Lamia are Yokai that inhabit the Rosario + Vampire universe. In ancient Greek mythology, there was only one Lamia, according to the Wikipedia article on the source. But in Rosario + Vampire, there are many of the name of "lamia".

Bite Size Monster Dictionary:Edit

R V Ch 12 Pg165

A lamia

A monster known from Greek legends, their upper body is human while her lower body is snake. She posses the power to control people's minds. She is a feared monster who lures children in and kills them.


A lamia's appearance has the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake. It is also true that Ms. Ririko's waist has a wide stretch of skin that resembles the head to a cobra. It is not known if this skin on the waist is only possessed by the females of the species, or if the species even has a male variation.

The tail end in a bud that can open up to reveal a flower-like pedals with tendrils near the center. The pedals can converge on the top of a beings head and transmit or drain memories/knowledge to control the being's mind. Like a Medusa, or Gorgon, their monster form is snake-based.

Abilities and Powers:Edit

Lamias have the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a serpent. Ms. Ririko has shown to be proficient in using her tail as if it were some kind of whip while using it's flower-like extension to pin down enemies.

  • Knowledge Transfer: After opening the flower-like extensions at the base of her tail, Lamia can then attach it to a person's head. There, she can directly transfer knowledge to that person's brain, which seems to be a bit painful.
    • Brainwashing: By transferring the knowledge, the victim's thoughts would become all about the lamia and the knowledge that was transferred to them.

Known Lamia:Edit

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