Mikogami's Friend is a Human and head leader of the Military.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Before Fairy Tale Headquarters crashed down into the Human World, he was called by Mikogami to have most of the people evacuate the city to where Fairy Tale will crash landed and he had the army force prepared for battle to fight with everything they've got against Alucard's assault. He makes his appearance at the Ministry of Defense Command Centre building. Him and his comrades watch the battle on the monitor, however, they see that most of the army have been wiped out until San Otonashi comes and destroys Alucard's tentacles. As he watches San on the monitor, he may have recognized and possibly have seen or known her before.

Upon Akasha Bloodriver's revival, he along with everyone in the city believed that she was a god. Sadly, Mikogami's friend watched on the monitor as Akasha, Touhou, Mikogami, and Alucard use the self-destruction spell and all four of them vanished from the world.

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