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The Mob Boss is a unnamed Human and the leader of the Shuei Industries.


He first appears when him and his men recaptured San Otonashi and then kidnapping Moka Akashiya leaving Tsukune Aono knocked out. The Boss along with his men take the two captive girls to their main hideout. He asked Moka what her relationship is with San as she replied that she just met her and San was looking for help although the Boss believes that Moka is lying to him and reveals that San has a special power so that him and his men can use that power for money. As the Boss orders his men to hurt Moka, Tsukune shows up and beats up the leader's men to a bloodly defeat. Tsukune rescues both Moka and San leaving the Boss behind.

Later that night, the Boss is killed by Fairy Tale's 7th Subdivision Deputy, Tsubaki Rokurou who placed headphones over his ears and had him listen to a copy of the soul stealing song "death melody" leaving the Boss as a corpes.

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