Kokko Nakamoto
Name: Kokko Nakamoto
Age: 17
Birthday: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Affiliation: Yōkai Academy
Relatives: Unknown
Class: Yōkai Academy Graduate
Weapon: Blood
Voice: None
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Kokko Nakamoto is a third-year student at Yokai Academy who eventually became a graduate later on.


Kokko has been shown to have an obession with Gin, to the extent that she began to rip the clothing of all of his exs as "warnings" for them to stay away from him. She admits that she felt "worthless" and just wanted him to notice her. She bursts into tears when Gin admits he had put on an act to draw the culprit (her) out of hiding before he called her a dumb bitch.

Later, after Gin had been punished, she asks herself why she fell for him and called herself stupid.


Kokko has short, dark hair and dark-colored eyes that are covered up with a pair of dark glasses. She wears a long-sleeved white shirt, a dark skirt, and white shoes.


By her own admisson, Kokko is a creature who can manipulate blood. This includes being able to bleed from wherever she wants, which she used to pose as a victim of Ginei Morioka. She also has the power to make her blood into a fog, which she hid in before she ripped the clothing of "Gin's" victims.

Year TwoEdit

Kokko first appears when Kokoa was walking through the woods, thinking about the serial prankster that had been targeting girls for a while. She appeared to have been injured by Gin, who then left after warning Kokoa to "stay out of this".

Kokko later appears when Mizore, Kurumu, and Kokoa were about to attack Gin. She tries to make it seem like a coincidence that she appeared, only for Moka and Tsukune to emerge from the woodwork and accuse her of being the serial prankster.

Caught, Kokko then reveals that she is the serial prankster before she starts bleeding from the forehead. She admits that she is a creature that can control blood and that the "wounds" she had recieved from Gin to pose as a victim. She then admits that she hid in a mist created by blood and ripped the girl's clothing, as a "warning" for them to stay away from Gin.

She burst into tears when Gin revealed his plan to draw her out before calling her a dumb bitch. Later on, after Gin had been defeated, she calls herself stupid.

The Newspaper Club didn't reveal her as the culprit of the pranks under the condition that she make repremations to her victims.

Trivia Edit

  • Her first name is very similar to that of the first name of Kokoa Shuzen, especially when Kokoa's name is written or pronounced as Koko.
  • Her monster species or race and monster powers are still certainly and completely unknown.
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