Xia-Long Miao, Head of the Miao Family, with Routier

The Miao Family (苗家, Myao Ka) is a Chinese mobster family led by Xia-Long Miao. They are the long-time rivals of the Huang Family. They are also the family of Ten-Ten, whose maiden surname was Miao before marriage to Fei-Hong Huang.

Manga[edit | edit source]

The Miao Family have a number of formidable warriors, most notably the vampire assassin Akua Shuzen who eventually left for the Shuzen Family, Ten-Ten Huang, once the most powerful member of the Miao Family who married into the Huang Family, and Routier, Deputy Leader of the 4th Subdivision of Fairy Tale.

Ten-Ten Huang, formerly the most powerful member of the family

A flashback in Chapter 48 reveals that the Huang and Miao families had once been under a truce to halt their intense rivalry. During that time, Fang Fang Huang met and befriended Xia-Long Miao and made a promise to stay friends. However, 7 years later, Xia-Long assumed leadership of the Miao Family at the age of 17 and broke the truce with the Huang Family. The two families have continued their feud ever since.

Akua Shuzen, once a dedicated assassin for the Miao Family

After Xia-Long's defeat at the hands of Fang Fang Huang, Xia-Long reluctantly reveals the true nature of the the Miao Family and their allegiance to Fairy Tale: both organisations were in fact created by the same individual - the Masked King. The Masked King was the original founder of the Miao Family who left China to create Fairy Tale in Japan, leaving Xia-Long's father in charge. During his seven-year absence, however, Xia-Long's father secretly struck the precious truce agreement with the Huang Family that would lead to Fang Fang and Xia-Long meeting. When the Masked King caught wind of this, he cruelly punishes the Miao Family by breaking the bones of Xia-Long's father and stuffing him in a briefcase whilst still alive.

When Xia-Long met with the Masked King, the Masked King promises him the whole of China, but threatens to inflict a most gruesome death upon him should he turn traitor. The Masked King presents the briefcase with the body of Xia-Long's father and tells him that this was one such traitor whom he dealt with for striking a 'stupid' truce without his consent. Xia-Long is tortured by the Masked King and is forced to take up the mantle of Head of the Family whilst remaining subservient to the Masked King - the integral reason why Xia-Long broke the truce with the Huang Family and continued their feud.

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  • The family name "Miao" literally translates to both "seedling" or "seedlings" in both Chinese and Japanese, as well as pronounced as "Nae" in Japanese as the character spelling "苗" as a word, and pronounced as Myao as translation pronunciation from Chinese pronunciation in the Japanese language.
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