Kusabi Midō
Kana 御堂 楔
Romaji Midō Kusabi
Birthday July 25
Gender Male
Age 19
Status Alive
Race Monstrel Yokai
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Black
Technique Unknown
Equipment Monstrel Arm
Personal Status
Relatives unknown
Affiliations ANTI-THESIS
Class Unknown
Voice Actor None

Kusabi Midō (御堂 楔 Midō Kusabi) was one of several Monstrels that had joined ANTI-THESIS to challenge purebreed monsters. He was first seen allowing an attack on Tsukune Aono and was later seen in the same chapter, talking about how Tsukune was going to die. Unfortunately, he was defeated quite easily by Tsukune at his ghoul stage. 


Midou has tan skin, short blonde hair with dark eyes with a lasting cut on his left cheek the back of his head and another above his right eye up to his hair. He has a silver earing on his left ear shaped similarly to Fleur-de-lis and a silver chain wristlet. While accompanying Saizou and his gang, Midou wore a black long sleeve jacket with tan pants and shoes. Making his move to punish Tsukune himself however, he wears an open black long sleeve jacket, a white undershirt with green trim, black pants and brown shoes.


Midou has a sort of sadistic personality, being quite cruel and obbsessive. He has no concern for the life of "spoiled, rich little purebreeds", and claims to hold the life of one of his own very high. His fellow monstrels also seem to care for Midou's life, as they showed extreme signs of worry when he was defeated so easilly.

Even when he was beaten to a pulp, the young monstrel was still contemplating his revenge in bandages while he was being treated at Yōkai Academy.


Year OneEdit

Midou was seen as one of the Big Dogs in the Monstrel community, having several of his own followers. When one of his followers, Saizou Komiya, suggested that they attack Tsukune Aono, a "vampire", initially Midou attempted to dissuade him from making unnecessary action that may lead to his comrades being shamed, however, Saizou would ignore his warnings and attack Tsukune. Despite Tsukunes disadvantage in his weakened state, he was able to easily beat the three Monstrels that attacked.

In the aftermath, Saizou would be ordered to be executed for his failure to kill Tsukune Aono.

He later wished to try his own hands at Tsukune Aono, knowing his weakness for Moka Akashiya, he kidnapped her and held her ransom. After a teasing Tsukune a little, he revealed his true form. Moka took the blame for Tsukune's vampiric transformation, but Tsukune insisted that Midou take him and let Moka go.


Midou's true form

Midou's solution to the problem: Kill them both anyway

Tsukune succeeded in drawing out his vampiric abilities and used superior speed to free Moka and take off her Rosario cross, thus letting out Inner Moka. He proved to be a challenge for the vampire girl to handle, cheating by activating the sprinkler system. Tsukune begged that Moka inject him with her blood, but she refused. After a very touching moment, Tsukune had vampire blood inside him once again, turning him into a ghoul for the first time.

Midou was unimpressed, even questioning whether Tsukune was a weak or strong vampire due to his resistance to water. Tsukune retalliated with a swift punch to the gut, cracking several ribs and rupturing organs. Midou went down quick. Tsukune continued to beat him into unconciousness and almost to death.

He remained unconscious for quite a while, but when he woke up he was right back to revenge. It was later revealed that he survived and was being treated for his wounds. Had it not been for Mako Yakumaru nearly killing him by stabbing him in his neck with her needle finger, he may have exacted his vengance.

Year TwoEdit

In Alucard's return, Midou reappears along side with Mako defeating one of Alucard's clones in the final battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

Hybrid Physiology: As a hybrid yokai whose origins are mixed from the mixed breeding of his ancestors, Midou doesn't possess any define yokai traits rather it's a combination of other races. His hybrid powers include an undefined transformation and enhanced physical might on the form he takes. In fact Midou showed feats of strength, stamina, and endurance have rarely ever been matched by any other antagonist that was not a Vampire.

  • Transformation: A common ability amongst the hybrids where Midou's left side retains the strength of a normal human with above average strength, but his right side contains his true side, a deformed monstrel with huge appendages.
  • Enhanced Strength: Midou possesses tremendous physical strength for a non-vampire yokai where combined with the huge claws created from his transformation and death grip, Midou could easily crush the average victim in an instant.
  • Enhanced Speed: Midou possesses enough speed to match against Moka for their battle and instantly made his way to her to finish her off after weakening her with water though Tsukune managed to get to them faster as neither Moka nor Midou noticed him.
  • Enhanced Durability: He also has incredible endurance, which enabled him to withstand up to 3 of Moka's power-kicks with only moderate difficulty and little lasting effect. He also weathered Ghoul-Tsukune's power-punch and resulting assault and survived, albeit severely wounded and unconscious.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Midou also has large stamina where he was able to fight a prolonged battle against Moka without showing much strain or discomfort and later attempted to fight against Tsukune's ghoul form though was easily beaten.
  • High Demonic Aura: In addition, he possessed fearsome demonic power, that, despite being a Monstrel, when channeled into his attacks, was potent enough to cause even Moka to be wary of receiving a direct hit.

Abilities Edit

Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Midou possesses some skills in direct hand-to-hand combat coming from his pride as a hybrid and obsession with proving the hybrids' strength against the pureblood yokai. He mainly relies on the increased physical might created by the transformation of his right side and thus isn't very skilled in combat and had to resort to dampening Moka in order to have the advantage.

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