Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

A slug monster that enjoys wet places. It likes being a bother, and is often found in swamps and wetlands enjoying scaring humans who come nearby. They eat rotten food and make poison gas with thier body. When scared, they use the gas as an attack.

Definitition directly from English manga:

"Slug Monster Loves dank, dark places. Takes pleasure in terrifying humans who wander near swamps. Eats rotting organic matter, creating poison gas within its body."


Madslugs are creepy slugs. When in monster form, they look like huge slugs and have black dots on their bodies.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Madslugs can turn into a slimy ooze which they can use to spy on others or sneak attack enemies. Madslugs can also create poisonous gas which it can use to knock out or even kill a foe.

Known MadslugsEdit

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