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Kana 九曜
Romaji Kuyō
Birthday September 30
Gender Male
Age 20
Race Yōko
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gold
Technique Kitsunebi
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Student Police
Fairy Tale
Class Unknown year Yōkai Academy
Voice Actor Shūichi Ikeda (Japanese)
Jason Douglas (English)

Kuyō (九曜, Kuyō) is the head of the Public Safety Committee at Yōkai Academy. Kuyō enforces the group's rules with a tyrannical and sadistic iron fist, going so far as to state if someone goes against him, they are against the school. He is a Yōko, an S-Class species of monster who are amongst one of the most powerful of all Yōkai who live in Japan, and they have even known to be worshiped as divine beings. Kuyō believes that yōkai and humans will always remain enemies, claiming friendship between the two only occurs in fairy tales. After Kuyō had been defeated by Tsukune, he joined Fairy Tale and became the 3rd Subdivision Leader.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kuyō is the kind of guy who mistakenly believes that, without a doubt, everything he does is for the sake of justice. Anyone who goes against him is going against justice and is an evildoer, and he believes that he can do anything for his own sake, because he is justice.

Ginei Morioka on Kuyō

While many of the student police force are harsh and ruthless, Kuyō is by far the most fearsome of them all. Possessed with a strong lust for power and relentless sadism, Kuyō is a tremendously cruel individual who takes great satisfaction in the pain of others and thrives on the fear and submission his actions receive. In addition to this, he is arrogant and a megalomaniac, who believes that he is the law and that he is free to interpret and execute it in anyway that he wishes. This is the essence of an evil tyrant.

This results in an individual who is a bloodthirsty dictator, who does not allow any dissent and he will proceed to strike down anyone who attempts to so much as question him. He is also prone to acts of tremendous violence, beating up and incinerating his victims and imprisoning those who do not pay their debts to him. This makes his student police force more like thugs in a protection racket. He also possesses a fearsome temper and will quickly fly into a rage with little provocation.

In the anime, he is not as quick to anger, though he is just as sadistic, manipulative, and arrogant as he is in the manga. It isn't until events turn against him that he truly gets angry, such as when Tsukune is revived by Moka's blood, and Moka calls him on his criminal activities and hypocrisy, which is when he is thoroughly outraged. This reflects that he's got a problem with "injustice" only when it doesn't suit his needs.

Kuyō has a deep hatred for Tsukune, born from his defeat at the latter's hands. He does not think highly of Tsukune, believing he's just a weakling who has to hide behind the women around him and is insulted by the very idea of having lost to such a man. When Tsukune overcame his fear of Kuyō and fought him seriously the latter was further enraged and suffered disbelief due to the difference in their powers, he went on to use his full power, bragging he could kill Tsukune and advance ever further, but suffered only further humiliation upon failing to defeat him a second time. During the moment of his second defeat rather than trying to understand how Tsukune defeated him, Kuyo instead just display disbelief at the thought of defeat from Tsukune despite it happening to him twice. Also after his second defeat, he proceeded to brag about the dimension designed to kill them thus showing that he is a sore loser.

Despite these faults of Kuyo, in the Rosario Vampire II chapter 67 Extra II, it's been shown that he has some honor towards his fellow monsters if they have his respect as he agreed to look after Kahlua when Miyabi revived her before going into battle against his enemies. He also shown concern towards Hokuto when the latter's hybrid blood deterioration left him completely unconscious and unable to wake up after his fight with Kiria despite being a former human whom he has a deep seated hatred towards. Also during his observation of Alucard's final battle against all of his enemies, Kuyo is shown to have solemn look towards the scenery and left with Kiria to rebuild Fairy Tale despite its tremendous loss which implies that Kuyo decided to learn from his loss against Tsukune rather try to attack the latter and his friends just after the battle in spite of their vulnerable state of just recovering from fighting against Alucard.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Year One[edit | edit source]

Kuyō first appears when the Newspaper Club begin publishing articles relating to a scandal involving former teacher Hitomi Ishigami. Believing the Public Safety Committee could intimidate them enough to collect a bribe, he threatens them by outlawing the 'illegal' Club and destroying their newsstand. Kurumu Kurono's indignant outburst causes his second-in-command Keito to get angry - Kuyō orders her to monitor the club's activities. Moka later defeats her after Keito finds Kurumu trying to sell newspapers despite the Committee's imposed ban.

Kuyō reluctantly allies himself with the very teacher who was scandalized, Hitomi Ishigami, to destroy the Newspaper Club once and for all. Based on Ishigami's claims that Tsukune is a human, Kuyō detains both Moka and Tsukune and takes them to the headquarters of the Public Safety Committee. Kuyō forces Tsukune to transform, but as he naturally cannot, Kuyō throws a fireball at Moka and Tsukune. Tsukune nearly faints from the attack, and cannot remove Moka's seal. Kurumu, Yukari Sendo and Ginei Morioka show up; while Yukari helps Tsukune heal, Ginei transforms into wolf form and punches Kuyō several times. During this time, Ishigami hides behind a wall and watches the ongoing events.

Enraged, Kuyō initiates his own transformation, revealing his true nature to his opponents, much to their surprise and horror. After a brief onslaught of threats, Kuyō launches his signature attack, the Vortex of Fire, at the group, which Ginei blocks before collapsing. At this point, he taunts the group even more, and transforms into his Battle Form, and unleashes a swift barrage of attacks which incapacitates the rest of the group, and shakes the entire building and the immediate surroundings like an earthquake.

With only a horrified Tsukune left standing, Kuyō attempts to kill Moka and the others, but Tsukune pleads for him not to, willing to sacrifice himself for the sake of his friends. Upon hearing this, Kuyō briefly pauses, and feigns compassion, before mocking Tsukune once again and firing a blast to kill Moka. In response, Tsukune takes the blast instead, and succeeds in removing the Rosario from Moka's neck as he collapses. As she awakens, she moves to help her fallen friend.

Upon witnessing Moka's transformation, Kuyou recalls his knowledge of the Vampire race before declaring that he will be able to kill her easily while unleashing a surge of his Yōki, which Moka answers in kind, surprising her opponent and demonstrating her superior power level. Rather than attacking, she instead injects a considerable amount of her blood into Tsukune in order to save his life, surprising everyone, especially Kuyō and Ishigami, neither of whom had ever seen nor heard of this.

At that point, she immediately explains the drawbacks of this procedure to her allies and moves against Kuyō, who had been bracing for the inevitable assault. As he is attacked in earnest, Moka warns him that if Tsukune dies, then she will kill him. Surprised and horrified by this, Kuyō barely manages to block Moka's onslaught before she forcefully drives him into ground. However, it soon becomes clear that despite the speed and force that she employed, her attacks lacked the necessary stopping power to defeat her opponent, who immediately recovers without issue and counterattacks.

Because she had given Tsukune so much blood, she has lost a significant amount of her strength, which Kuyō immediately capitalizes on, unleashing his own high-speed, high-intensity hand-to-hand barrage, wounding her and smashing her into the ground with a swift lash of his tails. He taunts her on her weakness before attempting to kill her, but is immediately distracted Tsukune's subsequent revival, fully unharmed with the blood and power of a vampire flowing through him.

Stunned by this development, a now frustrated and fearful Kuyō assumes that Ishigami had tricked him, and incorrectly identifies Tsukune as a monster. By dropping his guard, Moka is given to opportunity to capture Kuyō in strong grapple, with which she takes without a second's thought. She then tells him the final problem of the blood transfusion procedure; in the case of success, the results are unpredictable. She then squeezes Kuyō's chest so hard that she breaks some of his ribs and forces him to spit blood.

Kuyō recoils in pain and struggles to free himself, all the while refusing to face defeat. He makes one last defiant statement just as Moka lets go and Tsukune uses all of his remaining power in a headbutt to Kuyō's jaw, breaking it, shattering teeth, and propelling him into the ground with tremendous, explosive force. This immediately renders Kuyō unconscious, who is left to lie in the rubble as the other student police members find his comatose form.

Year Two[edit | edit source]

When Tsukune and the group enter the Floating Garden to recover Moka, Tsukune encounters Miyabi Fujisaki and Kiria Yoshii, members of the 1st Subdivision of Fairy Tale. Kiria casts a spell teleporting Tsukune and Ruby Toujo to a seemingly different dimension filled with shrine-styled buildings and a long walkway. Tsukune soon realizes that the architecture and the view are familiar to him - belonging to that of the former headquarters of the Public Safety Committee. Suddenly, a fireball is launched at them, and while they dodged the attack, Kuyō appears and declares himself a Subdivision Leader of Fairy Tale. It is revealed that Kuyō had also been spying for Fairy Tale during his time at Yōkai Academy.

Soon afterwards, Tsukune attacks Kuyō in earnest, who easily nullifies the incoming attacks. During the fight, Kuyō launches a large fireball attack at Tsukune, and not only continues to overwhelm him, but also taunts him as well. During the fight, Ruby notices that despite his best efforts, Tsukune's body is recalling his near-death experience at the Yōko's hands, and is in turn subconsciously retreating in fear from Kuyō.

Realizing that Tsukune will lose the fight if he continues like this, Ruby intercepts an otherwise disabling blow meant for Tsukune, which significantly wounds her and renders her unconscious. When Tsukune goes to help her, Kuyō gleefully tells him that Fang-Fang and Yukari had been killed by Gairen, another subdivision leader, and continues to taunt him about his weaknesses. At that point, he breaks into hysterical, manic laughter, declaring that he had wanted to witness and savor Tsukune's fear and face of despair, and moves in for the kill.

However, upon realizing what has to be done, Tsukune overcomes and masters his fear, which in turn enables him to gain proper control of his sealed vampiric abilities, and stops Kuyō's attack cold. Surprised, Kuyō drops his guard long enough for Tsukune to a deliver an explosive left-hook to Kuyō's face, stunning him and causing him to spit blood. Overcoming this shock, a frustrated Kuyō is unable to understand how he was so easily repelled.

At that point, Tsukune states that he must let go of his fear and focus on saving his friends, and begins to tap into his vampiric powers in earnest. This immediately horrifies Kuyō, as he witnesses Tsukune's transformation, who in turn warns that if Kuyō doesn't retreat, Tsukune will kill him. Tsukune then re-engages Kuyō, headbutting him and knocking Kuyō into the flames below. Kuyuo refuses to believe that Tsukune can defeat him and ,in a rage, transforms into his battle form. He then gains a flame suit, that burns anything that comes near him. He then tells Tsukune how he will kill him and climb to greater heights. Tsukune then releases the first seal of his holy lock, and punches several holes in Kuyō before the flames could reach Tsukune. Kuyō then collapses, still in disbelief that he was defeated. Later it is revealed that he had survived the attack, escaped, and trapped Ruby and Tsukune in a space called "The Masked King".

After Alucard's demise, Kuyō is seen holding Kahlua Shuzen's body standing along side with Kiria holding an unconcious Hokuto Kaneshiro as they make their escape to rebuild Fairy Tale once again.

Later in the Rosario Vampire II chapter 67 Extra II, Kuyo reveals that Kahlua was revived by Miyabi injecting her with his Shinso blood and asked him to look after her before going into battle. Kuyo asked about Hokuto's condition when he was being held by Kiria and afterwards left with the hybrid to rebuild Fairy Tale.

Anime[edit | edit source]

Rosario+Vampire[edit | edit source]

Kuyō first appears in the Committee's office learning about Keito's defeat by Inner Moka and Kurumu as he goes over the files on the members of the Newsclub. Everyone's monster identity is listed except for Tsukune. Kuyō then remarks that they will soon have something interesting happen for the first and longest time at Yōkai, burning the files with a sneer.

The next day, Kuyō  comes to Ms. Nekonome's classroom and tells Tsukune that he is under suspicion of being a human. When Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore defends Tsukune with the fact that humans could not even be at Yōkai Academy, Kuyō sees them as possible accessories to Tsukune hiding his identity. With this, Kuyō takes Tsukune and the three girls to the shrine that serves as the Committee's headquarters. 

In the shrine, Kuyō shows Tsukune where the teachers, students, and his friends are being questioned about his identity. Kuyō then brings out the Fan Club Collation which he had beat up the trio badly and Kuyō explains that they told him all about how Tsukune never fought back against them and how weak he was. Having his men pin Tsukune to the ground, Kuyō tells Tsukune that he could change into a monster and free himself of the guards holding him down, clearing the charge. When Kuyō hears from Tsukune that he's human, Kuyō simply laughs maniacally. Kuyō tells his men to let Kurumu and Mizore leave, but keep Moka locked up as she was an accessory to hiding Tsukune's human identity. Kuyō coldly tells Tsukune the Committee finds him guilty of being human and he is to be put to death. Kuyō announces through the speakers that Tsukune is a human who infiltrated the Academy, and that he will be put to death, inviting other students to watch him die.

Kuyō puts Tsukune on a big cross for his execution with a bloody sign saying "I'm Human". Kuyō asked Tsukune if he's lost his mind in fear. Tsukune proves him wrong by calmly asking him to promise one thing is to spare the rest of the Newspaper Club. Kuyō is surprised that someone being put to death would make such a selfless request. Kuyō says they will not suffer unnecessary harm, but saying that he plans to kill them. Kuyō announces that the time has come to kill Tsukune and lights him on fire, however, it's put out by Mizore's ice as Ruby and Kurumu fly down to free Tsukune. Moka, Mizore, and Yukari arrive, yelling for them to Tsukune to safety while they handle things there. As Kurumu and Ruby flee with Tsukune, a surprised Kuyō asks if the girls know what they've done is a crime against the Academy. Moka, Mizore, and Yukari tells him that it doesn't matter so long as they save Tsukune. Kuyō explains that Gin said something similar to him the previous year saying that the Security Committee's corruption needed to be exposed which matters more to him than the Academy. In retaliation, the Security Committee killed every member of last years Newspaper Club, except for Gin. Kuyō then orders his top three minion to kill the Newspaper Club as punishment. Kuyō looks up to see Kurumu and Ruby still flying away with Tsukune, gloating that they can try to running, but against someone of his power, they don't stand a chance so Kuyō heads off after the trio.

Kuyō eventually catches up to them on the roof and throws an arrow of fire which pierces Tsukune's heart and engulfs him, burning him badly. Kuyō comments that the execution could sadly not be shown to the students, but has none-the-less been carried out. Before passing out, Tsukune was able to release Inner Moka and with Inner being enraged, she kicks Kuyō across the roof.  Kuyō has assumed to his monster form, that of a fox that has control over fire and is also a S-ranked monster. He fires a blast at them but Gin blocks his attack to save his fellow members. Kuyō didn't seem to care if Gin did that since he plan to kill him anyways. Kuyō battles Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, and Ruby in order to by some time for Moka to inject her blood into Tsukune to save him. Kuyō has proven himself superior in power as he has beaten the four girls as he had changed into his final form. When Moka fights Kuyō, he noticed that her kicks are weak due to the amount of blood she injected into Tsukune.  Kuyō beats Moka back to where Tsukune's at and fires a blast seemingly destroying the two for good.

However, Kuyō is shocked to see that Tsukune survived who dodged his attack while holding Moka. Kuyō tries to attack Tsukune and Moka, but Gin grabs him from behind. Kuyō expresses shock at Gin getting into a position to immobilize him, to which Gin reminds him about Werewolves are known for their speed. Moka tells Kuyō that he's became intoxicated with power from being the justice of the school and becoming  corrupt and he needs to learn his place. With a jump kick, Moka hammers Kuyō into a room below the roof, ending his ways of justice.

Shortly before the other students arrive, Moka reattaches her rosary and collapses; seeing Kuyō and Moka unconscious and Tsukune shirtless, the others assume that Tsukune himself defeated Kuyō and rejoice at the Yōko's defeat, declaring Tsukune their new hero.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Katana: After joining Fairy Tale as its 3rd Sub-Division Leader, Kuyo is seen carrying a katana that he later employs in tandem with his fox fire in his rematch with Tsukune.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Yōko Physiology: As a Yōko, Kuyō possesses the fearsome abilities of his race, with their formidable Yōki, their Kitsunebi (Fox Fire), their tremendous strength and speed and their renowned Battle Form. In the beginning of the series Kuyō possessed only four tails but later on he is seen with an additional fifth tail, meaning his power has greatly increased since Part I.

  • Transformation: Like all Yōkai, Kuyō is able to transform into a Human form and revert to normal monster state. Unlike many Yōkai, as a Yōko, he is able to transform into an advanced form, one more powerful than his base-line or Human form.
    • Battle Form: As the most feared weapon of the Yōko, this form is specifically optimized for combat and striking fear into the enemy. It is possessed of a significantly hardened and strengthened body, an imposing if somewhat attractive appearance, this form significantly amplifies the Yōko's power. In this form, the Yōko's Yōki is concentrated and boosted to a higher level of power than their base-line form, rendering the Yōko unbeatable to non-high level and non-S-Class monsters. True to its nature, the Battle Form enhances the user's combat abilities, allowing him/her to unleash fearsome blasts of Kitsunebi, move with tremendous speed and agility, withstand powerful attacks with a solid degree of success, and strike with pulverizing, ground-shaking physical force. After his humiliation by Tsukune, he began to train himself and gained a fifth tail. The caused his battle form to change, creating clothing out of fire. He stated that anything that got near him would be burnt.
  • Kitsunebi (Fox Fire): The principle weapon of the Yōko, this body-covering fire serves as Kuyō's primary weapon, which he is able to employ in all of his forms, which is always accompanied by a strong burst of Yōki whenever he uses it. This Yōki-generated fire is incredibly hot, and depending upon how much power Kuyō puts into it, it is capable of seriously burning his opponent, or causing a concussive burst of fiery energy capable of vaporizing bone. He employs this fire attacks in a few distinct ways; as a contact-based attack, where he unleashes the fire at point-blank range, which can easily overpower low-class monsters, a generic fireball attack whose power depends upon what form he is in, and a specialized, full-power, potentially lethal technique.
  • Enhanced Strength: As an S-Class monster, Kuyo possesses enhanced physical strength where he was able to counter and block all of Inner Moka's fierce attacks though they were greatly weakened from her injecting blood into Tsukune beforehand. Later on during his fight with Tsukune and Ruby in his dimension, Kuyo sent Ruby flying to a boulder with one powerful punch that knocked her unconscious for some time (though she was probably still recovering from her injuries in her fight with Raika). His ordinary punches were also powerful enough that Tsukune had a hard time defending against them before using his vampire strength despite being able to catch a pillar thrown to him by Gyokuro Shuzen while in his modified human form (though Tsukune's body remembering the sensation of Kuyo's attacks held him back somewhat).
  • Enhanced Durability: Kuyō is very durable as he was able to survive from taking dozens of fatal beat down blows from Ginei who was in his monster form and moment later return to the battlefield in his monster form completely ignoring his wound (despite such injuries are capable of taking out a S-class monster in battle) and later on took several kicks delivered to him by the likes of Inner Moka and appeared completely unfazed (albeit Inner Moka's was weakened during the time). He also took an direct explosive punch from Tsukune to the face. That although it causes damage, does nothing more than push him back and later took several fatal attacks delievered to him by Tsukune's first unseal state greviously wounding him, however despite the injuries he was able to return back to the battle in his monster form completely ignoring his wounds.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Kuyo's musculature produces fatigue toxins considerably less than the musculature of ordinary humans or yokai, allowing him to stay physically active for longer periods of time. Kuyo first demonstrated this in being able to fight against the entire Newspaper Club by himself which included Ginei, a werewolf, before fighting against Inner Moka alone in rapid succession. Later on Kuyo regained consciousness in an attempt to kill Tsukune and Ruby by setting the dimension they were in on fire while his wounds from his fight with Tsukune were still open and had enough strength to open a portal to escape the dimension.
  • Enhanced Speed: During his second fight with Tsukune, Kuyo was able to overwhelm the latter with various rapid attacks before he could react though Ruby did noted that the experience of near death Tsukune had been dealt with from his first fight with Kuyo caused his body to subconsciously slow down.
  • Enhanced Agility: Kuyo has some agility where during his second with Tsukune he was able to jump around the floating boulders in his dimension without losing control and even attacked Tsukune and Ruby whilst in mid-air. Kuyo also made several back flips when he was retreating after being struck by Tsukune to a nearby boulder as well.
  • Flight: Kuyō is able to fly into the air (anime) when he went to kill Tsukune after when Kurumu and Ruby got Tsukune to safety.
  • Great Demonic Aura: Kuyo is able to exert a great amount of yoki that has the same fiery effect of his fox fire during his first fight against the Newspaper Club. After training for a year to become a subdivision leader of Fairy Tale, Kuyo's yoki took the image of a giant yoko in flames that initially unnerved Tsukune. After activating his new battle form, Kuyo's yoki was able to burn through physical objects in short distances.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: His has skills in hand-to-hand fighting combat by his own right. He can use them together with his fire manipulation thus further augmenting his punches with fire as shown by first demonstrating by taking down the Outer Moka with a mere punch to the stomach. He then blocked everyone one of Inner Moka's high-speed attack and even found an opening in Inner Moka's defense and took her down effortlessly without even trying (albeit Inner Moka's power was greatly weakened during the time) and later fought an even ground against Tsukune blocking most of his attacks until the final clash.

Swordsman: Due to him later equipping a sword, it can be presumed that Kuyo learned some swordsmanship where he ignited the blade in fire to further augment its power though as Tsukune defeated him after releasing the first seal of his holy lock before Kuyo can use his sword it's unknown what the full extent of his swordsmanship is.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

  • Ball of Fire: Kuyō summons a huge fireball on the top of his hand and it creates a huge explosion on impact which was capable enough to take down Ruby with a single hit.
  • Vortex of Fire: His signature attack when in his baseline or Battle Form, Kuyō unleashes a swift surge of Yōki, which is then drawn to the tips of his tails, and generates a swirling array of five fireballs, with a central orb circled by four smaller ones. This assembly of Fox Fire then begins to rotate up to cyclone-like speeds, and is hurled at the enemy at tremendous speed. The power of this attack is fearsome, for it generates significant explosive force alongside its burning power, and could easily leave lesser opponents as a pile of ash. The power of the attack was sufficient to severely burn and wound Ginei Moriaka, who is a Werewolf, another species of S-Class Monster.
  • Fire Punch: Kuyō ignites his fist in flames to enhance his punches to have a burning fiery effect.
  • Fire Spear: Kuyō forms a large spear/arrow of fire and throws it at his opponent, impaling and then immolating said opponent. This is the attack Kuyō used to nearly kill Tsukune during their first battle.
  • Entei Toui: This is Kuyo's new battle form that he obtained in his training to become the 3rd Sub-Division leader of Fairy Tale where he covers his body in an emperor robe woven from his fox fire. The fox fire also burns anything that comes in contact with him thus granting Kuyo enhanced defense along sending out waves of fire and heat that burn anything near him though those powerful enough can resist the flames.
  • Flame Katana: Kuyō can cover his katana in flames. Its effect is unknown, because he was instantly defeated before he could use it.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the manga, Kuyō was defeated by Tsukune, however in the anime, Kuyō was defeated by Moka.
  • Kuyō has become Tsukune's destined enemy tied by fate when they first met at Yōkai Academy.
  • Given he was an undercover agent for Fairy Tale like Kiria, who helped Hokuto found ANTI-THESIS, a likely theory is that both would have used their groups to overthrow Yokai Academy. However, Kuyo's defeat disrupted the plan, forcing ANTI-THESIS to not make a move until the School Festival neared.
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