Kyōko Aono
Kana 青野 響子
Romaji Aono Kyōko
Birthday March 1st
Gender Female
Age 19
Status Alive
Race Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color aqua
Personal Status
Relatives Kasumi Aono (Aunt)
Kōji Aono (Uncle)
Tsukune Aono (Cousin)
Affiliations None
Class None
Voice Actor Sachiko Kojima (Japanese)
Cherami Leigh (English)

Kyōko Aono is Tsukune Aono's cousin and one of the only humans (along with Tsukune before his transformation to a Ghoul) who knows of Yōkai being a monster school. He refers to her as Kyō and she refers to him as "Tsuki".

Described as a tomboy with a stubborn streak, she is defensive of Tsukune, as she is like a older sister to him, and makes her appearance on the second day of the school festival while searching for Yōkai Academy. Tsukune and his friends attempt to keep her from finding out about the academy's nature and its students, as well as prevent the authorities from discovering she is human. Kyōko manages to enter the yōkai world after she is asked to deliver a mysterious package to someone, while trying to find Tsukune. The envelope contains the Lilith Mirror, which houses a fairy, who claims it grants the owner any wish they desire, but at the cost of their soul.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kyōko has short black hair with silver hair clips and light aqua colored eyes. She wears a bright red jacket over a white t-shirt, a blue denim skirt that does a poor job of exposing her butt-cheeks and panties, along with brown boots.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kyōko is very dense, and often does not see things, even if they are obvious. She is assertive and is very stubborn at times, seen when, in a flashback, she insists on Tsukune following her travel way (actually dragging him along) despite the fact that she was leading them off a cliff. Kyōko is also emotional as is evident when she saw Tsukune and pounce hugged him while getting watery at the eyes. She is somewhat eccentric at times such as finding that when the academy was, initially, completely normal she believes that it was too normal and thus suspicious. Nevertheless she is also kind-hearted and willing to trust Tsukune's decisions even when she found out about Yōkai Academy's secret she was willing to let him stay there.

Kyōko appears right after Tsukune came home to see his mother with Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, and Yukari whom all snuck in his room. When Kyōko walked in the house to see her aunt, she saw Tsukune half naked along with Kurumu and Mizore and is shocked to see that her cousin brought home all the girls and examins them until Kurumu and Mizore got into a fight and took it outside at the park. Kyōko was amazed at the two girls fighting skills, but became suspicious once they started to unleash their powers. She then was knocked out cold during the fight. Kyōko comes out of her cold at her aunt's house after Tsukune and the others head back to the academy. She decided to go and find out what Tsukune's friends really were after becoming suspicious.     

Kyōko makes a third appearance when she is delivering rice cakes to Tsukune at Yōkai Academy. Unfortunately, she bumps into Kokoa along the way, and then takes the Mirror by mistake. After she arrives at the school, she sees all of the girls trying to get close to Tsukune and sees the girls dressed in French maid outfits. Meanwhile Kyōko realizes the package was a mix-up when she find the mirror and Lilith of the mirror calls her master. After a conversation, Kyōko accidentally wishes that all of the students would reveal their true form. After going through a series of near-misses with the students, she, Moka, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, and Ruby defeat Lilith.

In the manga, it was Hitomi Ishigami who gave Kyōko the mirror in order to steal Tsukune's soul. However, she forgets about since she gets too worried about Tsukune being in a proper school accidentally coming to the wrong conclusion that Yōkai is a school for perverts. Then she gets it wrong again, thinking there are great electronics to make a giant frog, which the bus driver uses as transport. After fleeing, she accidentally summons Lilith from her mirror and makes a wish to see more true natures of the students, thinking it to be just a bunch of tricks. Eventually, she realizes the truth right before Lilith tries to eat her soul, but is saved by Moka. Kyōko doesn't trust Moka due to her being a monster, but gains trust after hearing that Moka cares deeply for Tsukune despite him being human. After Inner Moka is awakened by the mirror, Kyōko is put in the bus driver's protective custody. Unfortunately, Kyōko had to watch Tsukune's friends reveal their deepest desires and give him nosebleeds. After the commotion calmed down, Kyōko joined everyone else on the ground.

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