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Kokoa Shuzen
Kokoa cover.png
Kana 朱染 心愛
Romaji Shuzen Kokoa
Manga Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 003
Anime Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 01
Birthday November 29
Gender Female
Height 149 cm (4'11")
Weight 40 kg (88 lb)
Three sizes B74(A-cup)-W52-H68
Status Alive
Race Vampiress
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Technique N/A
Equipment Transformer Bat
Personal Status
Relatives Issa Shuzen (Father)
Gyokuro Shuzen (Mother)
Moka Akashiya (Older half-sister)
Akua Shuzen (Oldest half-sister)
Kahlua Shuzen (Older sister)
Affiliations Newspaper Club (manga)
Class 1st year at Yōkai Academy (Season II and Capu2)
2nd year Yōkai Academy
Voice Actor Chiwa Saitō (Japanese)
Kira Vinecnt Davis (English)

Kokoa Shuzen (朱染 心愛, Shuzen Kokoa) (Koko Shuzen and Koko in the English translated manga by the Shonen Jump Manga company) is the younger half-sister of Moka Akashiya and the fourth sister of the Shuzen Family. She arrives as a first-year student to Yōkai Academy. Like her sister, Kokoa is also a Vampiress, but her powers are not sealed. Being younger, Kokoa is not as strong as the 'sealed' Inner Moka, but in spite of this she is able to carry the Transformer Bat, named Kou (also named Koumori Nazo and Kou-Buddy (Kou-buddy being the English dub version of "Kō-chan")), which she was going to give to Moka for her tenth birthday. It was too heavy for Moka so she passed it up. Kokoa kept it, and is able to wield it herself with enough strength to make herself formidable.


Kokoa can be energetic and kind if she gets to know someone. She worships inner Moka, but loathes the sweet outer personality. Despite how many times she's been told something, Kokoa never listens to elders. However, there is a mutual respect between herself and Yukari. Though a bit angry and jealous of Tsukune (for being given all Moka's attention), Kokoa grows to like him in the back of her mind. Also noted, she is smug and snobby, thinking vampiresses are prettier than all other monsters, but fears dragons, despite not letting this fear be shown. Examples of this include her reasonable annoyance of Akua and Kahlua and not to mention her comical annoyance of Ms. Nekonome. But she can also be brave and determined as such when she was little and refused to give up on besting Moka in martial arts. She displays a strong inferiority complex towards her sisters due to their status as geniuses and strives to be recognized by them due to this. After training and fighting with Haiji, she managed to overcome her fear of Kahlua and effectively shocked her mother by overpowering her, showing that her inferiority complex had some strong effect on her overall performance in battle.

Kokoa has been portrayed with nosebleeds towards the perverted antics of her club mates, such as when Kurumu flaunts her chest in front of Tsukune or places his head between them. It is implied from these nosebleeds that she is more dirty minded than she would have others believe (as she hates being touched in any way by Tsukune and constantly accuses him of groping her, for which she consequently kicks him far away.) Stemming from her pride, she appears to rate others on their grace, as she only warmed up to the newspaper club after seeing them fight. Keeping with this she later stated that Kahlua's graceful appearance was such that she could completely fall for her, however one has to consider that this was merely a verbal expression of her respect towards her.

Unlike the other women around Tsukune, she has not displayed much in the way of romantic affection towards him, she has however been shown to be clearly attracted to the smell and taste of his blood. Her affection for Moka often sees her attempting to drive a wedge between Tsukune and her sister, implying that even if she does hold some attraction towards him it is most likely dwarfed by her obsession towards Moka.


With a few similarities to her older sister, Moka Akashiya, Kokoa has green eyes, red hair, and fair skin. She keeps her hair tied in two bushy ponytails with big red bows. Kokoa's outfit is a typical Japanese "sailor suit" or "sailor girl", and/or "sailor fuku" based outfit in appearance to what some girls may wear in Japan in other schools, properly most notably human girls in human schools.

She wears a white shirt and a red sailor girl top, with buttons and a tie split in two. She wears a short yellow-green skirt like all the female students, and long red-brown stockings with a white stripe at the top. This entire outfit acts as a sailor-fuku in appearance, due to its necktie, which gives the appearance as being split in two, and the white, collar-like lapel parts that do not actually go to the neck like a collar. Either that, or it is just open-collared. She wears brown prom heels with bows and has a little bracelet on the left wrist in appearance, which in appearance, seems to be a "uniform bracelet" as its sailor-fuku plaid schoolgirl color deeply resembles that of her shirt or schoolgirl top.


Kokoa started out as the runt of the Shuzen Family litter, being right after Moka who was the second youngest and third sister. Kokoa constantly tried to fight Moka, but never won even one match. She tried fighting Moka with her Transformer Bat, Koumori Nazo. Kokoa was too frail and weak, being the second sister, and Moka won easily, notably in said flashbacks she was not even scratched by Kokoa while Kokoa was beaten to a pulp each time. She grew tired of always losing and got sick of being last, and chased Outer Moka around after the real Moka got sealed away by Akasha with pale pink hair, and Moka eventually lost her until the second serialization. By the second season, Kokoa appears as a fresh face around Yōkai Academy, even impressing Tsukune Aono with her looks. Kokoa originally transferred to Yōkai, finding Tsukune Aono with a problem with the headmaster Tenmei Mikogami's pet porcupine rodent Spiky "nibbling" his head, and smacks the porcupine Spiky off his head. By Kokoa's infatuation with Tsukune's blood, he suspects she's a vampiress, but this Vampiress does not suck blood, but rather licks Tsukune's forehead when it bleeds after actually hitting him with her suitcase. At the beginning, Kokoa is just walking around trying to destroy Moka, particularly Outer Moka, as Kokoa prefers Inner and believes Inner Moka to be more of her real sister. She refers to Outer Moka's soothing, trying-to-calm-Kokoa attitude as "a mother hen". Kokoa genuinely loves inner Moka and wants outer Moka out of the picture for good. She dares Moka to fight her, hoping by getting Outer Moka to fight her, the inner Personality will come out. Kurumu and the rest just see her more as a pest than a threat and want to get rid of her big time.

Later on, Kokoa comes across a dark fellow who disguises himself. Kokoa is unable to fight the Doppelganger, being too weak at the Doppelganger's martial art powers and power he gains from transforming into others. The Doppelganger transforms into Inner Moka through sucking the power from Outer Moka, and becomes very scary. Kokoa is weak toward the Phantom Thief and the Unnamed Doppelganger is too powerful with Moka's powers until Tsukune takes off Moka's rosary and plants the Rosario onto the Doppelganger's hand, weakening his powers and rendering him powerless. Later on, the Newspaper Club wants to get new members and try to get them by dressing in some form of cheerleader outfits, and even against her own will, putting Kokoa in a cheerleading "Newspaper Club" outfit. The outfits work as uniforms and get a lot of joining members, but Kokoa is ashamed of the embarrassing-like style of the doing and says the latter is not for vampires and no vampiress would willingly dress like that, until outer Moka comes out, and Yukari Sendo says some Vampiress would. Kokoa goes on her own with her pet Bat, Kou, and tries to look for a club to join, except all of the clubs want very strong-looking male fighters, and Kokoa is out of luck, until Yukari finds her and lets her eat Gro-Gro Drops to look like a proud, young, but older, beautiful woman, with height, and she gets into shows off to the Karate Club, but when she tells the club that they are too puny for her, they want to fight her, but she wins. Kokoa is happy with her new large chest and large attitude, with tall height, but soon it wears off and the Gro-Gro Drops show their side-effect, to which Kokoa is in desperate need of clothes that fit her and fit the size she has become now. Kokoa goes over to Moka and her group with Tsukune, to that latter which, does not work out so well as Kurumu finds her too adorable and now wants to have children with Tsukune. Kokoa gets upset, and the gang tries to find new outfits for her to wear, but she ends up in a mock maid's uniform outfit, and stays in it. Kokoa then goes with the Newspaper Club, and they spend time with her. When the others drink coffee, and Moka gives her a cream soda, she gets upset that she doesn't get to drink .coffee with the rest of the club, but when Moka offers to trade, Kokoa wants the cream soda back.

All is not lost when Kokoa walks out on her own and people want to fight her for beating the Karate Club earlier. Kokoa is scared and afraid, and feels she cannot fight, but Haiji Miyamoto wants to hold her and fondle her because she is so cute now, but the Newspaper club gang comes in little kiddie form and defeat the entire Karate Club with Kokoa fighting as one. Kokoa then knows she is accepted, and joins the Newspaper Club when everyone bails out at the end of the second book. By the third book, Kokoa is a member of the Newspaper Club and still getting used to being a new student at Yōkai Academy. She meets Ginei Morioka, a werewolf with a wolf's-head pendent on his necklace to show his pride and loyalty toward being a werewolf. Kokoa discovers that mysteriously girls are having ripped clothing what appears out to be out of nowhere, and finds a thought in Ginei being the culprit behind it, to which Kurumu and Mizore Shirayuki help her, but Gin trashes both Kurumu and Mizore, and tells Kokoa that she saw nothing. Gin Morioka seems to get away with things, until a girl named Kokko Nakamoto gets involved and intervenes, with initially liking Gin for telling her that she looks cute without her eyeglasses on, and so she mostly goes without her glasses on. It turns out, Ginei was the one behind it all and he had a list of "girlfriends" he kept on track to call whenever he wanted. Kokoa is, of course, like the rest, disgusted with this, and the girls of the Newspaper Club all beat up on him. Then, when summer comes, Mizore offers for a trip to her snow village, to which the Snow Village is icy cold and covered in ice and snow. Kokoa dresses in a proper Japanese traditional kimono, and goes out to the trip, where they all meet Kahlua Shuzen, the youngest of the Shuzen Sisters. Kahlua beats up a lot of the members of the club, but they all survive and Inner Moka has her Rosario released and won't leave without a fight. Kahlua praises Moka for taking off her rosary, even though it was actually Tsukune. Kahlua retreats with Miyabi Fujisaki later on, and leaves, with Miyabi saying it will not be the last time, and fly up in the helicopter jet plane. Kokoa with the rest of the group, saves the priestess of the snow village, and rescues Mizore from a terrible marriage. The adventures then move on.

Year Two[]

Phantom Thieves Arc[]

Kokoa first appears when Tsukune is having his head "nibbled" on by the headmaster's pet Spiky. Telling Tsukune to hold still, she uses her schoolbag and knocks Spiky off. After some banter she then notes that Tsukune's blood smells delicious and licks it causing him to freak out. She then leaves for the Welcome Ceremony waving goodbye to Tsukune.

Kokoa appears next in Moka's classroom, having already met Kurumu, Yukari, and Mizore. She recognized Moka and also recognized the person next to her as "That delicious person from this morning" then tried to walk towards him while saying "How unexpected to see you here" and "What kind of destiny is this--" but was interrupted by Moka. She then proceeds to attack Moka. During the barrage of attacks she hurts Tsukune (trying to make outer Moka transform into inner Moka) causing him to bleed. She tries lick his blood again, causing Kurumu to hit her with a desk. Kokoa and Kurumu were about engage in a fight but Outer Moka stops them saying Kokoa is her little sister. Kokoa leaves saying next time she'll force Outer Moka to transform.

Later, Kokoa is expressing happiness that Outer Moka agreed to fight her. After winning the fight Kokoa cries asking why Outer Moka won't fight for real. She expresses her grief of not being able to fight her for years. Tsukune appears and tells her that she's only been following Outer Moka for attention, but tells them that's not it and smashes her iron mace on Outer Moka and Tsukune saying she hates Moka. Inner Moka lifts the mace and kicks Kokoa. She get's up exerting her vampire aura seemingly about to attack, but instead hugs her saying she missed her real sister. The next day, Kokoa is shown chasing and attacking Outer Moka so she can transform again.

Some time later, Kokoa is watching Outer Moka, Kurumu, and Mizore fighting over Tsukune. She shows disgust and wonders how her sister became like that. Kokoa comes to the conclusion that Moka's friends are what has changed her, so she tries to get Outer Moka away from them. She then helps the Newspaper Club find the probable hiding place of the thieves and suggest that she and Outer Moka can take care of the Street Slasher.

Kokoa expresses relief to separate Outer Moka from her friends. Kokoa and Outer Moka enter the school dungeon and Kokoa gives her Sister her bat Kou buddy, in the shape of a spiked club, to attack the person behind them, thinking it's the phantom. When they find out it's Tsukune following them, she's angry at him for messing up her plan. Tsukune then protects her from the Minotaur, but then gets hurt himself. Then Tsuchigumo appears and kidnaps Moka and Tsukune. Suddenly, Kurumu and Mizore appears and defeat the Minotaur, earning Kokoa's respect (but the respect was lost when she viewed them fight over who's fault it was for letting Moka and Tsukune get kidnapped).

She, Kurumu and Mizore ventured underground to find Tsukune and Moka after being abducted by monster criminals as they run into a doppelganger that looks like Tsukune. He has a fear of girls as the group confuses him for the real Tsukune and eventually, accidentally gropes Kokoa and slams the fake with a mace from her familiar. She sees the blood running from the criminal, tastes it then says it tastes like cigarettes.

New and Old Club Members Arc[]

The Land of the Snow Fairies Arc[]

Koka was invited to join Mizore on a trip to her home land for a special moment since Mizore had turned to the age of marriage. She along with Moka and Ruby caused trouble to get Mizore, after being told she was to be in an arranged marriage with a man that would save their village from blood shed, Miyabi Fujisaki. She and the others ran into her and Moka's older sister, Kahlua, the family assassin. Kokoa explains Kahlua's abilities and what she's like as Kahlua explains she works for Fairy Tale. She even explained that when Kahlua gets angry, they meant she was about to fight seriously. After the fighting was over, she and the others went back to Yokai Academy after Mizore decided to stay with her friends.

Some time after, Tsukune went missing as they guessed he went training. Kokoa offers to help train them, but they just ignore what she said as Kokoa gets mad. Later it was revealed to the group Tsukune and Ruby were in a realm for endangered monsters for training and venture there to rescue Tsukune. However, he was doing fine as eventually she wanted to train with Tsukune in preparations for what happens next.

Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc[]

Fang Fang Arc[]

Preparation for Moka's Rescue Arc[]

Fairy Tale Infiltration, Saving Moka Arc[]


  • Shapeshifting Bat: Kokoa's weapon of choice is a shapeshifting bat named Kou. This bat can take many forms, usually weapons like:
    • Sword: Kokoa can transform the bat into a broad cleaver-like sword. She uses this mode to break one of Kahlua's wings while Kahlua was using wealth of power.
    • Rapier:In this form, the bat assumes a rapier-type form in order to counter swifter opponents.
    • Katana: Kokoa shows Moka that she can transform the bat into a Katana when trying to convince Moka that the transforming bat was a good present.
    • Axe: Axe Mode she used against Moka in a short quarrel in Moka's memory arc.
    • Mace: This is the most common form that Kokoa uses and probably the most powerful known mode next to Kokoa's sword mode, which broke one of Kahlua's wings in wealth of power.
    • Naginata: Kokoa transforms Kou into a Japanese bladed spear in preparation to fight against Kahlua when she returned to the Yuki-Onna Village to warn Kokoa and Ruby of Akua's return.

Powers and Abilities[]


Vampirism: As a vampiress, Kokoa is one of the toughest yōkai there is possessing more powers and finesse in her monster abilities with Inner Moka remarking that Kokoa will be tougher to fight in comparison to most monsters that the Newspaper Club fought before. Despite this though it has been stated many times that due to her being the second sister in the Shuzen Family and with her immaturity, Kokoa's powers aren't as developed or great as the other members of her family particularly being no match for her sisters and parents and step mother. After training for months, Kokoa's powers had developed to the point that she could match Kahlua's first release state on her own and even defeat her,impressing her sister greatly, and forcing her to unleash her full powers to defeat Kokoa.

  • Yōki Detection: Like every other vampiress she can sense other people's Yōki.
  • Charm: Though not in the same league as a Succubus, Kokoa can use the Charm ability. The ability itself is used to distract others so she can bite them rather than controlling them completely.
  • Enhanced Strength: Young Moka made a remark about how Kokoa can handle heavy weights starting at a very young age with ease. When she fought Kahlua to help save Moka in chapter 57, when determined and after 3 months of training, Kokoa was able to cut through her sister's razor sharp bat-wing arms, and is the only character thus far who's been able to do so. Her physical strength also proved strong enough to hold off one of Kahlua's blades with her leg. She was shown easily breaking reinforced tombstones.
  • Enhanced Durability: Kokoa can take hits and kicks from Kahlua and Moka and wave them off. She is known as a vampiress who exerts strength through Yōkai and she is extremely strong for one who does. It is not known where her limits of endurance lay, but out of the four sisters it is most likely that she possesses the highest overall, ignoring Kahlua's Charm, since that technique merely allows a person to "ignore" injuries. Kokoa also displayed the ability to tolerate the painful effects of water in her final clash with Kahlua to the point she struck the final blow with enough force to mortally wound Kahlua.
  • Enhanced Stamina: As a vampiress, Kokoa possesses more stamina and produces less fatigue toxins than humans or ordinary monsters being able to fight for extended periods of time with little strain in her performance. Originally she didn't display any noteworthy feats of endurance at the beginning but after training with Haiji for a month Kokoa was able to last much longer against her younger sister, Kahlua, than when the Newspaper Club first fought her at the Yuki-Onna village even well into the morning with Kokoa defeating Kahula's first released state.


Expert Weapons Specialist: Despite having great power as a vampiress, Kokoa usually wields her shapeshifting bat in his various weapon forms in combat to make up the gap in strength between her and her sisters. She mainly has him transform into enormous blunt weapons to pulverize most of her opponents thus showing that she relies on her strength more than the finesse of weaponry she has at her disposal. Though after training with Haiji Miyamoto for a month, Kokoa shows much better expertise in weaponry where she was able to fight on equal grounds against Kahlua's first release state and eventually defeated her sister that forced her to release her second limiter to defeat Kokoa . During this fight, Kahlua actually stated that her previous roughness had faded away and her form had lost all of its openings thus making it hard to retaliate. Combining her strength and skill together, Kahlua noted that Kokoa had truly become one who "exerts their strength from performance".


Weapon Techniques: Due to Kokoa relying mostly on weaponry than hand-to-hand combat, Kokoa's techniques are centered around the use of Koumori Nazo's weapon forms.

  • Morning Star: After transforming her bat into its Iron Mace form, she swings it at a target. The true power of this technique hasn't been shown, but Kokoa claimed that, if Moka didn't take her seriously, she would die.



  • "Onee-sama" (When seeing Inner Moka)
  • "I want to recieve training from my beloved sister. It's always been my dream to."
  • (To Gyokuro and Kahlua) "I've always... always wanted to triumph... I've always wanted to triumph over all of you.. Mother, Kahlua. Hidden inside my admiration of you, an inferiority complex raged inside me. Even though we're all vampiresses, I was miserable and had hated myself for not being able to be like you."
  • "I just admired them. I just wanted to be like my strong and beautiful sisters. So that one day they'd tell me how "amazing" I am, they'd say: "as expected of our sister." All I wanted... was to be acknowledged."
  • "... W-Why...? That's so selfish... then what should have I done...? What could I have done so we could all get along...? Even I... really... loved you all! I loved every one of you!!"


  • In the episode "Skiing and a Vampire" Tsukune hugged a freezing Kokoa while shirtless to give her body heat while they were in a cave; due to the cold she was having minor hypothermia issues.
  • Kokoa is always shown with her panties exposed every time she appears on the show.
  • Inner Moka and Kokoa both share some sisterly similarities: they both like the smell of Tsukune's blood, (following is anime only), they both find a skeleton keychain to be cute, and they both show disrespect on one episode when they both slapped down a curry from their teacher.
  • Kokoa is later seen again wearing panties with a bat design even though her bat companion is on her shoulder.
  • Some students on the hot spring's inn saw her without her underwear while she was running away from Miss Nekonome. (prompting said students to have a fountain of blood from each nostril)
  • Kokoa refused to play with Kahlua when they were young, being terrified of her.
  • In the final "Rosario+Vampire: Capu2" episode, Kokoa was not only surprised that Tsukune was prepared to deal with her father at the cost of his life, but she later seemed troubled at the thought of Tsukune dying in a clash with her father. She was planning to intervene when Moka stopped her. Due to her part in the monster energy overflow, she also received a spanking in a comical scene.
  • Like her younger sister Akua Shuzen she is not shown to have a limiter.
  • In the Manga, before Tsukune began to turn into a Ghoul at Fairy Tale HQ, Gyokuro Shuzen said that Team B, which Kokoa, Touhou Fuhai, Ling Ling Huang, Ginei Morioka, & Haiji Miyamoto were the members of had been torn to pieces & consumed by the Ghouls. However, since all of them are confirmed alive, it can be deduced that this claim of Kokoa and the others supposed horrible fate was used to accelerate Tsukune's transformation into a Ghoul. Given the fact that Tsukune became notably riled at this, it means that he cares deeply for all of Team B & for Kokoa.
  • Kokoa can lift the Transformer Bat or Mysterious Bat weapon, despite it being too heavy for her older sister Moka, and Moka technically being the stronger of the two.
  • In the 62nd chapter of the manga, as Inner Moka spots her, Kokoa urges her to run as Kahlua is nearby. Moka then spots that Kahlua has removed both of her limiters.
  • In manga Chapter 63, after Kurumu and Mizore reveal that White and Black Duet Number 13 was specifically made for Vampires, Kokoa closed in on Kahlua (who the water had weakened badly) and stabbed Kahlua through the chest with Batty. Before she did, Kahlua said she loves Kokoa, who was crying. That says even though Kahlua terrified Kokoa, Kokoa still loved her big sister.
  • As Kahlua was dying she told Kokoa that their mother had been very harsh with her as Gyokuro had hoped that Kokoa being around would make Issa come back to her, which failed. Disappointed and frustrated that the second daughter didn't win back Issa, Gyokuro took all her hurt out on Kokoa by saying that she was inferior to her sisters. Kokoa seemed shocked that the source of her emotional pain and inferiority complex was her mother's sorrow at not winning back Issa with her birth.
  • Ten months after Alucard's demise, Kokoa seems to have emotionally leveled from Kahlua's final words. She seems calmer (not so eager for a fight), and has an easier time interacting with her clubmates.
  • The Manga's Epilogue tales state that Kokoa and Haiji became a couple and started dating, of course as they are seen sparring, the statement that neither one knows what's done on a date is accurate.

in s2 ep 10 Inner Moka mentioned - Outer Moka was the one who did her best to save her, not Inner.