Mizore's Father (Mr. Shirayuki)
Name: Mizore's Father (Mr. Shirayuki)
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Yuki-Otoko
Affiliation: Unknown
Relatives: Mizore Shirayuki (Daughter)
Tsurara Shirayuki (Wife)
Class: Unknown
Weapon: Unknown
Voice: Eric Vale (English)
Techniques: Unknown

Mr. Shirayuki is the unnamed husband of Tsurara Shirayuki and the father of Mizore Shirayuki. He has no speaking lines other than grunts and roars. His Monster Type is Yuki-Otoko, they are the "male counterparts" of a Yuki-Onna. It is unknown if he knows that his wife loves Tsukune or not.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

In Japanese folklore the Yuki Onna/Snow woman are a purely female race, while the counterpart, Yuki Otoko/Snow man, refers to an abominable snowman in Japanese. To demonstrate this, he wears a yeti costume while outdoors.

To further elaborate, in common myth the Yuki Onna are capable of having sons. However their sons become the same race as their father, which is usually human. They are also said to display a high resistance to freezing temperatures.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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