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Miyabi Fujisaki
Kana 藤咲 雅
Romaji Fujisaki Miyabi
Manga Rosario + Vampire Season II volume 003 Snow Oracle
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Status Dead
Race Vampire (True: Doppelganger)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Technique Vampire Strength
Equipment Fists
Bone Cane
Personal Status
Relatives Alucard (original, whose his powers are cloned for)
Akua Shuzen (Related by Through Alucard's Cloning)
Moka Akashiya (Related because of His Being a Clone of Alucard)
Kahlua Shuzen (Related Through Alucard's Cloning)
Kokoa Shuzen (Related by Through Alucard's Cloning)
Issa Shuzen (Relative Because Miyabi is a Clone of Alucard)
Gyokuro Shuzen (Relative)
Akasha Bloodriver (Relative)
(Note: All of the Shuzen Family including Gyokuro and Akasha are related to Miyabi through him being a clone of Alucard)
Affiliations Alucard
Fairy Tale
Class Unknown
Voice Actor None

Miyabi Fujisaki (藤咲 雅, Fujisaki Miyabi) is the leader of Fairy Tale's 1st Subdivision. Later he is revealed to be the true leader and creator of Fairy Tale under guise of the Masked King, and a clone of the original form of Alucard. Being a clone of the original more of Alucard, he is distantly related to the Shuzen Family, even Moka Akashiya, and Issa Shuzen, as well as both Shuzen parents, counting Akasha Bloodriver.


Miyabi was assigned to marry Mizore Shirayuki in the Snow Village. He molested Mizore (although it later was revealed he simply kissed her and grabbed her breast), leading her to contemplate suicide. Miyabi later appears to stop the fight between Kahlua Shuzen and Moka Akashiya, cancelling Kalua's orders to kill everyone present because Kalua would have been at risk of dying from her injuries even if she won, had the fight continued.

He is later seen conversing with Kahlua in their main base and later talking to his boss, Gyokuro Shuzen - the leader of Fairy Tale.

Later on, he is revealed as the 1st Division Leader and boss of Hokuto and Kiria. He stays behind to fight Kiria while Mizore and Kurumu head towards Moka.

After Gyokuro is killed and Omote Moka is back with Ura Moka, Miyabi shows up in his persona of the Masked King and defeats Touhou Fuhai in one blow. After talking with Tsukune and his friends, Miyabi reveals himself to be the Masked King, while Touhou reveals that Miyabi is Alucard. After explaining that he is actually a clone created from Alucard's powers right before he was sealed, Miyabi proceeds to defeat the entire group and prepares to kill Moka. However, Akua Shuzen comes to Moka's rescue and slices off his arm.

Alucard reveals that he knows about Akua's past, where her close sister Jasmine was brutally impaled by humans in China when they discovered she was a vampire. Akua had vowed to kill all humans at that time and made a deal with Alucard to spare Moka's life in exchange for releasing the seal. Enraged after Alucard broke the deal, Akua cut up Alucard with her Jigen-tou, only for Alucard's liquid tentacle form to impale Moka and destroy her Rosario. Alucard's true form awakens and the Floating Garden crashes into the human world.

Following the reconfiguration of the original body, Alucard realizes there have been no casualties from Fairy Tale HQ crash landing. Then he realizes that it's Tenmei Mikogami's handiwork. Mikogami then reveals that he not only had a friend evacuate the crash site before the crash, but that he also amassed an army to attack Alucard. As the assault against his original body continues, Alucard realizes in a shock that 200 years have corroded the original's intelligence. Left with no other options, they fuse together and begin their counterattack.

Shortly thereafter, San Otonashi shows up and destroys one of the tentacles, surprising Alucard that such powerful foes still existed.


  • Mask: While acting as the Masked King, Miyabi dons a mask with three rows of eyes that covers his entire face.
  • Bone Cane: While in his Masked King persona and when confronting Tsukune and his friends after Gyokuro's death, Miyabi is seen carrying cane with the appearance of a brain on top of a spine likely coming from a deceased human showcasing his hatred of humans.
    • Youjutsu: When Touhou Fuhai attempted to attack him from behind, Miyabi used this cane to instantaneously cast a youjutsu shield that repelled the Yasha away.

Powers and Abilities[]


Vampirism/Alucard Clone Physiology: Miyabi's full extract of his power remain unknown as later on in the series the nature of his power is finally explained when he reveals himself as a clone of Alucard - the strongest shinso vampire in history. It is the reason why Miyabi has been so powerful throughout the series.

  • Control Over Alucard: It's shown that Miyabi can take control, de-synchronize and fuse with Alucard  becoming "whole" due to Alucard being the "host" body of Miyabi and by doing so his already immense power greatly enhanced. 
  • Flight: Miyabi shown the ability to fly or least levitate in the air after the Floating Garden crashed into the Human World.
  • Transformation: He is able to transform into a monstrous form after absorbing several monsters in the past. After sending Kiria Yoshii flying with a mere upper hand his right hand shown to transform into a metal. After being sliced to several pieces by Akua Shuzen, Miyabi transform into his liquid tentacle form.
  • Immense Strength: Despite Miyabi's old age and slender appearance comparing to other powerful monsters such as Werewolf or Yōko, he has been shown to have incredibly tremendous physical strength. He easily took down Tsukune Aono with a single mere backhand behind his skull at the same time leaving crater on the ground during their first encounter. He could easily disarm Kurumu Kurono by grabbing hold onto her wrist firmly as the latter was unable to break free and deliver a powerful uppercut to Kiria Yoshii sending him flying a good distance away drawing blood in his forehead whilst lighting his cigarette. He also appears blocking the razor sharp wings of Kalua Shuzen with his forearm and blocking Kiria Yoshii's blade barehanded with a single arm without much effort leaving only a minor injuries. Later during his third encounter with Tsukune Aono's group, he easily cut down every members with a single mere flick of his wrist from the bone cane he's carrying as well as take Tsukune Aono, a highly enduring man, out of the battle with a single punch (albeit Tsukune Aono was already battle-worn from fighting Kuyō, Akua Shuzen and Gyokuro Shuzen in a row) at the same time leaving a hole in this stomach. His strength is powerful enough to even pierce through a grown man, as seen when he pierced through Touhou Fuhai's chest barehanded with ease sending him skidding back a good distance away.
  • Immense Speed & Reflexes: He seems to have an incredible amount of speed and reflexes as shown during his first encounter with Tsukune Aono's group, he took down Tsukune Aono before the latter could react to his movement as well as grabbing hold onto Kurumu Kurono's wrist before her attack can reach him even though Miyabi's back was turned from her. He immediately appeared in front of Kalua Shuzen blocking her razor sharp wings with his forearm before her final blow can land on Moka Akashiya (despite the distance apart between the two being mere inches). He even appeared in front of Kiria Yoshii a man known for his amazing speed blocking his blade just in time to protect both Kurumu Kurono and Mizore Shirayuki before he can land his own attack (despite Kiria Yoshii making the first move and having the head start). He proved fast enough to retaliate and punch Kiria Yoshii without even looking as Kiria Yoshii was unable to react on the movement despite Miyabi having his attention facing on his cigarette pack. During his third encounter with Tsukune Aono's group, Miyabi appeared behind Touhou Fuhai completely unnoticed ambushing him and effortlessly taking down every members before their attack can land as well as taking down Tsukune Aono before the latter's own attack can land (despite Tsukune Aono's physical speed and reflex enhanced by the Second Seal release of his Holy Lock).
  • Immense Durability & Stamina: Another testament to his old age and slender appearance, Miyabi Fujisaki has shown a high tolerance for pain and physical blows. He demonstrated this when he took a direct full force punch to the face from Tsukune Aono who was using his vampire powers which sent him hurling through several concrete pillars and structures along the way and later reappeared completely unharmed (despite the impact of the punch caused damage to the surroundings). He willingly allowed himself to get pierced and stabbed several times by Kiria Yoshii's blade for Kurumu Kurono and Mizore Shirayuki to make their exit while completely ignoring his wound. Even after losing his right arm by Akua Shuzen, he only showed slight pain while staying calm. He later took several missile attacks fired to him at direct range made by the most advanced of tanks and fighter jets created by the human armies only to appear completely unfazed. During the past in the 15th century when he was known as the King of Wallachia by his real name Dracula, Miyabi gotten pierced and stabbed several times across his body with the silver weapons used by the human knights only to appear alive and unfazed despite the damage being done to his body while his monster comrades on the other hand end up getting killed in the similar slaughter.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Due to being the clone of Alucard - the strongest Shinso vampire in history, Miyabi have shown regenerating his wounds at an astonishing rate. After being stabbed and pierced several times by Kiria Yoshii's blade which pressure Miyabi into complete defending himself, he later reappeared to confront Tsukune Aono's group completely healed. Even after being sliced to several pieces by Akua Shuzen he was able to survive the attack within a moment and surprisingly ambushed Tsukune Aono's group in his liquid tentacle form and later appeared floating above Alucard completely healed.
  • Immortality: As the "clone" of Alucard, Miyabi stated that he cannot die as long as his "host" is still alive. However later on in the manga this was proven to be a lie since Miyabi has an undying body, he can't be killed no matter what unless his entire body is destroy at the same time though the Dark Lords claimed that he doesn't have limitless vitality to withstand continuous destruction of his body. Despite being a vampire, Miyabi has shown to be completely immune to silver weapons as they were unable to kill him or even render him useless.
  • Immense Demonic Aura: When entering the central hallways of Fairy Tale headquarter to meet up with their comrades, Ruby Tōjō notes that she felt a power that is greater than Raika which was being emitted by Miyabi himself. She was even shown to be terrified and sweating profusely upon sensing his Yōki in person and silently noted that they couldn't make an enemy out of Miyabi at any cost even when he was suppressing it. Later during his third encounter with Tsukune Aono's group, Miyabi released a powerful Yōki that brought everyone down to their knees except for Akua Shuzen due to Miyabi greatly weakened during the time for not fusing into his "host" body.
  • Blood Transfusion: It's been shown in the Rosario Vampire II Chapter 67 II Extra, that Miyabi was able to revive Kahlua who had died by her sister's hand by transfusing his Shinso blood into her. This form of blood transfusion resurrection is perhaps the strongest in the whole series as the other vampires who have used this ability were only successful in their endeavors when their recipients were on the verge of death while Miyabi was able to revive Kahlua even after she died with her heart itself pierced.


Genius Intellect: Arguably, the most fearsome trait of Miyabi Fujisaki is his tremendous cunning intellect as the oldest vampire who lived for a long time. He has an innate knowledge of the Rosario Cross worn by Moka to suppress her true vampire nature and to dissipate Tsukune's human nature, rivaling that of its creator, Akasha Bloodriver; he even knows how to destroy the seal. He has shown knowledge of Akua Shuzen's dark tragic life that reasons her wild obsessive behaviors into protecting Moka (according to Miyabi, Moka's distinct appearance reminds Akua of Jasmine her late sister who was murdered by humans upon being suspected as a vampire that brought Akua into hating human society).

  • Master Manipulator: Miyabi is very manipulative and crafty, first shown when he easily deceived the Three Dark Lords for 200 years into get sealed away but in truth escaped by creating a clone of himself and in the process became the founder of Fairy Tale and Miao Family under a disguise, the Masked King. Miyabi is also shown to be the mastermind behind Alucard's personality as he is the person controlling Alucard into killing his enemies due to Alucard being his "host" body which easily deceived his enemies into believing Alucard to be a monster with little to no intelligence.
  • Master Strategist & Tactician: Miyabi is also a powerful planner where he plotted to have Tsukune and his friends find out the truth about the Rosario Cross for him without any of them realizing it. This strategy also included using someone as cunning as Gyokuro and those that are intelligent as Yukari Sendo and Touhou Fuhai. He is perceptive enough to easily deduce Akua Shuzen's style of battling to be superior to the Three Dark Lords, but poor mentality which is comparable to a child doing whatever they want by simple mere glance of her attack. Later during his final battle he eventually deduced Tenmei Mikogami's true plan of having Tsukune become a Shinso Vampire just from noticing how differently Mikogami was fighting him compared to 200 years ago.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Miyabi is a very powerful unarmed fighter where he usually deal out powerful blows that can instantly incapacitate almost anyone. Miyabi's preference in unarmed combat appears to be using his bare hands to directly stop any attacks coming at him and hold the opponent there to immediately retaliate against them in an unsuspecting way. This indicates Miyabi is very defense orientated and only attacks when he sees the chance that will take his opponents down in a swift manner. His skills allowed him to take out all of Tsukune and his friends with very few blows and hardly making any unnecessary movements. This is also furthered shown that despite his incredible physical might, he had allowed many human knights during the 15th century to stab and pierce him with silver weapons before swiftly retaliating when they are vulnerable enough.

Youjutsu Master: It appears that Miyabi is capable of using Youjutsu. Miyabi can use what would be known as a youjutsu shield shown when he blocked Touhou's attack and proceeded to blow Touhou Fuhai away quite easily while having his back turned towards the Dark Lord. He can also summon images in the sky showing on how he reveals his true plan.


  • (To Tsukune Aono) "The day when you will understand is coming, when that time comes we'll meet again, boy."
  • (To Kiria Yoshii) "Allow me to remind you once more, just who your boss is."