Lady Oyakata (お館様, Oyakata-sama), is/was the leader and master of Ruby Tōjō in the "Witch's Knoll" arc, and was called "My Lady" or her "Her Ladyship" by Ruby Tōjō. In the anime, she is already deceased, and is only shown in flashbacks and has mentions.  
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Oyakata in the anime


Oyakata with young Ruby



She bears a great contempt for humans, as she and her fellow witches of her time have suffered through a long period of humans expanding their territory, and seeks revenge against them by destroying the city nearby with her army of monster plants after land developers attempt to turn her home into a garbage dump.

At some point after Ruby was orphaned, she took her in and raised her as her own daughter, succeeding in having Ruby see humans with contempt. However, this was undone by Tsukune's kindness.


Oyakata in the manga

Despite Tsukune Aono's pleas for him to help her, she refuses to allow anyone to further harm her home, and tried to kill Moka Akashiya until Tsukune removes her rosario while going through an army of Hanabake plants.

During her fight with Inner Moka, Oyakata takes severe damage so, as a last resort, she uses a forbidden spell to merge herself with the Hanabake plants. Afterwards, Moka becomes trapped in the Oyakata creature's vines, which begin to merge with her body until she is fused with Oyakata, becoming part of the plant creature. Her Ladyship explains that in her new form she can fuse with any monsters she desires to increase her power. The team attempts to resist and Ruby is ultimately absorbed and fused with Oyakata as well.

However, Oyakata is defeated in battle when Moka manages to break free of her control upon seeing Oyakata attempt to kill Tsukune. Upon Yukari's instruction, Moka impales the crystal in Oyakata's spellbook with Ruby's wand, which sets of an explosion that releases Kurumu and Ruby but kills Oyakata. While she was being whisked away by Ruby in a dream, she admits her true feelings to her, saying that she did not want her to be taken away from the humans. Oyakata eventually dies leaving Ruby behind for her to follow her own dreams, but her spirit will always be with her.


Later on after her death, a multitude of humans had seen the beauty of her sunflower field from the fight between her and the Newspaper Club all rallied and protested against the project that would turn it into a garbage dump. This protest eventually succeeded and her precious sunflower field is spared thus demonstrating the virtuous side of humanity that Oyakata didn't have the fortune of witnessing for herself.


In the Anime, it is shown that Oyakata was planning to attack humans just like her manga counterpart, but she died before this could happen. By the time of her death (which was of natural causes), she had seen the errors of her ways and promised Ruby that her spirit would always be with her. However, her death caused Ruby to develop a spilt personality that acted like her and ordered the continuation of her plans. After the explosion of the giant Habibake, Ruby was found floating in the ocean as if "something" was protecting her, most likely Oyakata's spirit.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

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Ruby, in shock of seeing Her Ladyship's death

Much of Oyakata's magic revolves around flora, and she can extend vines from underneath her fingernails to use as an offensive weapon.

Like Ruby, she can use ravens as familiars to serve as messengers. When fused with the Hanabake plants, she gains the ability of regeneration, rendering any physical attack useless. She can also fuse with other living creatures by having her vines burrow into their bodies and merge with them, which gives her complete control over the creature she has fused with. However, the spell is considered to be a last resort; once transformed, she cannot revert to her former state.

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