Season One

Freshman Year Arc

Tsukune Aono enrolls in Yokai Academy, which he learns is a school for monsters. He decideds to stay after befreinding Moka Akashiya, a beautful vampite attracted to the taste of his blood. Over the passing days, Tsukune and Moka make more freinds in Kurumu Kurono, Yukari Sendo and Ginei Morioka, joining the Newspaper Club with them. Tsukune later exposes the lunatic art teacher, Hitomi Ishigami as the one responsible for the disappearances of female students and saves Moka from joining her collection of statues. Kurumu later rescues the draft for the July edition of the Newspaper from a slug monster that tried to blackmail her into taking photos.

Security Committee Arc

Upon handing out the newspaper, the club is confronted by the Security Committee, who trash their papers for not paying a bribe to them. Keito attacks them, planning to suck Tsukune dry, but Moka saves him and beats Keito. Ishigami returns and infroms the president of the Committe, Kuyo, of Tsukune's human nature. This leads to him and Moka being captured and taken to a dungeon where, they plan to kill them. However, the rest of the Newspaper Club arrive and save them. Unfortunately, Tsukune takes a blast of fire from a recovered Kuyo meant for Moka, getting burned to the point of death. Moka saves Tsukune by giving im some of her blood, allowing Tsukune to help her beat Kuyo and trick him into thinking Tsukune was a monster the entire time. Ishigami flees, deciding to think of another plan for revenge. Tsukune is later confronted by a troll wanting to be the toughest guy in the school after hearing that he beat Kuyo and is saved once agian by an injection of Moka's blood.

Witch's Knoll Arc

Under the disguise of taking a trip to help the Newspaper Club grow as journalists, Ms. Nekoname has the group brought the human world to investigate strange disappearances on a hill called Witch's Knoll. Yukari is left furious by the claims, which hold no solid evidence that her kind may behind the vanishings. However, there IS truth to the rumors; two witches, Ruby Tojo and her guardian, Lady Oyakata, have been using man-eating plants to guard their Hanibake field. They plan to annihallate the nearest human city with these monster plants to keep their home from being turned into a garbage dump.

Mistaking the rest of the club for humans, Ruby kidnaps Yukari from the group, persuading her to join their cause. However, the club finds Yukari, havin overheard the entire conversation. Though Yukari expects anger from Tsukune because her actions, he actualy is kind; he says they should call the trip a bust and go back to Yokai Academy. However, right before Yukari can grab Tsukune's outstretched hand, Ruby lands a mortal blow to him. While Kurumu distracts Ruby, Moka infuses Tsukune with her blood again. Yukari tells Ruby that she doesn't care if she's another witch; hurting her friends is something she won't tolerate. When Tsukune awakens, he knocks Ruby out by landing a blow to her stomach.

The group looks after Ruby for a few days, making her remember her deceased parents' wish to someday live in harmony with humans, given one is friends with a witch, succubus, and vampire. However, at the same time, the news of Ruby's "capture" enrages Lady Oyakata. Having healed enough, Ruby leaves that night after revealing her tragic past to the group. The Bus Driver rallies the Newspaper Club into going after Ruby as Lady Oyakata may be ready to make her move; secrectly, he plans on calling for reenforcements if they can't handle the job.

Arriving at Witch's Knoll, the group attempts to reason with Oyakata, but the hundreds of years of prejudice most humans had for witches keeps her from seeing sense; however, Ruby, having experienced Tsukune's kindness, sides with the club, only to be badly wounded by Oyakata in anger. An all-out battle begins, with Oyakata threatening to kill Moka. However, Tsukune releases Inner Moka, leading to the witch merging with all her monster plants. Ruby reveals the weakness for all witches is if their tailsmins are broken, their spells come undone. An explosion occurs, seemingly taking both witches' lives. The next day, Ruby was found alive and well; Oyakata used the last of her power to save Ruby.

From this experience, the Newspaper Club learned how deep the divide between humans, monsters, and even witches is. However, Moka believes one day, if every keeps changing for the better through meeting others, the world will be right.

Monstrel Arc

Returning to Yokai Academy, Tsukune finds himself being stalked by a Snow Fairy named Mizore Shirayuki , who fell in love with him through his works in the newspaper. Though she nearly kills Moka out of jealousy, Mizore is won over by Tsukune and becomes another one of his admirers after being saved from being killed by the gym teacher.

By this time, Tsukune has begun feeling terrible pain in his neck from the four injections of Moka's blood and is feeling weak. His is confronted by Saizo and other monsters jealous of his popularity with his freinds and soon defeats them thanks to Moka's blood still being in him. Moka is soon after captured by Mido and used as bait to lure Tsukune to his lair. However, in the ensuing fight, Tsukune ends up being injected with too much of Moka's blood and transforms into a mindless Ghoul. Luckily, he is brought back to his senses by Tenmei Mikogami and Ruby via the holy lock. He is then attacked by monstrel Mako Yakumaru, who tries using Moka as a puppet to kill him, but is saved by Inner Moka. After things calm down, Tsukune is attacked by Hyakushiki, also fighting off thristing for Moka's blood. After defeating him, Tsukune vows to never hurt Moka no matter how much he craves blood.

Anti-Schooler Arc

After the Anti-Schoolers put out a fake Yokai Times newspaper, Tsukune is brought before the Headmaster, who decided to expel him as a scapegoat and to save his life. However, he soon encounters a monstrel responsible for the paper and learns they are the ones who make up the Anti-Schoolers. Defeating him, Tsukune decides to stay no matter what he has to do, joining the School Festival Committee per request of the Headmaster. There, he learns the student council president, Hokuto, is the mastermind behind the Anti-Schoolers who was once human like him. Tsukune manages to stop him from destroying the great barrier by winning him over. However, Hokuto vanishes soon after.

School Festival Arc

On the first night of the school fesitval, both Kurumu and Mizore have lied to their mothers (who have come to visit) about being Tsukune's girl. However, MIzore sees that Tsukune is troubled by this and uses ice dolls to replace Tsukune for the both of them (but her ruse is revealed in the end). In the meantime, Tsukune saves Moka from a Yokai allum who was trying to take advantage of her and spends the rest of the night with her. On the second night, Tsukune's cousiin, Kyoko arrives, accidently carrying the liltih mirror with her and casuing chaos. It is revealed that Ishigami planned this to get her revenge and is shiftly defeated and arrested. Due to the damage caused by the chaos, Yokai has to close for repairs. Upon getting home, Tsukune ends up in another drama when all the girls follow and cause trouble. However, when they are forced to go back for misbehaving, Tsukune promises the see them again.

Season Two

Return to Yokai Academy Arc

After six months, Yokai Academy is reopened and all the members of the Newspaper Club are reunited. However, Yukari slips Moka a love potion that makes her express her feelings to Tsukune, which causes chaos whenn Kurumu and Mizore try stopping her. Things are resolved when Inner Moka is released and sets things straight. Soon after, Kurumu decides to prove herself better than Moka by winning a self-study class to capture a Durian fruit and share it with Tsukune, much to his disgust as he's originaly human and cannot stomach it. The constabnt in-fighting leads to Moka being swallowed by the fruit's true form and Tsukune releasing Inner Moka to help compost it.

Phantom Thieves Arc

A while later, Moka's little sister, Kokoa Shuzen enrolls in Yokai in her series of constant attemtps to release Inner Moka by attacking Outer Moka. However, after Tsukune helps make her wish come true, it's revealed Kokoa misses Inner Moka and has been trying to get rid of Outer Moka. Soon after, reports of a slasher attacking students comes in and the Newspaper Club goes to investigate an old dungeon. There, they encopunter the slashers, a group a theives who planned on hiding out after a robbery. Tsukune nearly loses himself to the Vampire blood in his veins, but thanks to Ruby and Yukari, he's brought back to his senses. The end resault is the theives, a Doppleganger, a Tsuchigumo and a Minotaur, being taken into Tenmei Mekogami's custody for their crimes.

Newspaper Club Arc

Right after, Ms Nekonome decides to have the News Club begin recruting more members, starting with Kokoa. However, Kokoa feels embaressed about joining and decides to try martial arts clubs to help get stronger. Yukari helps her out by giving her experimental gro-gro drops that age her into a young adult. However, they backfire and turn Kokoa into a child again, leading Mizore and Kurumu to have a field day with making fun of her. Kokoa runs away from them because of their teasing and soon gets bullied by sore losers from the karate club she beat prior to the gro-gro drops' backlash. With the assitance of the rest of the female members from the club, also reverted into kids, Kokoa teaches the club to respect her. However, the downside to this is that the rumor of this lead to applicants deciding not to join, except for Kokoa. Some time later, a pransketer had been going around campus and slashing girl's unifroms. Gin became the prime suspect, but was cleared of the charges when the true purpetraitor was found.

Land of the Snow Fairies Arc

Mizore receives a letter from her mother, inviting her and the rest of the News Club (minus Gin) back to her homeland to partake in the flower offering ceremony. Knowing the traditions of his kind, Mizroe tries to cement a relationship with Tsukune, even resorting to using a snow white flower, but is taken hostage by the Snow Oracle as part of an alliance with Fairy Tale to keep the villagers from being slaughter by an assasain. Lucky, the rest of the News Club rescues her. However, they encounter Moka's older sister Kalua Shuzen, the assasain Fairy Tale had sent, succeeding in fending her off when her boss Miyabi recalls the order. This ordeal shows Jack Frost, the Oracle's source of prophecy that the future is not set in stone, allowing the lives of Mizore's people to no longer be bound by prophecies. However, a hint was given about the News Club's future before they left; they would be responsible for changing the world.

Training Arc

The failure to defat Miyabi and Kahlua in the Land of the Snow Fairies weighs heavily on the Newspaper Club's consience. The Headmaster sees that Tsukune needs to learn how to master the power of the vampire blood within better, deciding to have him properly trained. Ruby puts Tsukune to sleep under orders, taking him to a paradise dimension to be trained on how to harness power without overdoing it and causes a link of the Holy Lock to break; a chain connects the lock to her, allowing the excess energy to be siphoned into Ruby as an electrical shock when Tsukune uses the Belmont whip to break the lock's seal. Tsukukne fights off monster animals, quickly learning to harness his energy to stop shockin Ruby.

Inner Moka takes interest in this, deciding to train Tsukune herself, using Belmont to allow herself out of the seal without having to remove the Rosario. However, the next day, she decides to go shopping instead as it's a rare treat to be out of the seal and not have to fight. Ruby, Yukari, Kurumu and Mizore chase after Moka to get Belmont back as the Headmaster would expel them for losing it. Moka teaches Tsukune to sense the pressences of others, deciding to let him settle things if he didn't want the others hurt. Tsukune hugs her to draw everyone into the open, but is kicked in retaliation for doing so. Settling the matter peaceful, Moka actually trains Tsukune, leaving him battered and bruised.

Kokoa, thinking Tsukune is a player after her sister, decides to take advantage of Kurumu; Kurumu was rethinking her relationship with Tsukune. Kokoa tries unsuccessfuly to convince Kurumu to use her Charm to make Tsukune fall in love with her; Kurumu only believes in true love. When Kurumu demontrates how strong her powers are, she accidently hypnotises Tsukune, knocking him out. Kokoa acts as a distraction to keep the others busy. Kurumu unknowingly takes Tsukune back to her room, wondering if she's weak-willed. Tsukune awakens, apparently unaffected; however, he is soon revealed to have been successfuly Charmed. Kurumu decides to make the most of it and spends time with him, but when shes asks him to say "I love you" and can't get him to say it like he means it, she realises her one-sided crush will never change. Thankfuly, Tsukune retained no memory of that day once she undid her spell. Kokoa noted that Kurumu was quite strange compared to other Succubi as she awfully pure-hearted when it came to love.

Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc

The Headmaster sensd the Newspaper Club (minus Gin for an unknown reason) to the human world for a vacation. At this time, Tsukune's training had been getting nowhere fast as Inner Moka realised he can't fight without a reason. While the human world, they met the former club president, San Otonashi, who was being pursued by yakuza thugs coveting her powers. Tsukune, who was originaly human, was the only one allowed to fight them to rescue San (and Moka, who had been kidnapped as well by mistake) as monsters were forbiddin from harming humans no matter what the reason.

San took them to the inn where shed lived and worked for a human woman named Marin; Marin had known of the existence of monsters ever since her husband was killed by one, and San feared that Marin would reject her if she ever learned the truth about herself. One of the employees was threatened by a scout from Fairy Tale's seventh branch to try getting San to abandon her life with Marin and join Fairy Tale; he stole Marin's bankbook to force the inn to close. However, the Newspaper Club called in customers in their swimsuits, succesfuly earning back what had been stolen.

At the same time, Gin had also arrived in the human world and confronted the Fairy Tale scout; he allowed himself to be beaten in a fight, so he could get to the seventh branch's HQ. Haji also arrived and join Gin in destroying the HQ.

Back at the inn, the leader of Fairy Tale's seventh branch, Kamiya Kanade had arrived to personaly try recruiting San. When he realised she would never come willingly, he tried to use his Siren powers to hypnotise her into doing so. The Newsclub faced off with him and the Mermen summoned by Kamiya. Marin was shocked by this, even more so when San revealed her Siren wings and began singing to counter Kamiya's lethal song. A Merman shot a compressed blast of water at Marin, forcing San to take the hit instead; Marin realised it was silly to have even feared San for a moment, now knowing she was still the same girl she'd always known.

Tsukune fought Kamiya, forcing him to go all out himself; the fight was a stalemate, until San blocked Kamiya's spell again. Kamiya was badly beaten, until his body started breaking apart to make things worse; San had been using a song that was sung at a frequency unhearable by human/monster ears. Though Kamiya hadn't died, he was still in bad shape; San offered Marin the change to avenge her husband, and to take her life as well. However, Marin only cheated her like she had done something silly again, making San cry in joy.  Moka and Tsukune then wondered about their own future, and if be apart of each others' promising to be so.

These events show that humans can slowly change their view of monsters should they get to know them before learning the truth about their identitiesl. 

The Broken Seal Arc

Upon returning to Yokai Academy, Tsukune had a dream that made him realise that he would have to set his friends straight about who he actualy loved. He vaguely mentioned this to Moka, saying he was thinking about the future. At the mention of not knowing about his future, a newcomer named Fang-fang Haung appeared, trying to recruit Tsukune into his mafia faimly; news of Fairy Tale's seventh branch being destroyed had spread fast, but Gin and Haji's involvement wasn't noticed. The attempted mislead Moka and Tsukune into thinking Fangfang was a homosexual, but the misunderstanding was cleared up. Fangfang attempted to entice Tsukune into joining by explaining that there were now laws against multiple relationships amongst monsters; all the girls except Moka considered the idea. However, Tsukune's continued refusal lead to Fangfan using his Yasha powers to summon a phoenix, which disobeyed him. After Inner Moka defeated it, she beat everyone up when Kurumu accused her of wanting Tsukune just to herself.

Yukari later invented a device that lets others hear what's in their hearts, in her little scheme to create a love triangle between Moka, Tsukune and herself. However, Fangfang messed with it when she was resting, ending up switching their minds in the processes. To make matters worse, it was check up day, making Yukari panic. Tricking Tsukune into thinking she was Fangfang, Yukari heard the truth about what he thought of her; she was glad to know the truth, telling Tsukune she loved him (as she appeard as a teenage version of herself to him). She switched herslef back with Fangfang before he could change out of her clothes. Unfortunately, Fanfang and Tsukune got beat up by girls under the assumption that they were peeking; however, Gin and Haji deserved their punishment.

Come the time of the school's sports festival, Lingling Huang, Fangfang's zombie sister, arrived at the school, helping cheat with her army of Jiang Shi. She brokered a deal with the girls; they would win a trip to the Huang family hot springs if their team got more victories, but Tsukune would join the Huang family if they lost. Tsukune and Moka were against the idea, but Kurumu, Yukari and Ruby were all for it; Mizore obivously wasn't given she's a Snow Fairy. When the Jiang Shi ruined a box lunch both Mokas had made for Tsukune, Inner Moka beat them to a pulp, making the deal null because the Headmaster couldn't ignore the obvious violations of the festival regualtions anymore.

At this time, Outer Moka had begun to get more and more tired, and Inner Moka was talking to her more and more frequently. Inner Moka decide to go to school in Outer's place for a day; however, the Headmaster wouldn't likely lend Belmont for it, forcing Tsukune to leave the Rosario off longer than usual. Moka attemped to bake a pumpkin pie as a show of thanks for Tsukune taking care of Outer Moka; though it nearly killed the rest of their friends helping her, it surprisingly turned out great. However, once the seal was back in place, Outer Moka didn't return. Fangfang and Lingling said that would explain the "creak" they heard coming from the Rosario's seal.

Though the News Club was sure the Headmaster could repair the seal again, the Huangs said it was beyond his expertise to do so, and that the only person capable of doing so was the very person who had taught the Headmaster in the first place: the Second Dark Lord, Tohufuhai. They boarded the Huang's private jet to head to China, where Tohufuhai was. Along the way, Inner Moka began worrying that she was losing her edge and ferociousness due to all the time she's spent with Outer's friends. A Gremlin attacked the plane, devouring it; however, it was a pevert, a fact that Moka took advantage of to distract it. Though they managed to knock the Gremlin off the jet, it was already too late for it; they were forced to fly the rest of the day on a dragon Fangfang summoned. The Gremlin was later revealed to have been sent by operatives of Fairy Tales' 1st Division - Kiria and Hokuto.

At the Huang mansion, the New Club members started disappearing one-by-one; however, it later turned out to be a game by Fangfang's parents to keep them busy while they prepared a party to welcome them. Tsukune also revealed that he was originaly human to Fangfang, shocking him. They met Tohufuhai, who had become a peverted otaku in his old age. He examined the seal to repair it, finding something shocking in its spell. However, before he could explain or doing anything else, the seal rebounded, taking the souls of Tohufuhai, Tsukune and Mizore into the seal.

Moka's Hidden Memories Arc

Inside the seal, the trio found themselves in a world created from Moka's childhood memories of before the rosario sealed her. They learned about Moka's mother Akasha Bloodriver, and her stepsiter Aqua Shuzen. Aqua was of Chinese decent, and well-known in the underworld as the "Black Devil" because of her lethal martial arts and dark clothing. Tohufuhai said these memories were actualy being kept from Moka by the seal. Seeing Moka's tenth birthday, Tsukune and Mizore learned that a terrible monster had been sealed away by the Three Dark Lords 200 years ago, and slumbered beneath the Shuzen mansion - Alucard, a vampire who had lost his original form by using his Shinso blood to absorb other monsters to destroy the human world.

Aqua was this monster's grandaughter and sought the blood of a second Shinso, Akasha Bloodriver. When Aqua bisected Akasha, it drove Moka over the edge, revealing that Akasha had injected her own blood into her; Moka had nearly died at birth, and Akasha gave her blood to Moka to ensure she lived. Since Akasha's blood was synchronised with Alucard's the beast awoke, seeking out anything with a heartbeat to drain dry of blood to sate it's thrist. Aqua and Akasha worked together to save Moka, placing the Rosario on her. Akasha explained that Moka would sleep, and a personality created by the Rosario would protect her body; the seal could only be removed by someone who meant her no harm, and loved her. Akasha was then devoured by Alucard, willingly, so she could seal him once more from the inside.

At that time, the memory world broke apart, and Kurumu arrived thanks to her Succubus powers to help get them out of Moka's mind. However, Tsukune was in despair of learning that the Moka he had come to love so much was nothing more than a by-product of the rosario, an illusion. Trapped in a wave of Moka's memories, Tsukune saw Outer Moka's first days, and confessed to a cryiing memory version of her that he had been in love with her since the moment they met and that he wanted to be with her forever. Mizore and Kurumu heard this, hurt by the realization that they would never be able to win Tsukune's heart. Because Kurumu was growing exhausted, Tohufuhai helped them escape.

In the outside world, Aqua Shuzen had arrived at the Huang mansion, looking for Moka; she had been fighting Fangfang's parents. Victor, she tried to get to her sister, but Lingling fought her off; however, due to a zombie's low stamina, the fight couldn't last long. She prepared a suicide attempt, hoping to take Aqua with her since she could nullify the Dimension Sword technique herself if Aqua tried to become intangable to escape the blast. However, Aqua managed to escape into the ground, and Tohufuhai saved Lingling. Aqua noticed that Moka had vanished, before realising a spell was misleading her senses; she easily broke it, happy to see her sister. Holding Fangfang's parents hostage, Aqua agreed to let them go if Moka came with her.

Rescue Preparations Arc

Aqua took Moka onto a Fairy Tale blimp, where she became angered upon discovering the seal had been repaired by Tohufuhai. She questioned her constantly, learning both personalities share the same memories, but the ones about Alucard and Akasha had been repressed. They arrived at the Floating Garden, the main HQ for Fairy Tale. With Moka unwilling to doubt in her friends, Aqua showed her Alucard in the depths of the fortress, cruely explaining that Akasha was inside the monster. Moka broke down in tears upon learning that her mother was inside the beast.

At the Huang mansion, Hokuto and Kiria arrived, explaining that the branches of Fairy Tale work towards the same goal, but prefer different methods. The 1st branch doesn't want the rosario seal broken, which would lead to Alucard's revival. Ruby, Kokoa, Haji, and Gin also arrive, increasing the group's numbers for the upcoming fight. Hokuto also gave vital data on the organization to the group, allowing Tohufuhai to examine it himself to see if he was being truthful.

Kurumu passed out from exhaustion due to never using her ability to enter dreams before. She awoke in a bed the next day, only to find Gin with her; for a moment she thought she had lost her viginity, but it was a prank by Mizore. Giving them a sound beating, Kurumu was shown a mirror world created by Tohufuhai for training. Kokoa sparred Haji (no surprise there), Fangfang sparred with Yukari, and Tsukune was recieving training from Tohufuhai. However, since Tsukune couldn't handle the sorceror in his elderly form, Tohufuhai decided the Body Mondification Technique was the best way to allow Tsukune to master spells. Kurumu protested to the idea, but Tsukune was willing to do anything to save Moka.

At the time, Kurumu was feeling weak; Gin cared for her. Kurmum realises that she feels like she's dying because an unloved Succubus will indeed do so if the man she's after has no love for her. Gin advised her to forget Tsukune then (as he will never love her), but Kurumu rejected the idea. Elsewhere, the modification spell was going sucessfuly, but Tohufuhai decided against finishing as Tsukune lost conciousness. Determined to see it to the end, Tsukune accidenly called upon the vampire blood within him, turning into a jet black monster, sounding beating Tohufuhai. Kurumu saw this, and Tohufuhai realised that Tsukune could cause death and destruction just like Alucard had done in the past; he decided to kill him for the safety of the world. However, Kurumu's devotion and love for Tsukune allowed her past the barrier that kept Tsukune in; she kissed him, delving into his mind to retrieve his soul.

Tohufuhai completed the modification spell, allowing Tsukune to revert to normal. He was surprised by Kurumu's power, deciding Tsukune's fate was now up to her. The next day, Tsukune discovered her could now perform spells, no matter how simple, that could shatter rocks without even touching them. Kurumu tried to tell him about what had happened, but Tsukune retained all memory of the event, even the kiss. Both were embaressed by it, but Tsukune was thankful for what she had done to save him. The others, sneaking around like usual, almost believed that Tsukune and Kurumu could have had sex the previous night because both weren't seen after Kurumu ran off to see him. At the same time, Mizore had come to the conclusion that even if Tsukune isn't meant to be hers, she'll follow him for the rest of her life.

Rescue Moka Arc

A month had passed, and the News Club successfuly infiltrates Fairy Tale, disguised as members. An assembly distracted them from their mission; they learned Moka's stepmother, Gyokuro Shuzen lead Fairy Tale in a plot to destroy humanity with Alucard. Gyokuro sensed their aggrevation to her words, trying to smash them with a pillar, but Tsukune destoyed it. Hokuto broke off from the group, prefering self-presevation over a suicide mission. Unfortunately, the New Club couldn't have picked a worse day to arrive, the leaders of Fairy Tale's six remaining branches were also there that day.

Ruby's masochistic nature allowed her to successfuly defated 4th Division Leader, Raika. However, things got worse, when Kiria sent her and Tsukune to a different dimension; there, they discoverd Kuyo, the 3th Division Leader. After the defeat dealt to him in the previous year, Kuyo trained hard until he grew a fifth tail, doubling his power; he had been an undercover agent, like Kiria and Hokuto. However, Tsukune was able to defeat him, after overcoming his fear from his first near-death experience. Ruby helped them escape the dimension, where they proceeded onwards to find Moka. Fangfang faced off with the Deputy Leader of the 5th Division, Ludie, learning that the Mao family leader was her boss. Yukari helped defeat Ludie, but Xialong Mao, 5th Division leder arrived. Yukari and Fangfang defeated him, learning that he only restarted the Huang-Mao conflict under orders of a monster called the Masked King, who also founded the Mao family and Fairy Tale. For revealing this, 6th Division Leader, Yuki Gaiden, seemingly smushed them all under rubble.

Kurumu and Mizore had nearly reached Moka, but Kiria stood in their way. However, Miyabi Fujisaki stepped in and fought Kiria to allow them a safe passage to Moka. However, Aqua was with Moka, and fought Kurumu and Mizore; their final "Black and White Duet" should have defeated her thanks to knowing how long the Dimension Sword could be active; however, it proved useless. With Mizore and Kurumu wounded, Outer Moka's grief finally caused the seal to break and revert her to Inner Moka. However, it wasn't the happy reunion Aqua had long awaited; Inner Moka was angry with her for harming her friends. At the same time, Alucard burrowed through-out the fortress, eating some Fairy Tale operatives. Kurumu and Mizore were rescued by Yukari, who was healing everyone with a magicaly summoned creature. Moka and Aqua continued fighting, until Tsukune arrived and saved her from a blow. Moka cried in joy, leaving Aqua angry that her her beloved sister had chosen to open her heart to Tsukune instead of her.

Since Tsukune had learned to use the "Tonfa of Light" to nullify the Dimension Sword, Aqua was left on the defense as he and Moka attacked her. During the skirmsih, Aqua then realised she wasn't doing what she truly wanted, and that was to care for Moka as she promised Akasha. A memory of her childhood reveals another sister Aqua had, and Tsukune senses this sadness deep within Aqua. Moka deals Aqua a poweful kick, knocking her into the rubble.

Destruction of Fairy Tale Arc

With Aqua's defeat, it would seem that everything had gone as planned. However, Gyokuro arrived with the 2nd Division, which was the Shuzen family. She stole the Rosario, placing it in a device, explaining that she had studied the seal long enough to know that it was meant to control Alucard if he ever awaken; she plans to crash Fairy Tale into the human world to restart what it began 200 years ago. A battle then ensued between the two groups, with Kahlua fighting Kokoa, Tsukune and Moka fighting Gyokuro and the rest of the Newspaper Club fighting the Shuzen family. As a shocking turn of events, Gyokuro reveals she turned the 2nd Division into Ghouls by placing pieces of Alucard's flesh into their bodies; it ate away at them from within until their was nothing left of their former selves. She claimed they'd eaten Gin and Haji.

Elsewhere, Kokoa faced off with Kahlua, who had removed all her limiters, allowing her body to become as malluable as liquid. Kokoa managed to deal a fatal blow to her sister, who was proud of Kokoa's strength; however this was an empty victory. Dying, Kahlua revealed that Gyokuro only did all of this because she wanted their father, Issa Shuzen, to love her again. When Kokoa was born, Gyokuro thought she had succeeded in winning back Issa's heart; however, when it turned out she was wrong, Gykuro focused on her frustration at Kokoa, explaining why she was always so cold to her own daughter. Elsewhere, the Bus Driver had reached the control room, and used his powers to stop Fairy Tale HQ from descending into the human world, effectively isolating the monstrocity known as Alcuard from the rest of the world.

Moka managed to deal Gyokuro a powerful hit, severly injuring her stepmother. Gyokuro fused with Alucard, becoming nearly invincible. Sustaining more injuries, Gyokuro mutated further and attempted to kill Moka. However, she found that she couldn't do so. Tohufuhai reveals it's not Alucard that the rosario links with, but actually Akisha Bloodriver, inside Alucard; a mother would never harm her daughter, thus Gyokuro couldn't kill Moka because of Akisha's love. Moka took back her Rosario, leaving Gyokuro to be devoured by Alucard. Returning her rosario to its rightful place around her neck, Moka switched back to her Outer personality; both she and Tsukune shared a happy reunion.

With Gyokuro, Kahlua and most of Fairy Tale gone, it would seem that the Newspaper Club has succesfuly saved the human world. However, the arrival of the Masked King proves otherwise; he reveals himself to be Miyabi Fujisaki, who the Dark Lord, Tohufuhai recognises as a clone of Alucard's original vampire form. Alucard reveals that the whole reason behind the Mao-Huang war, and Yokai Academy's own fight against Fairy Tale was all so he could find out if the Rosario could actualy control his orginal body. Aqua arrived, with Alucard revealing her past; Aqua once had another stepsister, named Jasmine, who was mutilated and killed by humans because they suspected her of being a vampire. Aqua destroys Miyabi, who just reforms; he cannot die so long as his original body is still alive. The rosario was criticaly damaged by Miyabi as he forced Fairy Tale HQ to crash into the human world.

Battle to Save the World Arc

With nothing keeping Alucard's original form from being able to move about, it transformed into a monsterous humanoid and began rampaging through the area. Tohufuhai managed to save the group with a "soap opera" spell that sealed them in bubbles. Tenmei Mikogami has also arrived, sending all the humans in the area away, ready to fight. Alone in their own bubble, Moka and Tsukune talked about her true nature as a fake personality created by the rosario, which was now beyond repair. Tsukune told her it didn't matter as he had been in love with her since the moment they met, asking her not to fade away; Moka likewise confessed that she had also been in love with him. They shared a kiss.

Miyabi questions Mikogami on what kind of magic he used to transport the humans away, only to be told is wasn't magic. At that moment, fighter jets arrived along with tanks and opened fire on Alucard. Mikogami has several connections and allies in the human world, and he is deadset on having the relationships between monsters and human evolve to the next stage; Alucard's belief in using power to conquer in order to gain peace is out-of-date, and will be expunged. Though the humans sending in the calvery remain unaware of what Alucard is, they continue firing on him. Miyabi notices his original body's intelligence seems to have waned as they cannot synchronize their thoughts well. The fight takes a turn for the worse when clone and original Alucard merge back together, leaving the humans wounded. Luckily, San arrives as well, attacking Alucard; the wounded soldiers mistake her for an angel. Miyabi is surprised by this, thinking there wasn't a Siren left who could wound him so. Mikogami reminds Miyabi that he said they all want to co-exist with humans.

At the same time, Kurumu, Kokoa and Mizore search for Moka and Tsukune by air, being surprised by the lack of casualties; however, there are screams coming from farther away from the battlefield (due to Mikogami's strategic planning/foresight). Elsewhere, Tsukune and Moka's bubble lands safely on the ground and pops. After confirming Moka isn't breathing and doesn't have a pulse, Tsukune cries at the thought of losing the one he loves. However, Aqua finds them; she explains while the Outer Moka in the rosario is gone, the Real Moka can still be saved; she will revive her. Aqua explains Moka has lost too much blood, so she'll give Moka her own. Tsukune remebers this is what Moka had done for him to save his life multiple times.

Elsewhere, San faces Miyabi, correcting her previous message that she'll fight him alone by saying "they" are her oppponents. Mikogami lands a powerful blow on Alucard, knocking him away. At the same time, his true appearance is revealed, along with multiple Holy Locks on his body. Fuhai says he's glad they have the Kishin, Mikogami on their side. Mikogami transforms into his true form, telling Fuhai to do the same as this battlefield is their grave. Fuhai complies and says they should cause as much damage as they can before the end.

In the meantime, Aqua continues pumping her blood into Moka, remembering her last moments with Jasmine. Aqua killed a human boy Jasmine loved, fearing he'd reveal their true identities as vampires; Jasmine decided to return and explain things, saying it didn't matter if someone she cared about was human. Unfortunately, Moka hasn't awoken, and Aqua is getting cold from giving so much blood. Tsukune offers to give Moka his blood, but Aqua tells him that his half-formed fangs cannot perform the task of injecting blood. Since he's still half-human because of the Holy Lock, Tsukune says he can help save Moka if he stops being in-between humanity and monsters. Despite Aqua wanring him that he'd end up like Gyokuro's victims, Tsukune destroys the Holy Lock, saying nothing matters more to him than the girl he loves. Aqua listens to this in shock as Tsukune begins injecting his blood in Moka.

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