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Marin Kawamoto
Kana 川本 まりん
Romaji Kawamoto Marin
Manga Rosario + Vampire Season II
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Human
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Unknown
Technique None
Equipment None
Personal Status
Relatives Marin's Husband
Affiliations Unknown/None
Class None
Voice Actor N/A

Marin Kawamoto (川本 まりん Kawamoto Marin) Marin is a Human who is a owner of a inn, snack bar and a mother figure to San Otonashi. She knows about yōkai ever since her husband was killed by Kanade Kamiya 4 years ago. Seen when she's introduced, Marin will usually be having a beer (or so) when the Inn isn't busy.


Four years prior to the current Newspaper Club was formed, Marin lost her husband to Kanade Kamiya on his "head clearing" spree after being pissed off about being moved to an area that stunk of fish. Marin took to drinking a lot to drown her sorrow, resulting in the inn getting little business; she also closed down the restaurant.

Marin found San Otonashi some time around Season 1 and took her in her Inn as an employee, becoming a mother figure to her since she never had any family. Though she didn't know San's secret about being a Siren due to telling her about her husbands death, which lead to fear of Marin rejecting her.

When the News Club visited on their summer trip, a member of Fairy Tale had failed recruiting San and used a disgruntled employee to steal Marin's bankbook. Marin despaired over getting more money, but the News Club came through by calling in customers in their swimsuits. She was very thankful to them. When she went to see to a leftover customer, she found Kamiya waiting for her. Kamiya told Marin about San's secret, but Marin was adamant San couldn't be a monster like him. Discovering that her husband had been killed for Kamiya's pointless purposes, Marin's fury went wild and she tried to bash Kamiya.

Eventually, Kamiya's song caused San to reveal her true nature as a Siren, and sing protective songs. Marin was shocked that San was a monster as well as the News Club members, leaving her stunned as to what to think. When San took a hit for her, Marin realized San was still the same girl at heart no matter how much she changed in appearance, calling herself stupid for thinking San would ever hurt her. As she tended to San, Marin watched her recover quickly and take Kamiya apart with her voice.

When San offered her the chance to take her revenge and to take her life as well, Marin only treated her like a silly child like she normally would, proving she still loved her. They then enjoyed watermelon and Marin found out that monsters weren't all that different from humans. She was mildly surprised when Mizore froze her watermelon to make it like sherbet. Later they all enjoyed fireworks, Marin and San crouched close to each other and enjoying light from sparklers.

Before the news club left the next day, Marin correctly guessed Tsukune Aono was human and asked if he attended the school for love. She then remarked about seeing him kissing Moka Akashiya last night, chiding him for being a naughty boy; she didn't know that Moka was actually drinking his blood. She didn't realize she made Kurumu Kurono or Mizore Shirayuki very upset though. 

After the News Club boarded their bus back to Yōkai Academy, Marin helped San unfurl a large poster telling them to come again.


  • "You are... the one who killed my husband in this inn four years ago."
  • "...Silly. What are you talking about San. It's alright.. it's fine. More important than that is the fact that the inn is all destroyed... if  you really are thinking about my husband then we had better rebuild this place first. I made a promise with you didn't I? That the two of us would turn this into the number one seaside resort. Won't you it with me again. Can you help out, San. How can I be afraid of you. You... who are so precious to me..."
  • "I'm Impressed, despite that you are attending an ayashi academy all for the "sake of love" eh?"


  • Marin's surname Kawamoto means "river, stream" (川) (kawa) and "base, root, origin" (本) (moto).