Rosario youkai 0085
Kana リリス
Romaji Ririsu
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Artifact spirit
Hair Color Green
Eye Color Green
Technique N/A
Equipment Lilith's Mirror
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown, none
Class Yōkai Academy
Voice Actor Maria Kawamura (Japanese)
Maxey Whitehead (English)
Lilith mirror


Lilith (リリス, Ririsu) is a fairy, or artifact spirit (source: Wikipedia) who comes out at dusk. Though barefoot and only wearing a purple summer dress, not only is she cute, but she's a mean fairy who turns monsters in their true form. Her Japanese-language voice actress is Maria Kawamura. She is voiced by Maxey Whitehead in English. Her actual monster type is known as an artifact spirit in English, or Tsukumogami in Japanese. In Japanese, her race's or species's name comes from a term meaning "Tool kami" with "kami" meaning the literal translation in Japanese for "god" or "deity". In Japanese, this is the literal translation for "Tsukumogami".


Lilith is a small artifact spirit with two pairs of wings. Speaking of her wings, they are also thin, and clear-colored, like glass, making them very "glass-like". She has light green shoulder-length hair with a pink flower in it, as well as green eyes. Lilith wears a see-through or translucent or transparent purple dress that goes down to her waist. Because of her dress, her naked body is obviously and clear-through exposed. She also has pale-white skin.

Personality Edit

Despite her tiny size, don't let that fool you! She is tough! And Lilith has the full power over the mirror named Lilith's Mirror, meaning it is her mirror! Being an artifact spirit, she owns an artifact, specifically that latter mirror. She is unkind, cruel, and personally evil. She wants to have monsters exposed in their true monster forms because she doesn't like that they are hiding what they really look like under human forms or human disguises! She is literal definition of "negative" and "dark". But, however, in the second serialization of the manga, she becomes kinder, and actually quite close friends with the main cast characters of Tsukune and his friends. With Tsukune Aono, and Moka Akashiya, she develops to be a kinder and more helpful person, and a well-more-adapt being/creature. However, she does not change in the anime of Season II due to the anime being so short compared to the manga. She becomes an aide and helper to the main major characters cast line by the second serialization.


  • Lilith had said herself when she was fighting Moka Akashiya, that she's small and weak.
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