been acting weird. Not being able to see Tsukune blame himself, Moka revealed she was avoiding being close to him because of the overwhelming urge to suck his blood when their together. Tsukune, out of his love for her, allows Moka to freely suck his blood so she can stay healthy.

When a fake issue of the Yōkai Times was released by Anti-Thesis, which threatened the school with a "rain of blood", the Newspaper Club fell under suspicuous as being members of the group. Moka went around collecting the fake papers to help clear the club's name, running into Tsukune. Because of how upset he was, Moka asked a teacher what was happening, learning that Tsukune was to be expelled because of the fake issue. She followed him to the roof, where the Anti-Thesis graffiti demon was trying to kill Tsukune. After explaining things to the culprit, Moka declared that she would quit school and go to the human world with Tsukune. However, the Graffiti Demon turned his attention to killing her. To her shock, Moka watched as Tsukune tapped into the power of her blood within him to pummel the villain into submission.

Following the Headmaster's orders for Tsukune to serve on the school festival committee, Moka is taken hostage by Kiria under Hokuto's orders to initiate his master plan to dissolve the great barrier. While hostage, Moka watched a shikigami project the fight between Hokuto and Tsukune. As Kiria states his conclusion that Tsukune is going to die, Moka grips her Rosario, trying desperately to take it off. Inner Moka warns Outer Moka that her personality will likely be destroyed if she keeps trying to remove it, Outer Moka replies with the statement that Tsukune's safety was all that mattered to her.

Before the seal broke, Inner Moka's eye (shown through the Rosario) wept at Outer Moka's choice of self-sacrifice, now knowing how much she loved Tsukune. As the seal broke, Outer Moka displayed signs of agony. Inner Moka, upon awakening, defeated Kiria with ease and proceeded to Tsukune's location, keeping him from reverting to a ghoul from over-taxation of the Holy Lock. She then proceeds to fight Hokuto, who was once human, but now a monster thanks to an injection of Kiria's blood. She sympathized with Tsukune who wanted to have met Hokuto under different circumstances as friends but also offers him a warning that what happened to Hokuto (which was letting the monster blood within run wild) could happen to him as well. Along with her friends, Inner Moka poured energy back into the great barrier to prevent its collapse. The Headmaster fixed Outer Moka's personality and the Rosario as thanks for repairing the Great Barrier.

Lilith's Mirror Arc[edit | edit source]

During the festival, Moka wanted to spend one of the nights on a date with Tsukune, but Mizore and Kurumu lied to their mothers, saying Tsukune was Mizore's boyfriend and Kurumu's fiance. The only one of their friends who didn't lie was Yukari, who wanted Moka to meet her parents instead. Moka is nearly raped by a graduate from Yōkai who was visiting the festival, but is saved by Tsukune. Moka ends up playing gold fish scoop with Tsukune.

The following day, Moka was shocked to see Tsukune's human cousin had arrived at Yōkai and did her best with Yukari's help to keep the true nature of the school a secret from Kyōko. Unfortunately, Kurumu, Mizore, Ms. Nekonome, Gin and Ruby nearly ruin their efforts. Though Kyōko is dense and thought the school was for environmental industries and then thinks it is a prank, she eventually makes an accidental wish on the Lilith Mirror, which revealed the true natures of every other student in Yōkai. This leads to Moka trying to protect Kyōko from other students, but needed more strength. Moka managed to release her Inner persona via the mirror, but soon had to watch, as her friends lost all self-restraint and pounce on Tsukune, pushing him to reciprocate. Realizing that her own true nature was set free, Moka went face Ishigami, who wanted to turn her into stone again, but Moka does not realize the Rosario was reversing the Lilith Mirror's effect on her as she chased Ishigami. However Ishigami had misunderstood Inner Moka's intention: It was not out of convenience that she chased Ishigami and the Lilith Mirror, but rather to protect Tsukune by not needing to rely on him and drag him into dangerous situations. However, Tsukune was able to talk sense into the girls and soon found Moka, stating that he wasn't replaceable and that he was fine with the danger, releasing her powers and allowing Moka to defeat Ishigami.

Due to the destruction Ishigami caused with Lilith, the school had to close for repairs. Moka paid Tsukune a visit on the day the school sent the students home, almost confessing her true feelings to Tsukune, but the others followed as well, causing mayhem for Tsukune. Though the others gave Mrs. Aono a hard time, Moka was surprised to learn Tsukune had told his mother about her and how happy Tsukune is to have Moka as a friend. Moka caught up to Tsukune, who was planning on fighting Kurumu, Yukari and Mizore, who were wrecking the neighborhood, and hugged him putting his head in her breasts and almost kissing him, before having him yank off her Rosario, tricking the girls into a trap. Inner Moka told Tsukune that he would have to decide which he wants to spend his life with, and which world he wishes to live in the near future. The following day, on a mandatory return from the human world, Moka listens to Tsukune's words of farewell and waits to see him again.

Year Two[edit | edit source]

Tsukune meets Moka's little sister, Kokoa Shuzen. He didn't know her name, or the fact she's Moka's sister.

Return to Yōkai Academy Arc[edit | edit source]

Moka had sent a letter to Tsukune over the summer telling him that Yōkai Academy would be re-opening soon and that she can't wait to see him. While walking around the school with Yukari, who tells some guy who is interested in Moka to lay off. She also tells him that Moka has declared Tsukune to be her lover. Tsukune was nearby looking for Moka but he didn't hear the conversation. Later, Yukari uses one of her inventions on Moka, which is a flower-pot looking item that holds a special powder mixture that causes a person's true feelings to emerge when inhaled. When Moka is exposed to this, she immediately becomes infatuated with Tsukune, going so far as to ask him to kiss her thigh, which she explains would symbolize he is hers and only hers. When they are interrupted by Kurumu and Mizore, Moka soundly defeats them both, her inner strength also having manifested. Moka and Tsukune try to kiss again, but the Rosario on Moka's chest literally stops Tsukune by spearing him in the face. In his frustration, he accidentally removes the Rosario, releasing Inner Moka. When she emerges, Inner Moka is infuriated at how Tsukune has been taking liberty of touching her body without her permission (and she also especially notes that his worst offense is that at that moment, he "is on top" of her) and kicks him into the air.

Following these events, Moka goes along with the others on the Spring Fruit Hunt, which is labeled as special training by Yōkai the Academy. The purpose of the Hunt on the surface is to find and retrieve the monster fruit known as the Monster Durian (but the true point of the exercise is to teach cooperation), which is considered a rare delicacy to Yokai (much to the disbelief of Tsukune). Having quarreled with Kurumu and the others over an issue involving Tsukune (again), the group sets out to find the Durian in a uncooperative manner, each member trying to get the fruit first to prove their abilities over the others. They immediately locate one, but it is revealed that the fruit is actually a lure used by the true Durian, a large man-eating plant. Moka realizes this and takes the Durian from Kurumu (who had it at the time didn't know) and shoves her away just as the plant emerges from underground and swallows her whole. The plant attacks the group, swallowing Moka then Tsukune but it is revealed he willingly allowed himself to be swallowed so as to remove the Rosario from Moka's chest, releasing the Inner Moka who kicks her way out and together, the group successfully brings down the Durian and manage to retrieve one of its fruits of which they partake in (with Tsukune gets food poisoning after eating it).

Phantom Thieves Arc[edit | edit source]

It is after this that Moka is once again reunited with Kokoa Shuzen, who is her younger sister and holds a deep resentment towards the Outer Moka because she is not her "true" sister. After a skirmish in the Newspaper Club room, Moka tries to settle the fight with Kokoa, but loses because of her sealed state. This only serves to anger Kokoa and she attempts to smash Moka with her weapon (a giant mace at the time) but Tsukune, who arrived at the scene earlier and tried to calm Kokoa, manages to remove the seal, and Inner Moka blocks the attack. She readies herself to fight Kokoa, but Kokoa suddenly embraces Inner Moka, crying over how much she missed her. This causes Kokoa afterwards to follow Moka around in an attempt to force her to revert to her non-sealed form.

Afterwards, a series of attacks on students occur at Yōkai Academy, with the culprit being named the Street Slasher for the wounds left on the victims. Kokoa convinces the sealed Moka to come with her to investigate, seeing this as an opportunity to begin separating Moka from the Newspaper Club and getting one step closer to her real sister. The pair investigate the old school dungeon, which was used in past times to jail students who killed on or off school grounds, believing the attacker to be there. When they hear footsteps approaching from behind a corner, Kokoa gives Moka her weaponized bat in the form of a club and tells her to attack the individual when they come around. Moka swings, only to hit Tsukune who had followed them. Suddenly, the three are attacked by a minotaur-like yokai and companion, and it is revealed that the Slasher is just one of a band of thugs who had escaped the human world and taken refuge in Yōkai Academy. Moka and Tsukune are taken hostage, but before Kokoa can be captured, Mizore and Kurumu appear and defeat the minotaur. Captured, Moka and Tsukune come to face with the leader of the group who is a doppelganger; a being who can change into the form of another down to every detail, even copying yokai's abilities regardless of whether they are suppressed or not. He copies Tsukune and sets out to kill Kokoa, Mizore, and Kurumu.

In their cell, Tsukune is almost stabbed by the guard left to watch over them, Tsuchigumo. However, Moka takes the blow for him and saves his life. Tsuchigumo then turns his attention to Moka. With her in danger, the vampire powers in Tsukune awaken, and he decimates the guard to save Moka. He then proceeds to punch a hole in the wall and leaves, Moka then following him. When Moka arrives at the spot where the others are fighting the leader of the gang, Tsukune has soundly beaten him back and saved them. But the doppelganger runs into Moka as she arrives and copies her, gaining all of her sealed powers. He then almost kills Kurumu, but before he can, Tsukune, who has had his vampire powers resealed by Ruby and Yukari, manages to block the attack and drain his powers momentarily by placing Moka's now removed rosary on the thief's body. The thief is then beaten back into a corner, where the now unsealed Moka is waiting and she defeats him with her signature kick.

Land of the Snow Fairies Arc[edit | edit source]

After the defeat of the gang, Moka and Tsukune are remarking about the unusual heat wave they are having. When Tsukune asks if she's suffering, Moka replies that sunlight bothered her not heat. Mizore invites Moka and the others to her village which at the time is hosting the Flower Offering Ceremony, which is said to be able to match men and women together. Mizore tries to seduce Tsukune using the Snow White Flower which has hallucinogenic effects, but Moka and the others realize what is going on and interrupt Mizore and Tsukune, only to have her run away using ice skis. The group is then attacked by a snow creature, but it then promptly leaves and attacks Mizore and Tsukune. Revealing itself to be the Snow Priestess, a being who has the ability to see the future and has absolute authority in the snow village, she takes Mizore and leaves Tsukune behind. Upon realizing that Mizore was taken to be married, as it is customary for snow fairies to be married by prophecy, Moka and the other devise a plan to disrupt the Flower Ceremony using snow based weapons (provided by Mizore's mother). The plan, however, is derailed when it is discovered that Kalua Shuzen, Moka's second oldest sister, is present at the ceremony and is allied with Fairy Tale, which has infiltrated the Snow Village. The two engage in combat and the fighting is fierce with both sisters seriously injuring each other. However, Miyabi who was supposed to marry Mizore and is a high ranking member of Fairy Tale orders Kalua to stop on the orders of Fairy Tale's leader. With Mizore saved and Fairy Tale gone for the moment, the group heads back to Yōkai Academy.

Before Tsukune's group leave, the spirit of the Snow Oracle prophesies to Mizore that Tsukune and Moka have a "special destiny" and a "destiny that will move the whole world".

Training Arc[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to Yōkai, Moka finds Tsukune missing one day and is later lead by the Headmaster to an alternate dimension where he is training with Ruby. Moka finds the magic artifact Belmont and accidentally releases her Inner personality. Inner Moka decides to take over Tsukune's training, as he is impatient. However, the next day, she decides to steal/borrow Belmont without Ruby's permission and go shopping with Tsukune instead as she saw being "out" as a rare treat and didn't want to waste it on training. Knowing that Ruby, Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore would be coming after the whip, Moka teaches Tsukune how to detect monster energy so she can have her guard down. After avoiding two attacks by Kurumu and Mizore, Moka ended up in a dead end with Tsukune, planning to fight off all four of the girls. However, Tsukune used what he learned from her and protected her from a sneak attack; Moka ended up kicking Tsukune because he hugged her without permission to do so. Moka then spent the next two weeks brutally training Tsukune (which Outer Moka disliked from the vague memories they shared). In the following days, Inner Moka found Tsukune helpless to train as he needed a reason to fight in order to unlock his powers.

Second battle with Fairy Tale Arc[edit | edit source]

During another trip to the human world in summer, Moka was kidnapped by a bunch of mobsters along with a Yōkai graduate named San. However, she was saved thanks to Tsukune. They then went to the hotel San worked at for the time in the human world, but one of the employees stole the money needed for the bills. Thanks to the group's quick thinking, they managed to raise enough money by calling in customers while wearing their swim suits. (Moka had bought the one she wore to show Tsukune) Later that night, the leader of Fairy Tale's 7th branch - Kamiya Kanade attacked the hotel in an attempt to recruit San. The Newspaper Club had no choice but to fight and reveal their true natures to Marin (the owner of the hotel and San's mother figure). However, when everyone became blinded by Kanade's song, San stepped in and defeated Kanade with a song of her own. While everyone else slept that night, Moka met Tsukune and discussed what they might be like in the future before sucking his blood. The following morning, Marin said that Tsukune was with another girl in the hotel kissing, making Mizore and Kurumu angry to find out it was Moka (only that Moka was sucking Tsukune's blood).

Fang Fang Arc[edit | edit source]

Upon returning to Yōkai Academy to resume the school year, Fang Fang Huang, a male yasha from a powerful Chinese mafia heir arrived and tried to recruit Moka along with Tsukune due to his mistaken belief that they were responsible for beating Fairy's Tale's entire 7th branch after Moka's rescue from the human mobsters. (Haji and Gin were actually the ones responsible for beating the 7th branch). It is during this chapter that its hinted Inner Moka is beginning to fall for Tsukune. An example is when Kurumu starts to joke around over the fact that Inner Moka doesn't want Tsukune involved in polygamy; going as far as to say Moka would say only she can be with Tsukune. From Kurumu's perspective, you can notice that Inner Moka is not only blushing heavily but she's shaking a little bit too. After this, Fang Fang desperately tries to get them to join (and thinking Moka and Tsukune are married with each other and calling them a perfect team), much to the annoyance of both Moka and Tsukune. Following the introduction of Fang Fang, an athletic festival is held at the school and Moka prepares a box lunch for Tsukune as his parents can't come. However, the lunch is ruined by a group of zombies controlled by Fang Fang's zombie sister, Ling Ling Huang. This prompts Inner Moka, who helped Outer Moka make the lunch, to break the festival rules of non-violence and clobbered the zombies.

The Rosario Breaks! Moka's Hidden Memories Arc[edit | edit source]

As time passed since then, Inner Moka noticed that Outer Moka was becoming increasingly tired and that she could speak to her via the Rosario much more often than usual. One day, Inner Moka wished to attend Yi in Outer Moka's place and since they could not use Belmont (due to the Headmaster learning of the previous incident), Tsukune was forced to remove her Rosario at the cost of weakening the seal. Inner Moka did well in all her classes, but did poorly in cooking class as Outer Moka was the one who usually cooked for the both of them. Her attempt to make pumpkin pie for Tsukune ended up disastrous for those who helped her (Yukari, Ruby, Kurumu, Mizore and Kokoa). However, though the outside of the pie she cooked was charred in the end, the inside was cooked to perfection - a compliment that made Inner Moka blush. However, when they replaced the Rosario at the end of the school day, Outer Moka did not reappear. Fang Fang and Ling Ling explained that they heard cracking noises from the Rosario's seal - indicating its weakening.

Though Inner Moka and the others were confident that the Headmaster could repair the seal once again, Fang Fang and Ling Ling disproved their hopes as the Headmaster lacked the power needed for the kind of repair the Rosario required. However, the other Hell King, who taught him his spells, Touhou Fuhai (also head of the Huang family as well as Fang Fang's and Ling Ling's grandfather), had the power to repair the seal. Though only she could hear her, Inner Moka could still converse with Outer Moka even though they've switched places - a fact that calmed their worried friends. They left for China on Fang Fang's private jet (piloted by Ling Ling), but a Gremlin sent by Fairy Tale nearly caused them to crash. Luckily, Moka took advantage of the Gremlin's perverted nature and kicked it along with its clones off the plane before having to abandon it and use one of Fang Fang's summons to continue the flight. During this time, Inner Moka realized that her fighter instincts have gone soft due to her time with Outer Moka's friends; something that upsets her greatly.

Upon arriving at Fang Fang's mansion, Moka was taken "hostage" as part of a welcoming game done by Fang Fang's family to see if Tsukune was worthy of joining the mafia. Soon after it was done, they met Touhou Fuhai, who, tricking Moka into dressing up in cosplay, began repairing the seal. However, Moka fell unconscious and the Rosario sucked Mizore, Tsukune and Touhou's souls into the Rosario. Inside the Rosario, unbeknownst to both Mokas’, memories of her early childhood with her mother were sealed deep inside.

In those memories, it is revealed Moka carries the Shinso blood of her mother (Akasha Bloodriver), leader of the Hell Kings and a powerful vampire. Moka's eldest sister - Akua, wished to obtain her mother's blood. To protect Moka and keep the terrible Alucard (a vampire, who long since became a giant beast by absorbing other monsters, sealed beneath the Shuzen manor) in eternal slumber, Akasha had sent Moka away to be under the care of her fellow Hell King (the Headmaster). However, Moka had returned after remembering that she forgot the Rosario (a gift from Akasha intended to seal Moka's Shinso blood) and found Akua in the middle of a fight with Akasha. Moka flew into a rage at seeing her mother cut in half by Akua, awakening both her Shinso blood and Alucard before kicking Akua out of the window. With Alucard awakened, Moka was caught in his tentacles and was being drained of her blood by the thirsty beast. However, Akasha healed herself and began a ritual to seal Moka's memories and implant a false personality (Outer Moka) into the Rosario to keep her safe while allowing herself to be eaten by Alucard to seal him from inside.

Next, when those trapped in the seal are escaping, Tsukune sees Outer Moka's early memories; it is shown that she is crying over her mother's disappearance. However, Moka feels Tsukune's presence as he talks about the kind things he thinks of her, which interfere with her memories briefly as she mentions his name. Though she soon forgets who she was talking about and the memory returns to normal. After Inner Moka awakens from the seal's repair, she finds Akua tearing up the Huang manor and family, looking for her. Moka agrees to go with Akua as long as her friends are spared, boarding a Fairy Tale blimp with Akua to be taken to their main headquarters. Once inside the blimp, Moka is surprised by the number of servants waiting for Akua's orders along with the lush decorations. After being pushed into a room by a Fairy Tale grunt (who was given a death threat by Akua for doing so because nobody hurts her little sister), Moka is told by Akua to wait. While waiting, Outer Moka regains control of their body and is taken to Fairy Tale's main Headquarters - the Garden in The Sky. Outer Moka is questioned continuously by Akua to see how she differs to the Inner Moka. When Outer Moka dismisses Akua's assumptions that she is alone even with her friends, she is taken to the bowels of the floating Garden. There, she is re-introduced to Alucard and informed that her mother is still sealing him from inside. This causes Moka to break down and cry.

Fairy Tale Infiltration, Saving Moka Arc[edit | edit source]

Inner Moka and Tsukune reunite

Later, with the arrival of Tsukune and the others, Moka is seen being projected on a monitor which shows her kneeling in front of Alucard. Later, Kurumu and Mizore finds Outer Moka and engages in a fight with Akua. Akua proves too much for them and Moka's seal breaks. Inner Moka attacks Akua for hurting her friends, but Akua blocks her attack. Then Inner Moka notices tentacles appearing out from under her, where Akua remarks that Alucard has awakened because Inner Moka's and Alucard's blood are synchronized. Inner is later seen carrying Kurumu and Mizore out of the base by one of Alucard's tentacles, followed by Akua. When Tsukune appears, Akua tells Inner Moka that she will kill him. Inner tries to catch up to Akua, but couldn't because of the Rosario. Inner Moka thinks of what Akua said to her about not being accepted and she realizes Akua could be right. Inner Moka then decides to take off the Rosario to protect her friends, but is stopped by Tsukune. Tsukune tells her that protecting isn't all she has left and tells her that this time he will protect her. This statement is shown to move Inner Moka to tears and hugs him. Akua then realizes that Ura is crying as she opens her heart to Tsukune and not her. When Akua thinks Tsukune is her partner in marriage, Moka blushes and says that she is mistaken, and hides the discussion from Tsukune. Tsukune then surprises Moka with his new found strength and skill, parrying the Jigen-Tou from Akua. When Akua is about to hurt Tsukune, saying that he is not good enough for Moka, Moka kicks her and says she doesn't decide who she hangs out with.

Inner Moka and Tsukune the proceed to tag team Akua, forcing her entirely into a defensive strategy. After a bluff attack nearly hit Akua, both Inner Moka and Akua displayed stunned expressions at Tsukune's release of the first seal of the Holy Lock and the boost in his battle capabilities that came with it. Later, Inner Moka kicked a distracted Akua and then told Tsukune that Akua's body was ill-suited to tolerate such an attack. When Tsukune staggered from pain of over-using his vampire power, Inner Moka seemed concerned. Then, suddenly, Inner Moka noticed Gyokuro's presence and tried to warn Tsukune, only to see Gyokuro knock him down with a back-handed punch. Then Gyokuro ripped off Moka's Rosario realizing that in its damaged state anyone could take it off. Inner Moka then suffered from the rosario's forcible removal and cried out in pain. Inner Moka, blocked by Kalua, then listened to Gyokuro mention that the rosario was never intended solely to seal her power (which she said Tenmei Mikogami and Touhou Fuhai must have mentioned this fact) but rather that it was a fail-safe meant to control Alucard on the chance he awakened again.

After Team B took over battling Gyokuro and Kalua, Moka sensed the presence of her father, Issa Shuzen and urged everyone to run. Later on, Moka alongside Tsukune and Hokuto were battling hordes of vampires, she notices somethings wrong with Tsukune but he hides it, she then tells Tsukune to watch his back because theres something weird about the vampires, suddenly they start mutating into monsters and she is then ensnared by one of then and is about to get eaten but Tsukune rescues her, she thanks him but becomes concerned for Tsukune when he falls to his knees, Hokuto says he warned Tsukune that this would happened, Moka then questions Hokuto if he knows whats happening to him, suddenly the they began to hear laughter coming from within the horde of monsters and Gyokuro reveals herself to the trio, she explains that the monsters were once vampires and that she experimented on them by infusing them with Alucard's flesh, she further explains that their friends were killed by these monsters and that the monsters themselves were once vampires of the Shuzen family, angered by what Gyokuro said and has done to the members of the Shuzen family, Moka declares that she is no longer her "mother" and that she will make Gyokuro pay for what she has done, after which Gyokuro explains that there will be another ghoul joining her shortly and that "Alucard's invasion" has progressed far within Tsukune and that he won't even last until first light as Tsukune will have become a ghoul before then.

Gyokuro tells Moka that she is the cause because Tsukune is descending into a ghoul, Moka doesn't believe at first but Gyokuro elaborates about the battle between Akasha, Touhou and Mikogami with Alucard 200 years ago, where Akasha and Alucard's blood melded during the sealing ritual. As a result, the Shinso blood that Moka had inherited from her mother, and the same Shinso blood she injected to Tsukune, who was human, was in fact a cocktail both Akasha's and Alucard's Shinso lineage and as a result Tsukune is doomed to mutate into a ghoul like the Shuzen family. Stunned, heartbroken and desperate, Moka gets on her knees, soiling her pride as a vampire, and begs Gyokuro to save Tsukune from such a fate. Gyokuro teases her and then openly mocks her, saying she would after he becomes a ghoul and one of her pets. Grief-stricken and insulted, Moka attempts to attack Gyokuro but is knocked down, and Gyokuro orders the ghouls to kill Moka and Tsukune. As Tsukune rushes to help Moka, she sees the extent of his mutation and takes his hand and places it to her cheek, tearfully apologizing him for what she's done to him. As the ghouls close in, Tsukune releases his second seal, telling Moka no matter what happens to him she should not blame herself, because thanks to her he has the power to protect her. He wounds Gyokuro and challenges her, as a emotionally distraught Inner Moka stands witness.

During Tsukune and Gyokuro's fight, Moka tries to intervene but is stopped by Hokuto and the two watch the battle. Moka shaken in fear begs Tsukune to stop before he gets any worse and rushes to his aid, grasping him as he falls after defeating Gyokuro in a more mutated state. In their embrace, Inner Moka admits her amazement over how strong Tsukune has become, and implores him to live. As Gyokuro recovers and commands the power of Alucard, Moka along with Tsukune and their friends recuperate assemble to fight her, but Gyokuro easily beats and separates the group. While searching for Tsukune, Moka comes across Kurumu and Mizore noticing that their wounds haven't completely after their battle with Akua. Kalua appears to Moka in her seemingly immortal form after defeating Kokoa, but is interfered by Kurumu and Mizore. Gairen appears to Moka to kill her but is stopped by Fang Fang and Yukari letting her go forward. As she continues forward to Gyokuro, Moka reflects on her friends, and after all this time they were protecting her, instead of the other way around. Moka stares down Gyokuro and faces her to conclude that she didn't come to Fairy Tale by herself and it's her turn to become stronger.  

Inner Moka kicks Gyokuro but she was later caught by Gyokuro's tentacles. Gyokuro mutates and completely fuses with Alucard, but before she kills Moka, Moka screams "Mother" and Gyokuro was suddenly stopped . Tohou Fuhai shows up and tells that the rosary isn't linked to Alucard but to Akasha (Moka's mother) which is sealed inside Alucard. The Outer and Inner Moka converse and wrench away the rosary from Gyokuro, which is the only thing that stops Alucard from engulfing her due to Gyokuro's fusion with the beast. Upon removal of the Rosario, Gyokuro is consumed and Outer Moka is restored with the Rosario fixed. Tsukune and Outer Moka embrace as they reunite once more.

Outer Moka and Tsukune's kiss

However, when the battle is seemingly through, Miyabi appears and reveals that he is in fact a clone of Alucard', telling them that all was his plan and just a method of appraising the rosary's threat to him. It was his intention to destroy the rosario so his revival will be complete (as the rosario is used to control him). Outer Moka was defended by Tohou Fuhai, Tsukune, and the others, but were instantly defeated by Alucard's clone. Akua later defended Moka and seemed victorious after chopping Alucard's clone to bits, but the clone regenerated saying that he, as a clone, cannot be killed as long as the host is alive. The clone stabs Tsukune as he was regenerating, and pierces Moka's body and rosary, destroying its functionality for good.

The Soap Opera spell created by Tohou Fuhai forms around Tsukune and Outer Moka as they drift to the surface of the human city. After witnessing the destruction of Alucard, Omote regains consciousness momentarily, apologizing profusely to Tsukune, who confesses his love. Omote is overjoyed and reciprocates, and share a tender embrace and kiss as Omote's life slips away, leaving Tsukune alone and inundated with sorrow.

Akuha intervenes when they reach the surface, attempting to revive Moka with her vampiric blood, but to no avail as her energy and blood is simply not enough. Committed to saving Moka, Tsukune removes the Holy Lock, succumbing to the Shinso blood in order to be eligible to inject his own blood into Moka. He announces this as paying back Moka, a way to thank her for all of the wonderful moments and memories they had shared over their time at Youkai Academy.

With the arrival of the rest of the group, the energy released by Tsukune was kept contained and both he and Moka were able to emerge as pure Shinso entities, who pushed Alucard to the limit. At the coda of the fight, Tsukune reaches for Moka's rosary once more- not to release Inner Moka, who is already unleased due to Omote's passing, but instead to place it on Alucard and limit his power. As a result of this, Akasha, who resided in Alucard's body, is able to take control and, after saying a emotional goodbye to her daughter and Tsukune, who she recognizes as a result of Omote's memories given to her by the rosary, passes on with Alucard and the two remaining dark lords.

The beginning of the third year, Moka introduces Tsukune to her father, Issa. Inner Moka is shown to be incredibly casual and warm around Tsukune, and happy to meet Issa with him. At the end she sneaks in another bite of Tsukune's jugular as their life as companions and schoolmates continue.

Year Three[edit | edit source]

This part of the story is plain speculation, as Rosario Vampire has been concluded at this moment time. Get working on this Ikeda!

Final Year Arc[edit | edit source]

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