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Kurumu Kurono
Kana 黒乃 胡夢
Romaji Kurono Kurumu
Manga Rosario + Vampire Chapter 002
Anime Rosario + Vampire Episode 02
Game Rosario + Vampire: Tanabata's Miss Yokai Academy
Birthday August 2
Gender Female
Height 153 cm (5'0")
Weight 42 kg (93 lb)
Blood type AB
Three sizes B92(G-cup)-W55-H85
Age 15 (Season 1)
16 (Season 1; Chapter 17)
17 (Season 2; Chapter 22)
18 (Epilogue; Chapter 66.6)
Status Alive
Race Succubus
Hair Color Light Ocean Blue
Eye Color Purple
Technique Allure/Charm
Equipment Claws
Personal Status
Relatives Ageha Kurono (Mother)
Unknown Father (Father)
Affiliations Newspaper Club
Class 3rd year Yōkai Academy
First year Yōkai Academy (Season I)
2nd year Yōkai Academy (Season II)
3rd year Yōkai Academy (Epliogue)
Voice Actor  Japanese: Misato Fukuen
English: Brina Palencia

Kurumu Kurono (黒乃 胡夢 Kurono Kurumu) is a Succubus and a third year student at Yōkai Academy where one of her goals was to take Tsukune Aono from Moka Akashiya.

Despite her numerous sexual advances towards Tsukune, in actuality, Kurumu is a very innocent character and genuinely yearns for Tsukune's love. Kurumu is actually a very innocent character compared to Ageha Kurono (Kurumu's mother) who is a sexual deviant who plans to steal all men with her kiss in a way. Kurumu used to be like that, until one fortune day, when she met Tsukune and Moka, that all changed through Tsukune's saving her life from Inner Moka.


Almost the literal spitting image of Ageha Kurono (Kurumu's mother), Kurumu has shoulder-length light ocean blue hair that is tied in a ponytail with a purple maid headband that has one gold star on the left side, deep purple eyes, thick long black eyelashes and large breasts, in which she takes great pride in her big chest. Despite her soft, massive and bouncy breasts, she is also quite small as she is only five feet tall.

She wears an almost-plain long-sleeved white polo shirt with a red bow tie, plus a pale yellow colored vest and a miniskirt that looks exactly like the school's uniform skirt. Kurumu also wears white baggy seifuku sailor fuku schoolgirl uniform socks and plain black dress shoes. In the manga, she changes her outfit from long-sleeved to short-sleeved in more of a t-shirt form and wears a much straighter look for her hair by Season II, as in Season I, she has curlier hair and long sleeves for her basic, everyday attire.

The main difference that sets her appearance and her mother's apart is that Kurumu has much straighter and shorter hair (not as wavy or as long) and wears it with a headband over it rather than letting it all down naturally.

Despite not wearing the school uniform of a medium-green to bright-green "dress jacket" with a pleated checkered skirt or school-girl skirt matching the male dress pants uniform except for the plaid design, and school girl flat dress shoes, her everyday, signature outfit (top wise) is very school-girl based and her shoes are also very schoolgirl looking.

When she transforms into her succubus form, she grows large bat wings and a tail, as well as long fingernails that act as claws.

In the Capu 2 version (second season of the anime), she still wears her same undershirt under her yellow vest instead of a short-sleeved white t-shirt made of a similar-looking material. In the anime, in the witch episode version of the Witch Knoll arc, specifically "Sunflowers and a Vampire", Kurumu wears a white short-sleeved blouse with a black ribbon bow as design, and a pleaded checkered plaid schoolgirl mini-skirt and the same shoes. According to the episode, even her toenails can be claw-like razor-sharp and which are red.


As a succubus, Kurumu has the ability to easily seduce men. She is well liked by most of the boys in her school, but fell in love with Tsukune Aono when he saved her from an angry Inner Moka. Kurumu initially acts cold and arrogant to attract Tsukune, and later tells him that he is her one true love and will try to make him love her without her succubus power.

Kurumu is very confident in her beauty, which she often uses in trying to win Tsukune. She usually teases her love rivals about how she is much more sexy than them. However, she doesn't tease Moka as meanly as the rest, but does push her aside when she is with Tsukune.

She is a very cheerful and self confident girl. At a glance, one could get the impression that Kurumu is a childish and selfish person, however, she's actually more mature and kind-hearted than she seems, as she truly cares about her friends and would gladly risk her life for their sake. She is quite stubborn and brave and a loyal person who wants to win Tsukune's love without using her charming skills. When Kokoa Shuzen suggests her to use her succubus powers to claim Tsukune's heart, Kurumu states she will never do something like that- to which Kokoa replies that Kurumu is unusually pure of heart compared to other succubi. This prompts Kurumu to blush heavily, suggesting that when someone notes her pure hearted behavior, she's very shy of it as it is considered unbecoming of a succubus. In the anime, she is a confident singer.

Kurumu truly loves not only Tsukune, but also her friends, especially Moka, saying that Tsukune and Moka are her two 'most important people'. Despite competing with her love rivals for Tsukune's affections, she loves them like sisters, especially Moka and Mizore Shirayuki. Kurumu's genuine feelings for her friends is extremely powerful, ranging from kissing Mizore to stop her from suicide, diving into Moka's soul to save Tsukune, Mizore, and Touhou Fuhai, bringing back Tsukune from the back of his mind, and not letting anyone call Moka, their bonds, or their feelings fake. She cannot hate Moka, the only girl Tsukune looks at, wishing multiple times she could, but could never bring herself to do so, well aware that her love is unrequited because of Moka.

Year One[]

Freshmen Year[]

Kurumu first appears calling out for somebody to "help her" while on the ground. Tsukune Aono comes to her aid and says he better take her to the infirmary, only for her to use Allure on him while they are walking.

Kurumu using her "fake innocent" look in the anime.


She is later seen confronting Moka Akashiya in the hallway, where all of the boys comment on her beauty, before she tells Moka that she is a Succubus and that she has come to defeat her. She then reveals her "Yōkai Academy Harem Transformation Plan" and tells Moka that she's getting in the way of it, so she'll take Tsukune away from her. She tells Moka that Tsukune smells just like a Human and that Moka must be using him as "food", only for Moka to object.

When Tsukune arrives, she glomps him and tells him that she's getting dizzy again when Moka tells him that she's using him. She then uses Allure and makes Tsukune say some hurtful things to Moka before she takes him away.

In the infirmary, she tries to complete her Allure over Tsukune, only to get angry when he resists by hugging her instead. She demands why she isn't good enough before transforming into her true form and vows to destroy everything affiliated with Moka. However, before she can harm Tsukune, Moka pushes her out the window.

Recovering, she flies back to the window and demands that Tsukune and Moka come out so she can kill the both of them together. During the ensuing battle, she cuts through several trees with her nails, and is about to kill them both before Tsukune takes off Moka's Rosario Cross and releases Inner Moka. She then tells Inner Moka about the reason behind her plan (to find her Destined One and save succubi from extinction) before attempting to attack her.

When Inner Moka quickly defeats her, Kurumu watches as Inner Moka approaches her before she tells Kurumu that she's going to never let her get older (i.e. kill her). Frightened and begging her to not do that, Tsukune steps in front of her and he surprises her by saying that he thought she didn't do any of this with bad intentions.

She appears a few days later, interrupting the tender moment between Moka and Tsukune while offering him cookies and tells Tsukune that he is her Destined One. She chases him as he runs away, telling him to marry her.

Later, Kurumu hears some students talking about Moka joining the Swimming Club and says that she'll join as well. Walking away, she then wonders about why Moka joined as Vampires were supposed to hate water for some reason.

Making it to the pool, she tells Tsukune that they need to get Moka out of the water, or she'll die. She comments on the power she feels when Inner Moka is released before watching the ensuing battle between her and the mermaids. When Moka kicked them in midair, Kurumu mentioned that midair isn't home turf for a mermaid. After the battle, she demands why Inner Moka slapped Tsukune, only for Inner Moka to tell them how Outer Moka had an inferiority complex and blamed herself for being different.

Three days later, she joins the Newspaper Club along with Tsukune and Moka.

Kurumu later appears in the Newspaper Club room while patching up Tsukune from Yukari Sendo's magical prank. She expresses mental thanks to Yukari for getting Moka out of the way. She tries to seduce Tsukune as she mentions that Yukari is a genius yet she is still a child emotionally. She then sees Tsukune strike himself under the influence of Yukari's voodoo doll before he begins caressing her bosom. After Moka lectures Tsukune for yelling at Yukari, Moka leaves. Kurumu mentions that Yukari's a real witch and then gives him the condensed version of witches history: that witches are considered between humans and Yokai, and are hated by both groups. After Inner Moka thrashes the witch-hating Lizardman, Kurumu shows up to find that all's well.

Following this Kurumu, Moka, and Tsukune were surprised when Yukari transferred to the Newspaper club and declared her love for both Moka and Tsukune.

After Hitomi Ishigami's defeat, Kurumu shows up on Tsukune's birthday with a year's supply of cookies for him.

While working on the newspaper, Kurumu receives a blackmail letter with compromising pictures of her. When Tsukune addresses her, Kurumu stuffs the letter and pictures in a supply box. After going to the rendezvous at the Monster Tree, she meets Nagare Kano, the blackmailer. He forces her into multiple costumes (gym clothes, maid outfit, swimsuit, etc.) for pinup photos. When Kurumu tries to resist, Nagare mentions that he knows of her affection for Tsukune and whispers other secrets of hers to her. He also tells her to cooperate if she wants it to stay secret. As she changes, Kurumu reflects on the fact that boys may have pampered her, but she had no friends, and she was now paying the price. As Nagare photographed her in a maid costume, Kurumu worried about the others' time crunch.

Emotionally exhausted after twelve costume changes, Kurumu shakily returned to the clubroom, to find the others seemingly in a foul mood with her. Terrified that they would yell at her, Kurumu was surprised to find them wrapping up work. After feeling guilty for not helping, Kurumu had to face Nagare's appearance and promise that attempted resistance would see today's photos shown to Tsukune. (Nagare: a dirt-bag who seemingly "makes a promise only to break it") Distressed, Kurumu bolts out of the Clubroom pleading for Nagare to leave her alone.

The next day, with the discovery of the paper's layout theft and loss of data from Yukari's computer, Kurumu realizes (after Yukari finds slime on the keyboard) Nagare Kano took the layout hostage for her cooperation. Bolting out, Kurumu confronts Nagare at the Monster Tree. After Kurumu warns him about his threat to burn the layout, Nagare displays his powers by emitting poison gas capable of weakening Kurumu and then slipping under the door to the storage room. Realizing the uses of his powers, Kurumu finds out that Nagare has preyed on other girls, but that he hasn't kept count of them. Moments later, Moka makes her presence known outside the door and admits that they found Nagare's blackmail letter and first batch of photos.

Kurumu then watches Nagare use his powers to weaken Moka and Tsukune, as well as the confession that Moka is the next girl on his blackmail list. When he threatens to hurt Moka, Kurumu's rage allows her to use illusions to frighten and bind Nagare as she assumes her true form. She then forces her body to move and slashes him with her nails. After Kurumu's illusions vanish, she shows she retrieved the layout and stolen data from Yukari's computer. In a flashback, Kurumu asked Moka if she could come back to the club while bowing, only for Moka to chide her for "stupid questions" saying that they have a deadline to meet. With the flashback's end, Kurumu is shown crying in her sleep, thankful for Moka's forgiveness.

Student Police Arc[]

The Newspaper Club hands out papers at the gate, with Moka and Kurumu's beauty as well as Yukari's cuteness aiding the distribution's success. Kurumu states her love for Tsukune while declaring the paper to be a hit. When the Student Police, led by Kuyō, attack the distribution, Kurumu tries asking them to stop, only for Keito to wrap her wrist in "sticky thread". Kurumu then watches Keito stomp on a copy of the newspaper while cackling wickedly. After they leave, Kurumu tries to get the thread off while hearing Ginei Morioka explain the Student Police and their subsequent descent into corruption.

Appalled by Gin telling them to burn the remaining papers, Kurumu declares her intention to defy Gin and hand them out with Tsukune alone. As she strides away from Moka and Yukari, Tsukune follows her trying to get her to go back and discuss the matter. After refusing to discuss it with Gin, Kurumu calls the newspaper "her baby" and that it means a lot to her because it's something she made with Tsukune and reflects on all their combined hard work to make it. After Tsukune recalls her hard effort to save the layout, Keito shows up and steals the remaining papers. Keito then tells them, after Tsukune asks why they are targeting the Newspaper Club, that they've been targeted since last year's Newspaper club tried to expose the Student Police's misconduct.

When Tsukune pleads for them to leave this year's club alone, Keito throws the box of papers into the incinerator, angrily yelling about the request. She then wrapped Tsukune and Kurumu's right wrists in her thread and flung them against a tree trunk. After Keito changes into her true form, Kurumu watches as she tries to kill Moka, only to cry out when Tsukune intercepts the blow. She then watches Inner Moka emerge, enraged and defeat Keito.

Later Kurumu, Moka, Yukari and Tsukune sit through Gin's rant warning about the wicked ways of the Student Police and that Kuyō only recruits monsters loyal to him (e.g. just as ruthless). Then Gin states that they might hurt Moka, to which Kurumu mentions that it was Moka who defeated Keito in a short measure of time. She then breaks up a tender moment in which Moka tried to thank Tsukune for protecting her. Shoving Moka aside Kurumu asks Tsukune if he's alright, then hugs him tightly as she promises to nurse him back to health, missing Tsukune's yelps of pain. Kurumu then watches Gin express his anger over Tsukune getting the girls and vowing to get the Student Police off their backs by offering him up, saying it'll be all the better if he dies.

After Gin gets Tsukune out of the door, Kurumu watches as Kuyō and a group of Student Police charge Moka with assaulting Keito and accuse Tsukune of being human. Kurumu declares the charge absurd as no human could even get onto the school grounds, she then says that Kuyō is making it up...only for Tsukune to stay silent and tremble in fear. After Kuyō asks Tsukune what band of monster assassins he's spying for, Kurumu tries to make Kuyō let Tsukune go...only to be intimidated as Kuyō glares at her while mildly flexing his power.

Kurumu next has an argument with Gin over Tsukune being charged of being human and telling Gin that wearing his headband could make him go bald. She then hears Yukari mention that Tsukune's wound is healing so slowly...just like a human. As Gin states that Tsukune would be put to the death for being human, Kurumu thinks that they can't let that happen. She then says that they must save Tsukune, only for Gin to state that Kuyō is a megalomaniac and that anyone who disagrees with him is an enemy who he can use any means to defeat. As Gin says opposing Kuyō will leave no survivors, Kurumu and Yukari leave, fully planning to save Tsukune. Kurumu reflects on her disgust that Gin would leave Tsukune to die.

Upon reaching the Student Police's shrine headquarters, Kurumu reflects on the spooky atmosphere and encourages Yukari to go on. Gin tires to stop Kurumu by mentioning the absence of a plan, to which Kurumu states that they have no choice to save Tsukune. Kurumu then rebukes Gin for his penchant for saving his own butt, and says that he can try to stop her...but that she'll never forgive him. After Gin tells her to do what she wants to which she says she will, Gin then asks her would she still wants to save Tsukune if he was human. Kurumu pauses briefly then calls Gin a fool because this wasn't about "Monsters Vs. Humans". She then proceeds forward to save Tsukune and Moka, with Yukari asking her to wait.

Kurumu is next seen using illusion vines to halt Kuyō's bid to kill Moka and Tsukune. She then appears in her true form telling Moka to pay attention, as she is about to owe her big. She then watches as Kuyō uses his power to bounce her illusions back at her. Before Kuyō can attack, Gin shows up, shocking Kurumu with his intervention and subsequent thrashing of Kuyō. Before Kurumu can properly thank Gin he grabs her right breast, saying it's his reward for saving them, which Kurumu slaps him for doing. Kurumu then joins Yukari and Moka in checking on Tsukune. Gin then notices Kuyō get up and change into his true form, a Yoko, and knock Kurumu down with his power release. As Tsukune begins to worry about his friends' well being, Moka, Kurumu and Yukari tell him to calm down, hold still and await further treatment. Kurumu then observes Gin ask if Tsukune is human, then toss rubble at him reminding him of the academy rule to not reveal his true form.

She then watches as Kuyō attacks with the Vortex of Fire, only for Gin to hold his ground and block the cost to himself. Kurumu voices the fact that Gin is faster than any of them, then voicing the shocked possibility that Gin blocked it to save them. As Tsukune reflects on the fact that is his fault, Kuyō seems to revert to human form, as far as Kurumu can tell. Yukari then realizes that it's not a human form that Kuyō is assuming but, rather as Kuyō says that it's his ultimate battle form and he asks "Now...who wants to die next?"

Kurumu is next seen lying limp on the ground with Moka and Yukari, only leaving Tsukune on his feet against Kuyō insane hatred. Kurumu then watches as Tsukune pleads with Kuyō, vowing to take any punishment to save the others, stunning the others with his selflessness. After Tsukune jumps in the path of Kuyō's fire attack and removes Moka's Rosario Cross before blacking out, Kurumu mentions that Tsukune isn't breathing in a state of panic. Inner Moka then tells Kurumu to stay back, before biting Tsukune. Kurumu berates Moka for drinking Tsukune's blood while he's already severely wounded. After being told to take Tsukune, Kurumu hears Moka say that she didn't drink his blood... but rather she injected her blood into Tsukune.

After hearing Yukari mention that vampire blood could save Tsukune, Kurumu hopefully asked if he would live. As Moka stated that she could only wish that she was sure, she then watched as Moka mention that three drawbacks existed for this saving bid. Kurumu and Yukari show expressions of fear as Moka mentions that it doesn't always work, before attacking Kuyō. Despite Moka's attack, Kurumu realizes that Moka should be far stronger, as Kuyo counterattacks... to which Moka mentions drawback #2: her strength is diminished from giving Tsukune so much blood. After watching Kuyō hammer Moka and plan to incinerate her, Kurumu cries out Moka's name in high distress. Kurumu and Yukari then display shock in unison with Kuyō as Tsukune heals and displays vampiric power. Kurumu then cries at how vampire blood saved Tsukune and made him seem to be a vampire. She and Yukari watch as Moka immobilizes Kuyō as tells Tsukune to attack. After Tsukune harshly headbutts Kuyō, they watch as the power from the vampire blood runs out, causing Tsukune to faint. Kurumu and the others watch as Moka states that Tsukune's "vampire form" has shown him to be a legitimate student of Yōkai Academy.

Two days later Kurumu greets Tsukune good morning, expressing her joy at his recovery. She then tells Tsukune that she's fallen even deeper in love with him after having seen him "at that moment". Before Tsukune can figure it out or Kurumu can blurt out the story, Moka nervously shushes her. Kurumu asks Moka if she's trying to ruin the moment, only for Moka to tell her that Tsukune doesn't remember anything after passing out from Kuyo's fire attack. After expressing her shock loudly about the gap in Tsukune's memory, Kurumu aides Moka in keeping Tsukune from asking questions as both of them worry about him going into shock. As they try to keep Tsukune from wondering about it, Yukari nearly brings it up after greeting which Kurumu wraps her face in bandages as Moka deflects Tsukune once again.

Later on, as final exams come up, Kurumu finds out about Ms. Ririko Kagome's strong arming Tsukune into getting tutoring from her (when he wanted to study with Moka). Exasperated, Kurumu says that Ms. Ririko always does "this". When Tsukune asks what she meant, Kurumu states that thinking outside the box is good, but that Ms. Kagame not only goes way too far outside the box, but that she always ends up overdoing things. Kurumu then expresses her frustration that Ms. Ririko has bigger breasts than her, to which Yukari states the immature nature of such jealousy (as Moka dejectedly gazes at her breasts). Kurumu and Yukari exchange snide remarks about each others lacking in maturity (Kurumu remarks on Yukari's childish chest and Yukari snipes about only Kurumu's body being mature) as Tsukune blushes and exclaims at their frank actions. She then listens as Yukari lays out the pass-fail margins for Tsukune: 50% and below have to take review classes, above 50% get summer vacation.

Several days after Tsukune begins getting Ms. Ririko's tutoring, Kurumu asks for Yukari to tutor her, to which Yukari refuses...prompting Kurumu to tie her up stating that Yukari should prove what a genius she is by helping her. Kurumu then bumps into a student, which happens to be Tsukune. She and Yukari listen as Tsukune flatly mutters mathematical formulas, which Yukari states are ones that are more advanced than they learned. Kurumu happily says that he's learning it and tries to pounce on him, only for Tsukune to have shuffled off...much to Kurumu and Yukari's surprise.

Kurumu and Yukari pass by where Moka is looking over the notes she made for Tsukune, which Ms. Ririko dismissed as trash, while Yukari mentions that a previous student that Ms. Ririko tutored got really good at math...but seemed to become a slave of hers. Yukari then mentions that Tsukune was acting funny just a while ago, to which Kurumu wonders if Ms. Ririko is doing something evil to him.

After final exams, Kurumu is distressed about getting only a 44 (fail grade) while Moka, Tsukune and Yukari passed: Moka's grade is unknown, Tsukune got an 89 and Yukari scored 100.

Witch's Knoll Arc[]

First seen in a flashback where Ms. Shizuka Nekonome tells the Newspaper Club that their club trip was to do investigative reporting on events in the human world, Kurumu expresses no cares about where she long as she's with Tsukune Aono.

She and Yukari Sendo then breakup (by blind luck) a chance for Tsukune and Moka Akashiya to kiss, as Yukari shouts that she doesn't want to go and Kurumu finds her attitude hard to tolerate. After exchanging morning greetings with Tsukune, she asks for help in talking sense into Yukari. After Tsukune asks Yukari what the matter is, Kurumu butts in and says Yukari's just scared, like any child would be. Yukari, miffed, calls Kurumu an airhead and drops a washtub on her head as Kurumu snaps back at her. Moka tries calming them down as Tsukune laments in his mind that they aren't off to a good start.

Moments later, they notice the bus is coming and state that Gin failed too many classes and had to take summer school. (The margins mention that Kurumu is playing hooky from summer school.) Before they exit the "Tunnel of the 4th Dimension" Kurumu is seen with mildly anxious expression. After exiting the tunnel, Kurumu listens to Yukari's amazed/nervous exclamation at the sight of humans, responding casually while being intrigued herself. After passing the "No Trespassing" sign, Kurumu remarks on the issue that they're ignoring it.

After being let off the bus, Kurumu is delighted at the radiance of the field of sunflowers that were let off by, as Moka states that she didn't know humans had such pretty places and asked if they were stopping there. After the Bus Driver states that the location is haunted/terrorized by inexplicable events, hands Tsukune the local newspaper with warning them to watch their step and leaves with Ms. Nekonome for a place that serves great fish (which piques her interest), the whole club watches them go, very shocked at the sudden exit.

After they try to dissuade them from leaving, Kurumu nags Yukari about her fearful behavior, prompting a fistfight between them, with Moka trying to halt it. When Tsukune reacts to odd actions among the sunflowers Kurumu asks him what is it, forgetting that she was yanking on Yukari's cheeks. When Tsukune and Moka's agitation gets bad, they high tail it to a remote shack. After Tsukune remarks on the weirdness and asks if they're really in the human world, they all take a look at the newspaper's chilling article: "18 Tourists Missing From Site".

When they're all done reading, Kurumu and Moka are clinging to a terror-stricken Tsukune. Kurumu then remarks about the awful actions of witches, prompting an argument with sniping at each others monster races and another washtub clocking Kurumu as Tsukune realizes this area is next to the prefecture he grew up in.

Moka voices the idea that Ms. Nekonome brought them to the human world for investigative journalism, and that they might be expected to investigate. Kurumu then theorizes that they're being tested and that they should surpise her by solving the mystery. Following a nervous look from Tsukune, Yukari shouts the inquiry "Are you trying to get us all killed?!" After Kurumu says Yukari's name, Yukari reminds them they are in the human world and displays from her tarot card deck the Tower card (#16: foretells disaster). Exasperated with Yukari's hysterics, Kurumu glares, and asks Yukari to throw away her "stupid" cards and quit whining.

Kurumu wears a cross expression when she tells Yukari that she's such a baby, and if she's so go back to school. Hurt, furious and confrontational, Yukari shouts up close to Kurumu's face and charges out, after lodging a tarot card in Kurumu's forehead. As blood squirts around the edges, Kurumu grumbles about how she hates witches.

When Tsukune and Moka hear Yukari scream from being attacked by the Garigari monster plants, and Tsukune fears they passed each other, Kurumu looks worried and then mentally says she's sorry to Yukari. As Yukari's fear reaches it's peak under the Garigari plants attack, Kurumu's insults echo in her head prompting her to turn the monster plants into weed whacker fodder. The club finds her after her overuse of power caused her to pass out. Amazed by Yukari's counterattack, Kurumu reflects on the facts that Yukari didn't run and was awfully stubborn. After retrieving Yukari's witch's hat, she mentally vowed to never call her a baby again as she put it back on Yukari's head. Unfortunately they were unaware that someone observed Yukari's display of magical power and was reporting it to her mistress.

As Tsukune brought water and Moka kept watch over Yukari, who was still unconscious, Kurumu rounded up Yukari's tarot cards and cleaned them off, wondering at both Yukari's sheer power and her fear of the human world. She then added that there was still so much they didn't know about Yukari, and reflected on the differences between witches, monsters and humans. (see Kurumu's remarks about witches after Yukari's prank attack on Tsukune)

When Yukari awakens to the legends about Witch's Knoll and gripes about the accusations without proof, Kurumu expresses her joy at Yukari waking up and asks her how she feels, to which Yukari gives her the cold shoulder. Kurumu then mentally recalls that they were fighting. The club then takes the offer from two young human women (the elder of the two was saved by Yukari) to be driven to the city.

Upon reaching the city, Kurumu expresses her excitement, while Moka seems nervous and Yukari is plainly terrified, despite Tsukune trying to help her relax.

After people notice them, the gazes thrown her way fluster Moka, while Kurumu is mildly uncomfortable from the attention she gets but likes it. Guys charge Kurumu and Moka, knocking Tsukune aside and scaring Yukari even worse. After a group of cosplay fans push Yukari into a full-press panic, they all watch as Yukari uses her magic to explode the streetlights, shocking Kurumu and Moka. Tsukune however, gets panicked and grabs Yukari's right hand as the club runs for a deserted alley.

After Yukari has a harsh outburst at humans and Tsukune's lack of understanding, Kurumu grabs Yukari by the shoulder fabric of her cape and asks her what she's saying, likely because of Tsukune's hurt look. Then a crow dives between Kurumu and Yukari breaking the two apart. Holding her skirt down, Kurumu wonder what was that, then seeing that it was a crow. Moka then realizes it is a murder of crows (term for a group of crows). As Kurumu shields herself and Tsukune and Moka wonder at their crazy behavior, Yukari is snatched from their midst.

Having searched but found no sign of Yukari, Kurumu wonders why she would have run off as she was scared of the city. Kurumu then remains silent as Tsukune realizes he really didn't understand Yukari at all, despite their friendship. After Moka states that they all care about each other and need to make Yukari know they accept her whatever she feels, Kurumu looks back and sees a group of crows gathering at a building a short distance away, and realizes that it could be the same crows that attacked them.

Kurumu and Moka are then seen fallen down on top of Tsukune, who is flopped on the rooftop where Ruby Tōjō and Yukari are hugging. She watches Tsukune dust himself off, explain how they found them, tell Yukari he heard what she said (Yukari thinks he's mad), and then shouts her name and holds out his hand, suggesting they call the trip a bust and return to Yokai Academy. This surprises Yukari who recalled her awful statements and reaches for Tsukune's extended hand of friendship.

Kurumu then charges Ruby, who had just wounded Tsukune with her sharp wings. Kurumu realizes that Ruby's wings are in the way of any attack as Ruby plans to attack Tsukune and Moka. Yukari gets cut on the face while blocking Ruby, who she tells not to attacks her friends. Before Ruby's confusion and rage can let her attack again, they all see Tsukune get up...revitalized by Moka's blood. Kurumu is tearfully happy that Tsukune survived once again, before Ruby rants her thought that Tsukune isn't a human seeking to hurt her again. Yukari then sees Ruby's attack hit around Tsukune as she realizes that races didn't matter, as Ruby was attacking mercilessly and Tsukune and her friends were striving to understand. After Yukari cries out Tsukune's name, he dodges Ruby's attack and strikes her in the midriff, knocking her out and hurting her.

At sundown that night, they lamented being unable to find the way to their rest stop, the absence of Ms. Nekonome, no way to return to school, and being stuck with Ruby who hated them and was wounded. Kurumu looks skyward and realizes that at night, you can't see the stars from the city, and wonders what will become of them now. They all then watch Yukari have another outburst, but she says all will be okay while she has her friends. Kurumu and company then watch Yukari hug Tsukune's arm and apologizes for her harsh outburst and declares that she still loves all of them.

After Tsukune speaks Yukari's name, they are amazed to run into Ms. Nekonome and the Bus Driver. The Bus Driver is smoking another cigar as Ms. Nekonome holds several boxes of fish, asking them what they're doing here. Thankful to see her, they shout out their annoyance, before hugging her in relief. As they hug her, Ms. Nekonome remembers she's supposed to be chaperoning them.

Settled in a room at the inn that night, they watch Ruby regain consciousness. Moka and Tsukune are closest, Kurumu is close to Tsukune's back, and Yukari is making some witch's salve to tend to Ruby's wounds. As one could expect, Ruby is hostile as she takes in the situation and tries overdoing her actions, which causes her wounds to pain her. After Ruby gruffly asks where she is and who they are, Tsukune introduces himself by name and as a human, stating that they are on a field trip. Ruby voices her disbelief loudly that a mere human could defeat a powerful witch like her, to which Tsukune states that he borrowed some monster power. When Ruby says 'borrowed' in a baffled voice, Tsukune states that the group consists of a human, Yukari declares herself a Witch, and Moka and Kurumu state that they are monsters, and Tsukune calls them all a "motley crew".

After Ruby grabbed Tsukune by the lapels of his shirt and yelled at him, he flinched badly due to the pain from his still healing wound. Concerned, Moka and Kurumu expressed their concern, Moka spoke his name and Kurumu laid a gentle hand on his back, below his throbbing left shoulder.

The next day, Yukari showed that she'd gotten over her fear of humans, at this Kurumu and the others faces lit up at her bravery at going shopping alone. (Yukari wasn't harassed by cosplay buffs because she'd left her hat and cape behind) As Yukari handed out the canned drinks she expressed her confidence that differences could be over come, surprising the others. She then hugged Tsukune, prompting an aggravated expression from Kurumu. When Ruby suffered an emotional meltdown, intending to rip off Tsukune's face, Kurumu cried out a warning to Tsukune. After Tsukune offered a can of tea to her with his apologies for humanity's actions, Ruby swatted the can aside saying that it was too late, and that the humans have already incurred "my lady's wrath". The mention of another Witch took the others by surprise.

That night, as Yukari and Ruby stepped out of the room for a chat, Tsukune wondered where they were going, then he noticed Kurumu snuggled close to him, with her robe opened up enough to make only her brassier the boundary between her and Tsukune's blankets. Later Kurumu, Moka, and Tsukune overhear Ruby's tale of her parent's death and her heartache following the loss. Moka is shown looking sad, Kurumu is partially bowed holding to Tsukune, who looks thoroughly ashamed of the human who killed Ruby's parents and his damage of Ruby's opinion on humans.

After Ruby's departure, Kurumu sat with the others as Yukari spoke her regret of not making friends with Ruby, and the Bus Driver's stating that the rift between Witches and humanity was deeper than Tsukune thought. He then mentioned that her "Lady" was likely ready to make her attack on humans, as well as the fact that Tsukune was the only human wise to the facts who could act. In spite of the risks, and the Club's concern for him, he announced his plan to return to Witch's Knoll.

The Club arrived in time to keep Lady Oyakata from hurting Ruby badly and stepped off the bus, ready to help. Alongside Moka and Tsukune, Lady Oyakata flexing her power noticeably affected Kurumu. After Yukari refused Oyakata's offer to join her, Kurumu made a childish face at Oyakata. When the first Hanabake monster was called forth, it's emerging startled Kurumu and Tsukune. After knocking Tsukune out of its attack radius, Kurumu took a combative stance in front of Tsukune, and was surprised when Tsukune told her not to fight back. After the Hanabake hit Tsukune's face, Kurumu was likely just as stunned by Tsukune's urging Oyakata to see the harm hatred was causing Ruby. She was equally shocked when Ruby killed the Hanabake to save Tsukune's life. She then joined the others in seeking to thank Ruby, before Lady Oyakata stabbed her from behind in vindictive retaliation.

After Lady Oyakata summoned the rest of the Hanabake army, Kurumu and friends were stunned at the sheer number and Ruby's plea for Oyakata to dampen her ire. After Oyakata sent a group to kill Tsukune, Ruby and the others, Kurumu could no longer stand idly by and attack with her extended nails, shocking Lady Oyakata. Kurumu knew that they hadn't come to fight, but she stated that she couldn't stand by silently as she changed to her true form, vowing not to let anyone raise a hand to Tsukune.

As she directed other Hanabake to attack, Oyakata expressed her disbelief that a monster (she knew Kurumu was a Succubus) would side with humans. She then said she had to kill anyone who stood in her way, but Kurumu cut down several Hanabake before Yukari backed her up. Kurumu and Yukari paused briefly to quip about Yukari's ability to deal with this threat, before resuming the joint attack, which amazed Ruby with their power. After killing multiple Hanabake, Kurumu suggested Oyakata surrender, in spite of being tired and there still being so many foes.

Mizore Arc[]

Kurumu is shown at school chewing out Moka for sucking Tsukune's blood. She is later shown handing out newspapers with Tsukune, Outer Moka, and Yukari and hugging Tsukune for the success of their newspaper. When Outer Moka suggests a party she tells her Gin isn't invited. When Mizore Shirayuki appears, Kurumu is suspicious of her. She is later seen talking about Mizore with Yukari. Yukari tells her about freezing a teacher who rejected her in ice. She changes the subject to her cookies laced in love potion. She later saves Outer Moka from Mizore's ice doll. Kurumu then flies Outer Moka to Tsukune, but they crash into him. After Inner Moka defeats Mizore, she hugs Tsukune in relief.

Monstrel Arc[]

Kurumu and Yukari appear to have lunch with Tsukune, where he mentions the pain from Moka's bite marks, but the subject is lost when Outer Moka shows up.

The next day Kurumu wonders why Tsukune had bandages on his neck and he tells her he got in a fight with monstrels the day before. Kurumu then asks if Outer Moka is hiding something from her she'll be mad because she can't stand Tsukune getting hurt. At Lunch, Kurumu tells Tsukune and Yukari the information about monstrels she got from Gin. Among the facts Gin mentioned was the fact that even the Enforcers (Kuyō's group) were scared of them. Then she questions Tsukune if Moka has anything to do with his neck wound. She says if Moka caused it she'll never forgive her and tells him she would rather die than hurt him. She tries to kiss him, but Tsukune runs off to find Moka.

Later Kurumu, with Yukari, feels something happening to Tsukune. Then Mizore appears and tells them Monstrels kidnapped Tsukune. She later appears after Tsukune became a ghoul. Though stunned by Ghoul-Tsukune's brutality, Kurumu gets between Moka and Tsukune, pointing out the fact that Inner Moka's shaking, which seems to surprise Inner Moka. Mizore and Yukari join Kurumu in making a blockade to Tsukune. Unfortunately Tsukune attacks Kurumu, proving that he can't distinguish between friends and foes. When Inner Moka tries to kill Tsukune, she cries and asks for someone to help Tsukune. She is later seen after Mikogami seals Tsukune's ghoulish personality away.

Anti-Thesis Arc[]

While resting in the infirmary, Tsukune suddenly woke up from a nightmare that Moka killed him. After waking up, he noticed Kurumu, Mikogami, Ruby, and Yukari in the room waking up as well *he didn't notice Mizore since she was hiding*. Excited to see him again, and as the Tsukune she loved and not as the ghoul he was the other day, Kurumu pounced on him, hugging him tightly while crying into his chest. While hugging him, she exclaimed that he had been asleep for four days. Once she finally let go of him, she explained what had happened to him after his transformation. After Mikogami explained the purpose of the holy lock, Kurumu gently smiles at Yukari, both relived to have their Tsukune back. Her smile faded once Tsukune noted that Moka wasn't there with him. She then explained that she wasn't there because she was the one who hurt him, unaware she was outside the door the entire time. After Dr. Yutaka Yuji and nurse trainee Mako Yakumaru told Tsukune that he will be able to leave the infirmary soon, Kurumu once again pounced on Tsukune, giving him an affectionate hug. After Yutaka warned him to be careful, Kurumu sat closer to Tsukune, telling Yutaka that he will be fine, and that she will protect him from now on. She snuggled up against him, telling him that she would never let anything bad happen to him. After Yukari, Ruby, and Mikogami *replying in a chuckle* said that they would protect him as well, the moment between Tsukune and Kurumu was ruined when Mizore appeared from under the other bed saying that she would always be watching him, enraging Kurumu that she was hiding there the whole time. After Tsukune stepped out to see Moka, who was again standing outside the door, Kurumu and the others began to eavesdrop behind the door. After their conversation was over, Kurumu rushed to Tsukune's side to make sure he was fine. Soon after, Moka, who was under Mako's control, tried to kill Tsukune. Moka would have been able to finish him, had not Kurumu arrived in time to stop her. Enraged, Kurumu struck Moka across the face. After demanding to know what she was doing, unaware that she was under Mako's control, Kurumu declared that she would never forgive Moka for trying to kill Tsukune a second time. After that, Tsukune attempted to find Moka to find the true reason why Moka. Before he left, Kurumu pleaded to him not to go. She believed that when Moka tried to kill him the first time, she was doing it for his sake. But now she doesn't know what to believe about Moka anymore, and was worried that she might try to kill him again. As she quietly began to cry on his chest, an annoyed Mizore stood up from beside the bed, and froze Kurumu. After she broke free, she demanded to know what that was for. Mizore explained that Tsukune needed to make his own choices, and that she shouldn't make things harder for him. Knowing that she was right, Kurumu turned to Tsukune with pleading eyes. After he made his choice to make things right, she reluctantly let him go.

After their fight with Mako, Kurumu was hiding behind the corner, and heard Tsukune tell Moka that from here on out, they're together. After hearing that, Kurumu fell back with her heart sinking in her chest. Three days later, the Newspaper club noticed that Moka has disappeared. While they talked, Kurumu sat there quietly. But once Mizore noted that Kurumu was also thinking that if only Moka was gone, Tsukune would be hers, she stood up from her desk. She then walked out, ignoring Tsukune's and Yukari's warning to not split up because the Monstrels could still be after them. As she stood on the roof, she remembered what Tsukune had said to Moka, and was enraged that she just left after he told her that. She then thought to herself that she wouldn't be like Moka, and would do anything for Tsukune. As she began to cry, Kurumu heard Kiria Yoshii chuckling behind her. As he read the book "No Longer Human", he asked if she truly meant what she had said, noting that it raised some interesting possibilities. As she turned around, he also noted that if she truly meant what she had said, the conflict between them could end right now. It was then that she realized that he was a Monstrel. She extended her claws, and slashed the area he was once in. After announcing that they were enemies and that she would never talk to him, knowing that he was up to something, he laughed playfully behind her. As he sat on the railing behind her, he told her that all he was trying to do was help her, and attacking him was awfully bad manners. After he introduced himself, Kurumu turned to face him, only to find he wasn't there anymore. Instead, he was right behind her, leaning against her back. After mentioning that she would naturally be cautious of him because of Mako and Midou, he stated that if he wanted to kill her, she'd already be dead. She knew he was right, and decided to listen to what he had to say. After he brought up the possibility of letting them all go if they entertained him, he asked Kurumu to bring Moka to him alone. She then demanded him if he was asking her to betray her friend, he merely smiled, and brought up what she had said earlier. He then left, telling her that he would be waiting for her answer. She headed over to Moka's room in an attempt to find her. As she remembered that she had no idea where she was and asked herself what to do, she heard Moka coming to the door. Before she could do anything, Moka opening the door, hitting the door against Kurumu's face. While they were walking together, Moka explained that the injuries she got from her fight in the infirmary got worse, and that's why she wasn't in school lately. After she noticed Kurumu was acting strange, Kurumu grabbed Moka's rosary in an attempt to pull it off. She then realized that she couldn't and that Moka wouldn't be able to defend herself against Kiria. In an attempt to keep her safe, Kurumu demanded that she should just leave so she couldn't hurt Tsukune again. Unable to bear what she had said, believing that she was right, Moka left with tears streaming down her eyes. Suddenly, Kiria appeared in front of them, mentioning that this wasn't what Kurumu had promised, and that if Moka leaves, he wouldn't be able to have his fun. He then realized that Kurumu was trying to save Moka with that "bad acting", and stated that it was a no-no. After snapping his fingers, two large Cyclops appeared behind him. He said that they were Monstrels too, and that he brought them here to test Moka. Kurumu tried to attack Kiria, but he easily stopped her. He then pointed to the scene behind her, and Kurumu watched in horror as the Cyclops tried began to chase Moka, wanting to "play" with her. As Kiria gave them the O.K to do so, Kurumu tried to stop them. But Kiria grabbed her, and said that this was what she secretly wanted, and that she always wanted to be ridded of her rival, and that she's always thinking "If only Moka weren't here. If only she were gone". He then told her that if Moka wasn't here, Tsukune would be all hers. As the Cyclops finally cornered Moka, Kurumu came to her senses and stopped one of them by slashing his face and tongue. After declaring that Kiria was wrong, and she wasn't as shallow as he thought she was, she declared that if she was willing to betray her friends, she wouldn't be worthy of Tsukune. Disappointed by how boring they were, Kiria told the two Cyclops to finish both of them. Kurumu then pleaded to Moka to get away while she still can, Moka told her that she wouldn't leave, and that Moka wasn't the only one who cared about her friends. Together, they beat the two Cyclops. In the aftermath, Moka revealed to Kurumu that she had actually tried to leave before, and thought she would just disappear. But she couldn't because Tsukune, her, and the others were very dear to her. Kurumu then called her a dummy, told her to quit trying to leave, and that Yokai was her home. The next day, Moka returned to school. In a moment with her and Tsukune, the moment was ruined by Yukari and Mizore. Kurumu then appeared, and noticed that Moka had decided to stay. She pounced on Tsukune in a hug once again. As she stuffed his face into her bosom, she said it was fine if Moka stayed or left because Tsukune was going to be hers. After a short fight, Moka thanked Kurumu as they headed to class.

Some time later, Tsukune began to crave Moka's blood after she fell and scraped her knee. She then believed that he was being a pervert, and the rumor that he finally tried hitting on Moka started to spread. After Yukari told Kurumu about this, she became enraged. As Moka hurried out of the room, Kurumu pounced onto Tsukune, telling that he should have tried to do that to her and that she would only "pretended" to struggle. After Moka passed out due to blood loss, Kurumu and the others were in her infirmary room while Dr. Mayumi Tsumugi explained to them that she just passed out due to exhaustion.

Some time after, Kurumu and the others were sitting at a table outside. Kurumu noticed that Moka seemed awfully cheerful today. As Yukari pointed out that Tsukune looked terrible, Moka noted that his blood tasted a little off when she had some the other day, suspecting that he was under the weather. After hearing that remark on how his blood tasted, Kurumu calmly asked what she meant by that with a dull smile and her rage boiling. Understanding that Moka had feasted on Tsukune's blood yet again, she engaged with her in a short fight.

After the Graffiti Demon incident, Moka informed the Newspaper club that Tsukune had to join the festival committee. Declaring that is was unfair, Kurumu marched out of the room, heading to see the Headmaster. Ruby stopped them, and explained to them that there was a Monstrel on the festival committee, and that Tsukune was the bait to lure the Monstrel out. Angered from what Ruby had said, Mizore declared she was going to rescue Tsukune. As she began to walk away, Kurumu told her to stop, only wanting to go with her. As Tsukune walked back with Mizuki Ueshiba, Kurumu could've sworn that she heard him yell. She was right, but Mizuki lead Tsukune away before they got to them. After Mizuki attacked Tsukune, Kurumu and Mizore knew that they heard him that time. After noticing a hole with blood by it, they began to suspect the worst. Before they could do anything, Mizuki attacked them both, and attempted to drag them both below the ground and kill them like he tried to do with Tsukune. As they cried out in disbelief, Tsukune grabbed Mizuki under the ground and gave him a swift uppercut, forcing him back to the surface. As he climbed out, he declared that he would never forgive anyone who attacks his friends. As Kurumu and Mizore looked on at him with loving eyes, Tsukune collapses. As they, and the others, carried him back to the infirmary. Before they left, Hokuto Kaneshiro, president of the festival committee arrived and apologized for what happened with Mizuki. As Tsukune and Hokuto vowed to change the school for the better, Kurumu and the others carried him to the infirmary.

While Tsukune was still working on the festival, Kurumu and the rest of the Newspaper club were working hard on the latest paper. Kurumu then exclaimed that there was more work because Tsukune was working with Hokuto. She then brought up an earlier meeting with Tsukune, and him telling them that Hokuto had called for another meeting and that he couldn't help with the Newspaper club. Upset by this, Kurumu exclaimed that with Tsukune lately, it's "Hokuto this", and "Hokuto that", and that he runs whenever he calls. Tsukune told her that it wasn't his fault, and that there is so much to do. He then told her that Hokuto works harder than anyone to make this school a better place, and that he didn't want to let him down. Moka brought Kurumu brought her back to reality, and told her not to be so hard on Tsukune and Hokuto, and that Hokuto was a good guy. Upset by this, Kurumu asked her what was so great about him, and that he's got an "evil face". Finding amusement in this, Yukari decided to annoy Kurumu by asking if she was actually jealous of a guy, and that it was sad. The end result was another fight between her and Yukari. After discovering the truth about Hokuto, Moka told the others about him. Shocked, Kurumu remembered how powerless she was against Kiria. As Tsukune entered the room, they explained the truth to him. Unwilling to believe it, Tsukune laughed it off saying that Moka must have seen wrong. Shocked and hurt by this, Kurumu asked if he was going to believe Hokuto over his own friends. He just said he was sorry as he left the room. Kurumu decided to chase after him and beat him with a chair, but was stopped by Yukari. As she tried to break free, she yelled him to come back, and called him a traitor. Soon after, Tsukune found out that the others were right about Hokuto. Before Hokuto could deliver the final blow to Tsukune, he was stopped by Mizore. Then, Kurumu appeared, telling him that she made her sick, and that he was the lowest of the low. As she flew down, she announced that she saw through him from the start, and that he had an "evil face" before she attacked him. As Mizore and Yukari took protective stances in front of Tsukune, Kurumu began to tell Tsukune that he shouldn't take everything onto himself, and that together it wouldn't hurt half so bad. While Tsukune was moved by what Kurumu had said, the moment was broken when Hokuto began to laugh, saying that he was hoping to see Tsukune's power for himself. The others surrounded Hokuto. Angered by how he has treated Tsukune after all his devotion, Kurumu vowed to make Hokuto feel Tsukune's pain. But before she could strike him, a wounded Ruby stumbled in, saying that Moka has been taken hostage. Tsukune then began to demand Hokuto why he would have done all of this, believing that they were kindred spirits. Hokuto began to mock Tsukune, and that he wouldn't be able to comprehend his master plan. Her anger still boiling, Kurumu raised her hand to strike him, demanding that he tell them were Moka was. Hokuto easily caught her attack. As she struggled to break free, Hokuto then compared her to a songbird: sharp, precise attacks, but once caught... helpless in his grip. Realizing that she couldn't escape, she believed this to be her end.

Lilith Mirror Arc[]

Under the influence of Lilith's Mirror Kurumu acts in a very perverted manner, pressing her naked breasts against Tsukune's face and causing him a violent nosebleed. However, she is awekend from the Mirror's spell thanks to Tsukune, who states that Kurumu is irreplaceable for him, just like Moka and the other girls. Then, Kurumu, along with her friends, fights to save Moka from Hitomi Ishigami, the one who used Lilith and Kyouko Aono in order to take her revenge against the Newspaper Club.

Lately, after going to Tsukune's home with the other girls (and trying to seduce him in the bathroom), she is seen in the bus with Moka and the rest of the group and they all head back to the Academy, after sadly saying goodbye to Tsukune under the promise they'll meet again sooner.

Year Two[]

Return to Yōkai Academy Arc[]

After Yokai Academy reopened, Kurumu found Tsukune and tackled him from behind, only to receive an ice dart to the forehead from Mizore. She and Mizore prepare to fight each other with Tsukune trying to stop them. After saying how it's "destiny" for everyone to in the same class, she glomps Tsukune, and says that they'll protect him.

Kurumu later appears in her full Succubus form after using Witchcraft to cause vines to incapacitate Moka before she flies away with Tsukune. She then tells him she thought something like that could happen before telling him that, if a woman acted strange again, he should come to her or she'll crush him. After Yukari informs her and Mizore of what is really going on, they tie Yukari up and leave her above a sharp icicle patch. They then go to save Tsukune, only to thank Inner Moka.

When the group goes hunting for the Monster Fruit Durian, she and others get into a contest over who will catch it first, with the winner getting to eat the fruit with Tsukune. After catching it, she reveals she wanted to eat it with Tsukune because she felt like they were steadily splitting apart.

After Moka saves her from the fruit, Kurumu goes into shock over it until Tsukune is eaten as well. Angry, she transforms, only for Inner Moka to bust out of the fruit's gut with Tsukune. Working together, they group beats and then eats the Durian, where she admits that eating together with everyone was delicious too.

Phantom Thieves Arc[]

Kurumu then appears when Moka bursts into the classroom, saying 'a visitor' came before watching as the visitor attempts to kill Moka. When Tsukune is hurt, she rips the desk off of him before saying that she'll fight the visitor, only to stop when Moka says it's her sister. She listens as Moka explains the rivalry between her and her sister before asking if what Kokoa did was because of it.

Later, she sends Moka away from Tsukune with a chop before drawing Tsukune to her breasts, saying that he isn't Moka's breakfast. She and Moka then fall down after being hit in the head by ice daggers, only to reappear behind Mizore and hit her in the head with her own dagger. When Kokoa comes into the Newspaper Club classroom, she tells her that if she sticks around too much, she'll "punish her" before getting into an argument with her. When the Newspaper Club is going to start going around interviewing those that have been attacked by a misterious thug of thieves, she mocks Kokoa, saying that guesswork wasn't allowed as Kokoa wants to investigate along with her sister Moka.

Lately, Kurumu and Mizore arrive just in time to save Kokoa from the Minotaur who previousely hit her and now is going to kill her. They easily defeat him thanks to a special training they attended with a misterious instructor during school break. The three of them are now looking for Tsukune and Moka (captured by enemies), but they run into the boss of thieves, a Doppelganger who copies Tsukune's appearence in attempt to trick them and kill them all. However, Kurumu and the others realize he is an impostor, but they can't prevent him to steal Kurumu's appearence too, after putting an hand on her head. His ability in martial arts combined with Kurumu's powers make him very hard to defeat. He's promptly stopped by Tsukune, who's going to turn himself into a Ghoul and beats him up. To create a diversion, the Doppelganger shows Tsukune "his" naked breasts (actually Kurumu's), causing Tsukune a nosebleed and making the real Kurumu feel harassed. Then, the enemy runs into Moka and steals her appearence and her true vampiric powers as well, turning himself into an Inner Moka's copy, until Tsukune removes the real Moka's rosary so she can defeat the criminal once for all.

New and Old Club members Arc[]

Soon after the defeat and capture of the thieves, the Newspaper Club began a recruitment drive for new members, which seems a little troublesome as they received so many applications. Kurumu makes fun of Kokoa after she turns into a child because of Yukari's Gro-gro drops side effects. However, Kurumu finds "little Kokoa" very cute (much to Kokoa's annoyance), stating that if she and Tsukune had a child together she wonder if would be something like that.

Later on, Kurumu, along with Mizore and Kokoa (who finally joined the Newspaper Club), investigates about Ginei as he is suspected to be the serial prankster who's been going around the Academy ripping girls clothes and hurting them. In actuality, she and Mizore just want to take revenge against their fighting instructor who used to molest them with no end during training sessions, always touching their breasts and legs (especially Kurumu's). When it's revealed that the real culprit is Kokko Nakamoto, a third year student secretly in love with Gin who targeted his former girlfriends in order to keep them away from him, Kurumu and her two "partners" brutally beat Ginei up as he starts insulting Kokko and proudly makes a list of his love conquests. However, Gin purposely acted like a jerk to let Kokko move on and forget about him, so she would stop harming other students.

Land of Yuki-Onna Arc[]

Kurumu was happy to be invited with the rest by Mizore to go to the snow village. She met the mother of Mizore and was with others welcomed by her. However after being there, Kurumu noticed that Mizore and Tsukune aren't here in the night. Kurumu was angry for the opportunity that Mizore took.

Kurumu, Yukari and Moka tried to go look for them, but were stopped by the mother of Mizore. They were surprised of how hard her snowball bullet were hitting. After Kurumu managed to go outside with the others, a mysterious creature interrupted them. Few minutes later it disappeared suddenly. They found Tsukune and Kurumu were shocked that Mizore is kidnapped by Snow Priestess. She went back with the others and decided to work together to save Mizore.

They infiltrated the building, where the arrangement marriage of Mizore takes place. Kurumu and the rest found Miyabi, who told them that it's too late for Mizore. She saw the fake Mizore appeared with a lot of tears and told to them that he was abusing her. Kurumu's wrath was really intense to Miyabi and saw that Tsukune punched him away.

Kurumu, Tsukune, Yukari and Moka were looking for Mizore and found her. Mizore told them that her body isn't pure anymore and that she has no reason to live longer. After Mizore willing to fall from the window as a suicide, Kurumu flew to her. Kurumu gave a kiss to Mizore as a comfort to make clear that this is just a kiss, which surprised Mizore. This proves that Kurumu cares a lot for her, despite what she did to Tsukune that night.

At last Kurumu and the others were facing the second oldest sister of Moka and it was a harsh battle, but Miyabi decided to stop the battle and let them go. The most important for Kurumu was that Mizore is saved and she at smiling at her and the rest.

Training Arc[]

Kurumu and the girls reach Tsukune in the "Paradise Dimension" where Mikogami sent him to do a special training along with Ruby; Tsukune has to use the magical whip Belmont on Ruby in order to learn how control his vampiric powers. But when Kurumu sees Ruby getting a little too "excited" by Belmont's effects (electric shock) she gets very angered and heavily beats Ruby up, stating the witch is actually the biggest perverted of the group although seeming the most prudish one.

Later on, Kurumu gets very jealous when Tsukune starts training with Inner Moka, as he spends too much time with her and Kurumu suspect that's all just an excuse for Moka to deepen her relationship with Tsukune. Kurumu starts to feel depressed and asks herself what she should do to win Tsukune's heart. Kokoa gets the reason of Kurumu's sadness and selfishly tries to use her to separate Moka from Tsukune. Kokoa states that, in her opinion, Kurumu is the one who is best suited for Tsukune and suggests her to use the Allure to seduce him. Kurumu refuses, though she accidentally bewitches him while using her powers on a group of guys, as a proof of her abilities. Kokoa tells her to run away with Tsukune, as Moka and the other girls have just arrived and ask what's going on. Kurumu takes the unconscious Tsukune to her room, conflicted with the wish to kiss him while he's sleeping. But just when she's to the point of reach her goal, Tsukune wakes up and she realizes that he's still charmed. However, he tells Kurumu he was worried about her, since he saw Kurumu sad during lessons; despite her intention to release him from the spell, Kurumu takes the decision to spend a little time with Tsukune, acting like she was his wife, cooking for him and doing things such as playing karaoke and games. But when she asks Tsukune to tell her "I love you", he speaks like a robot due to the effect of Charm, no matter how many times he tries to say it. Kurumu begins to cry, stating that their current relationship maybe could be enough for her, but unrequited love is just too painful to take. She cries and tells she want him to say "I love you" just to her, over and over. Finally, Tsukune tells Kurumu properly that he loves her, however, she knows he's saying so because of the Allure, then she cries more loudly.

Next morning, Kurumu wakes up and states it's time for her to release Tsukune from the Charm, giving him thanks for spending good time with her. Then, she notes his shirt is totally wet as she cried a lot of tears on it; Kurumu undresses Tsukune to wash his clothes, but Moka and the other girls break into the room at the same moment, misunderstanding the whole situation. Clearly, they get enraged with Kurumu.

When finally Kokoa asks Kurumu why she didn't use her succubus powers to win Tsukune's love, Kurumu smiles and tells her "You will understand the day you fall in love".

Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc[]

Once summer arrived, the Headmaster granted the Newspaper Club permission to go to the Human World again. So, Kurumu and the others go to a seaside town to spend their vacations. They meet San Otonashi, a misterious young girl who is chased by a group of yakuza interested in her hidden powers. After getting kidnapped and being rescued by Tsukune, San met up with the rest of the Newspaper Club. Kurumu and Mizore get very curious about San's secret abilities and start asking her a lot of questions, making the shy girl feel slightly embarassed. The two of them are harshly scolded for their lack of politeness by Ginei, who makes his appearence along with Ms. Nekonome. After seeing Gin, Kurumu gets a bit annoyed and immediately warns San about his perverted attitudes. But, much to everyone's surprise, it is revealed that San was actually Gin's senpai in his first year at Academy and the former Newspaper Club president (she looks much younger than she is). Then, San escorts them to the seaside hostel where she lives and is employed at. Once arrived, San is harshly insulted by another employee who, after pushing her aside, yells at San to leave as she was missing without informing anyone. Kurumu takes San's side (and so do the others), until the inn's owner Marin Kawamoto shows up and tells Takahashi she is the only one allowed to fire absent workers. By the way, Marin seems vary happy to see San again.

Lately, Kurumu learns that Takahashi is escaped after stealing all the takings of the hostel. Because of him, Marin is going bankrupt and San will be forced to find another place to live. Kurumu decides to help, as she admires San very much and wants to cheer her up again. In order to prevent the store from failure, Kurumu makes her effort in Moka's plan to call guests by using their swimsuits. The idea is a great success, so San can keep continue working at the inn. While celebrating, they're attacked by Kanade Kamiya, the leader of Fairy Tale's 7th Branch. He came to take San away with him as he's interested in her powers. To protect Marin and her friends, San turns herself into her true form, a Siren (the same as Kanade's), a powerful Yōkai who's able to use the voice as a weapon, so she fights against the enemy. She defeats Kanade thanks to her immense powerful ultrasonic attack that internally damages the opponent's body.

Later on, Kurumu is seen yelling at Gin cause he was missing during the whole battle, as usual. However, she notices that Gin's clothes are ruined and covered in blood, then she suspects he's hiding something. That's confirmed the very next day, when she sees Gin giving back to San Marin's bankbook, pretending he just found it on the ground. Kurumu realizes that Gin has feelings for San and teases him a little (not in a bad way though).

Fang-Fang Arc[]

After getting back to the Academy, Kurumu and the others meet Fang Fang Huang, a Chinese first year student who's the heir of a powerful Mafia Organization. He wants Tsukune to join his Family and, after noticing all the girls surrounding him, Fang Fang tries to convince everyone to join the Organization, where they could all marry Tsukune under the tradition of Polygamy. Kurumu and the girls (except Moka) enjoy the idea very much and they immediately agree with Fang Fang's purpose (they even do not help Tsukune when Fang Fang tries to persuade him by force). Lately, Kurumu teases Inner Moka about her disagreement in Polygamy, stating that Tsukune's choice has nothing to do with her and she is just jeaolus of him. Moka eventually beats her up.

Later on, Kurumu takes part in the Athletics Carnival contests. Fang Fang, along with his sister Ling Ling, challenges Tsukune's group to compete against them: if Tsukune's team would lose, then he will join the Huang Family, but if they win, the Huangs will take them all on a tour in China. However, Ling Ling plays unfair, giving them a hard time. Soon after, Kurumu hits both Gin and Haiji with a giant hammer (Kokoa's Transformer Bat) as they only discuss about "breasts and bloomers" instead of helping. Then she, along with her mother Ageha, competes in a game where parents and childs ride piggyback while trying to steal opponents hats. Tsukune's team eventually defeat the Huangs thanks to an enraged Inner Moka, after the bento Outer Moka made for Tsukune was ruined because of Ling Ling's Jiang Shi.

A few days later, while students are all sized up by teachers, Kurumu makes fun of Yukari (actually Fang Fang while in Yukari's body because of her "Inshin Deshin" invention) as her breasts didn't grow up at all.

Afterwards, Kurumu challenges Inner Moka in making a pie during girls home economics. Kurumu is very confident in her own abilities and she can get the chance to proof she's better than Moka in doing something. By the way, when Moka gets depressed as she's very bad at cooking, Kurumu, along with other girls, decides to help her in making a pumpkin pie for Tsukune.

Moka's Hidden Memories Arc[]

Kurumu tries to wake up Inner Moka, Tsukune, and Mizore. When she learns their souls would be trapped in the Rosario if they stay in there too long, she uses her Mind Entering ability that lets her enter Inner Moka's memories.

When Inner Moka's memory world falls apart she appears and crashes into Tsukune (and hugging him). She begins to fly Tsukune, Mizore, and Touhou Fuhai out of the Rosario, but loses grip of Tsukune. She is later seen grabbing Tsukune with Mizore after hearing his confession. While trying to bring Tsukune and Mizore out of the Rosario she begins to grow weak and loses consciousness leaving them stranded until Touhou Fuhai helps them.

She is later seen when Moka was taken to Fairy Tale.

Preparations for Saving Moka Arc[]

Kurumu had a nightmare (that actually happened in reality), where Tsukune said he would always be by Moka's side. She then noticed Gin was in the same bed and she knocked him out of the bed. Kurumu then noticed a red stain on the sheets. Fearing it was blood, she became enraged with Gin (for seemingly taking her when he knew she loved Tsukune) and beat him up. Mizore then confessed (after making her presence known) that she had scribbled on the sheets with a red magic marker. Kurumu hit Mizore on the head for the fright her joke caused. After Tsukune woke up, he had to go under the human modification operation in order to become stronger, Kurumu was starting to worry about him due the warning of Touhou Fuhai about the high risk. She looked at his eyes and saw he was only thinking about saving Moka, which made her nightmare clearer. She cried and ran away.

In addition to be exhausted (she used too much of her energy to get into Moka's mind), Kurumu was suffering from the pain that naturally happens to succubi, because love is the source of all power for them and if Tsukune ends up together with any other girl than her, Kurumu is quite sure she will die. Gin appeared to comfort her and told her to forget about Tsukune, but she refused.

While Tsukune was suffering during his operation by Touhou Fuhai, Kurumu felt that as well. Kurumu ran back and saw that Tsukune transformed into something that is even worse than a ghoul, which made it usually hard to bring him back to normal. Tsukune tried even to kill Kurumu, but a barrier prevented that. Touhou Fuhai was intending to kill him, but Kurumu was screaming not to do that. Despite Fuhai telling her about the consequences of the world, she still refused and said that Tsukune is more important to her than the world. Kurumu tried to go through the barrier to reach Tsukune.

After Kurumu reached him, she gave him a kiss to make contact into his mind and soul. She told Tsukune not to worry and that she loves him forever. Thanks to her, Fuhai was able to use his last needle to finish the operation and that became a success.

She saw that Tsukune woke up. After Fuhai told him everything about what happened, he knows that Kurumu was the one who saved him. She was shy after Tsukune was blushing at her and he remembers how she saved him. It was like Kurumu was in the heavens with him, but it was interrupted by Ruby, Mizore and Yukari.

Infiltrating Fairy Tale Saving Moka Arc[]

After infiltrating Fairy Tale and meeting Hokuto again, she tells him that they don't fully trust him and, if he laid a hand on Tsukune, he would be the one they took down first. She later thinks that he might be pretending to lead them while actually giving them to his boss, only for him to tell her that its a gate they need to travel through.

When the group arrives in the room for the meeting, she is seen looking up at Gyokuro Shuzen. She reacts in shock when Gyokuro announces she senses them before throwing an enormous pillar at them. She is then seen running away with Tsukune and the others, only to run into a group of Fairy Tale grunts. After easily defeating them, Tsukune says that they should continue on, only for Hokuto to say that the plan is over.

She reacts angrily when Hokuto says that he will part ways with them, only for Ruby to point out that it would be safer for them to continue with the plan.

When the group gets to the second floor of the basement, she remarks about how there were less people the deeper they went. Tsukune then says he detected a strange presence, which causes Kurumu to note the electricity that is gathering and gaining shape.

As Ruby steps forward to battle Raika, Kurumu mutters about the amount of energy that the subdivision leader had. She watches the battle continues on and expresses her concern about Ruby's health when she uses her Iron Maiden ability.

Later, after Raika has been defeated, the group moves on, only to come at a fork in the road. She then asks if they could believe Fang-Fang in the path that they should take. When Fang-Fang says he'll stay behind to pick up his coins, she tells him he needs to pull himself together before leaving. Later, after getting through some traps, she angrily remarks that Fang-Fang's fortune-telling is almost never right.

Sometime later, everyone hears an ominous sound, which causes them all to turn around. However, because they need to move forward, they have to ignore it, but not without Kurumu hoping that Yukari and Fang Fang are alright. Miyabi then stops the group and tells them are being targeted. Kiria then jumps down from the roof before activating a teleportation technique.

When Tsukune and Ruby are sent away, Kurumu angrily demands to know where they were sent, only for Mizore to hold her back. This proves a good thing as, otherwise, she would've gotten seriously hurt. She then remarks about how Kiria must've finally revealed his "true nature" before he attacks them.

Later, after leaving with Mizore when Miyabi tells them to (holding off Kiria) she says she wants to go back, worried about what happened to Tsukune and Ruby. Seconds later, an intense blast of Yoki hits them, and Mizore asks if she still wants to go back. Shaking her head, the two continue on.

Kurumu is later seen entering the room where Moka and Alucard are kept and says that they've come to save her before transmitting a signal (saying that they've found Moka) to the others. When Moka starts screaming, she and Mizore rush forward, only for Kurumu to discover an invisible barrier around her. Moka then tells them to run, as she doesn't think she can hold Alucard back any longer, only for Kurumu to tell her to hold on before she tries to enter the barrier.

However, before she can, Akua Shuzen emerges from the ground behind her. She then rushes towards Akua, only to be cut in half by Akua's Jigen-Tou. Her body then falls to the ground.

Later, when Akua reveals the true purpose behind the seal, Kurumu's body rises up from the ground before attempting to grab Akua, saying that she would never let that happen. She then dodges Akua's blow as her body "heals" itself and Akua realizes she had "killed" an illusion. Together with Mizore, she rushes forward towards Akua and says that they'll take Moka back.

Kurumu is later seen laying on the ground, thinking of how unreal Akua's strength was. Akua then states that their combination of ice and illusion would've taken down a subdivision leader before attempting to kill Mizore. Moka stops her with her voice and tells them that she knows that she's a fake personality.

Getting up, Kurumu clasps hands with Mizore before telling Moka that she's their "strongest, most invincible" rival in love before they use White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz. Going in, she amplifies Mizore's ice with her illusions and remembers Tohou's advice on how to defeat Akua.

While continuing their attack, Kurumu thinks about what "fake" was. She thinks about all of their feelings for Outer Moka and how she had tried to hate her so many, many times. Their attack, however, proves ineffective as Akua appears and cuts both of them down. Falling to her knees, she tells Moka that, whatever happened, not to make Tsukune cry. Seconds later, she collapses, which then causes the release of Moka's seal.

When Alucard awakens and its tentacles pierce through the flooring, it is revealed that Inner Moka saved them before their bodies are placed on the ground when Akua goes after Tsukune. When Ruby goes looking for them during the battle between Tsukune and Akua, she finds them missing before being knocked out.

Prelude to the Final Battle Arc[]

She is later seen by Ruby when she wakes up, being healed by Yukari's healing worm summon alongside Mizore.

After Inner Moka began making her bid to reach Tsukune as the situation became grim, she spotted Kurumu and Mizore off their feet. Worried, Inner Moka opened Kurumu's blouse finding that neither Kurumu or Mizore were fully recovered, simply keeping the pain from reaching their faces. When Moka is attacked by Kahlua, Kurumu and Mizore get in the way and tell Moka to hurry up and defeat Gyokuro while they're trying to buy time against Kahlua. Seeing Moka's reluctance, Kurumu yells at her to stop hesitating and go on, stating the Moka Akashiya she knows is much more stronger and cooler than her. Then, she and Mizore begin to fight, but Kahlua's weird and powerful vampiric abilities make her a very hard opponent to deal with. They're saved from death by Kokoa, who warns them about her older sister's resistance against physical attacks. They look like they're going to be defeated even with Kokoa's effort, until Kurumu and Mizore learn about Kahlua's limiter and get the idea to use their White and Black Duet, Number 13: Last Waltz against her, in order to weaken her thanks to pure water effects. Their plan works, so Kokoa can eventually stab Kahlua with her blade and, apparently, killing her.

Later on, Kurumu is seen a moment before the Floating Garden crashes into the Human World.

The Battle to Save the World Arc[]

Once the fortress have fallen down, Kurumu, Mizore and Kokoa are seen while flying over Yokohama's buildings, looking for Tsukune and the others (they survived thanks to Kurumu's flight ability). They notice that the city is totally empty.

Lately, they finally reach Tsukune and Moka but the two of them are blocked into a powerful vortex due to their Shinso powers. Akua shows up and explain them what happened (though both Kurumu and Mizore do no trust her), stating that they won't be able to reach their friends because of the vortex. Akua says probably Tsukune's body is going to be destroyed, making Kurumu burst in tears and screaming his name out of pain. San, along with Ruby, Fang Fang and Yukari, arrives and tells everyone to run as Alucard is coming their way. Akua suggests them to join their energy and sent it to Tsukune, so he'll be able to control his power and turn into a full Shinso Vampire. However, Kurumu still cannot completely trust Akua and gets a little upset when Akua implies she likes Tsukune as well. By the way, they eventually do like Akua said and join forces to save Tsukune and Moka. Akua's idea works and now both Tsukune and Moka are full Shinso: the final battle against Alucard begins.

Soon after, Kurumu, along with her friends, keeps attacking Alucard's body just like Touhou Fuhai ordered, no matter how many times the enemy regenerates. Later on, she is seen crying as Outer Moka (actually Akasha's clone) makes her farewell to everyone and sadly departs with Fuhai, Mikogami and Alucard as well.

Afterwards, Kurumu is seen in bus with her friends happily greeting Tsukune's return and they all head back to the Academy.

Year Three[]

Final Year Arc[]

Ten months have passed since the battle with Alucard and Kurumu went back to her old school life. She is seen on the Academy roof along with Mizore and Yukari while scolding Moka Akashiya, as she sucked Tsukune's blood as usual.

Then, she learns Moka's father has arrived at school and, thinking he was there because Tsukune Aono is going to be engaged with Moka, Kurumu gets upset and wants to stop them at any cost. She tries to ruin Tsukune's reputation making Issa believe that she and the rest of the Newspaper Club are all part of Tsukune's "harem" (including Fang Fang), so Issa won't allow him to become her daughter's fiancé. However, she looks very embarrassed by the sexy outfit she has to wear to act like Tsukune's lover.

In the Epilogue, Kurumu is seen in the classroom with Mizore Shirayuki, both complaining about Tsukune's relationship with Moka, now officially his girlfriend. However, Mizore's words give Kurumu the idea to get into Tsukune's mind and "marry him" in dreams (so she can get pregnant with him) as succubi create offspring by absorbing life energy through men's dreams. Mizore begs of Kurumu to take her into his dreams too; after hesitating a little, Kurumu accepts. Once night arrived, the two of them sneak into Tsukune's room in order to reach their goal. However, they are stopped by an angry Moka. While crying, Kurumu states that being Tsukune's lover only in the dream world is enough for her, as long as she can be with him. Moved by her tears, Moka allows Kurumu to get into his mind, provided she will play straight. But other girls get excited and want to follow Kurumu too. As a result, Moka gets very upset and eventually changes her mind, beating them up as usual.


  • "Yahoo-hoo!"
  • (To Tsukune Aono) "I... How long do I need to wait. I think our current relationship is good. Everyday we have fun with Moka, and Mizore, and everyone... But this really is unrequited love. What can I do to make Tsukune like me!? What can I do... I want you to say it. Not to everyone, just to me. I want you to say it over and over."
  • (To Miyabi Fujisaki) "Why do you know all of that? Telling us about a girl's pain with such a cool face... Who the hell are you?!"
  • (To Mizore Shirayuki) "STUPID!... Well, a kiss isn't so bad, is it?"
  • (To Ginei Morioka about San Otonashi) "You idiot. You're too easy to read. Is it alright? Not saying anything. You like her, right? San-senpai."
  • (About Tsukune) "Why...? I'm right in front of him, yet... All I can see in his eyes is Moka..."
  • (About Tsukune having to go under the 'Human Modification') "NO!! Even if it's for Moka's sake, it's!!... Ugh... Stop him... I can't do it... My voice won't reach him. Someone stop Tsukune..."
  • (To Gin) "Long ago... my mother told me that being in love is the source of all power for us Succubi. Now I finally know what she meant... a heartbroken Succubus is like being a mere shadow of yourself. I can't feel any power in my body. My heartbeat is weird. It's dark and cold. I can't breathe properly. I'm already in so much pain now...if Tsukune really ends up together with Moka, I... I'm gonna die!!"
  • "A Succubus is a creature that lives on love. I'd gladly die for love!"
  • (To Tsukune) "It's okay now... you'll be fine... I love you, Tsukune. I'll stay by your side forever and protect you."
  • (To Akua Shuzen about the 'Outer Moka') "I absolutely will not allow that!"
  • (To Outer Moka) "You're our rival in love, you know? Our strongest, most invincible rival..."
  • (To Outer Moka) "Moka please... no matter what happens, please don't make Tsukune cry... okay...?"
  • (About Outer Moka) "In truth, there were many times I thought 'If only I could hate you'. If only I could hate you. If only I could hate you. I thought that so many, many times. It's strange, isn't it? I'd thought that living for love was everythings to me, and yet... That's why I won't let anyone say that those feelings are fake."
  • (To Inner Moka) "This isn't like you. The Akashiya Moka I know is much cooler and stronger."
  • (To Moka about Tsukune) " 'Dreams' are forgotten when you wake up, right? But... they come back when you sleep. So I'll... I'll be his lover in the dream world. As long as I can be with him... that's enough for me... "


  • The name Kurumu means "barbarian" (胡) (kuru) and "dream, vision" (夢) (mu).
  • Kurumu's surname Kurono means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "of, from" (乃) (no), which literally translates to "of black" or "from black".


  • Aside from evil Yōkai, Kurumu isn't truly able to feel hatred; this could be an effect of being a Succubus, which lives on love. (Love is usually regarded as the emotion opposite to Hatred as love broken and the heart poisoned can become full of hatred)
  • Despite being a Succubus, Kurumu's behavior conflicts with the Succubus' true nature. This is due to Kurumu hating perverted acts, something that is contrary to the Succubus' true nature.
  • In the Season 2 Volume 4 Omake, along with Kokoa Shuzen, Kurumu is shown to dislike being shocked when trying out the magical chain used to help Tsukune Aono.  
  • In the Season 2 Volume 7, during the trip to Hong Kong, it is revealed that Kurumu, along with Yukari Sendo and Mizore Shirayuki, had never gone by plane before, nor had traveled outside Japan. This is due to the human's immigration control.
  • Kurumu became a bit hysterical when Akua Shuzen said she'd fallen for Tsukune. This says while she acts casual about her love rivals, she's getting a bit upset at the growing number of rivals.
  • In the official guide book of the manga, Ikeda confessed that Kurumu was his favorite character.
  • In the Season 2 Volume 3 Omake, Kurumu reveals her kiss with Mizore was her first one.
  • In the Season 1 Episode 6 of the Anime, both Kurumu and Yukari dressed up as detectives to confirm Tsukune's innocence of 'peeping'. The character she portrays was Sherlock Holmes.
  • Kurumu can be seen in the background of the classroom in the first episode of season one of the anime. Where Moka and Tsukune discover that they are in the same class.
  • Given how different Kurumu acts from her mother, it's possible a succubus's morality grows lower the more they follow their nature to seduce victims.
  • Kurumu adamantly refuses to give her chastity to anyone but Tsukune.
  • She has effectively chosen a slow suicide by continuing to love Tsukune, as a Succubus needs to be loved to live. However, she has implied that she can survive off superficial love if she enters Tsukune's dreams and changes it so her dreams about them being a loving couple.
  • Kurumu's blood type is AB.

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