Kahlua Shuzen
Kahlua Shuzen.jpg
Kana 朱染 刈愛
Romaji Shuzen Karua
Manga Rosario + Vampire Season II Chapter 12
Anime Mentioned only
Birthday July 1
Gender Female
Status Alive
Death Stabbed through the heart (First death)
Race Shinso Vampire
Hair Color Light Blonde
Eye Color Red
Technique N/A
Equipment Two Rosary Earrings
Personal Status
Relatives Issa Shuzen (Father)
Gyokuro Shuzen (Mother)
Akua Shuzen (Older half-sister)
Kokoa Shuzen (Younger sister)
Moka Akashiya (Younger half-sister)
Akasha Bloodriver (Step-Mother)
Affiliations Fairy Tale
Shuzen Family
Class S-Class

Kahlua Shuzen (朱染 刈愛, Shuzen Karua, Kalua Shuzen) is the naïve second oldest of the four Shuzen sisters. Kokoa harbors a deep fear of her since she is the top assassin of the Shuzen Family. As of Chapter 58 of the manga, she has been revealed as the heir of the Shuzen Family by Gyokuro.

Like Moka, her earrings serve as her limiter; when removing them, she gains access to further transformations that allow her to turn her arm into develop razor-sharp bat wings. Like the rest of the Shuzen family, she is a vampiress. Through Akua, or Akua Shuzen, she is somewhat related to Alucard, the ancestor, as in, the First Ancestor vampire whose blood is the First Ancestor blood. Her name "Kahlua" is a type of coffee-flavored alcoholic drink[1] but contains no actual coffee.[1] She is an assassin killer and is revealed to have a bat wing when she removes one of her earrings.[2] She was sent by Miyabi Fujisaki to kill all of Tsukune and Moka's friends. She nearly succeeded though Miyabi withdrew at the last minute.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Contrary to her sisters, Kahlua displays a clear aversion to fighting others in any way. However, when her charm is in use, she will blindly attack her opposition and kill them without remorse, in the course of such an act, she attacks in a frenzy. This deathly side of her has left a striking fear in her sisters, including Akua, who all state she is scary when she is frenzied. Most affected by this trauma was her youngest sister Kokoa, who was left with a fear of her which would later develop to the point where it affected her ability to fight and rendered her with a feeling of inferiority towards her older sisters. Because of the fact that they're fighting a beautiful, somewhat naive and klutzy girl, who is frenzied throughout the entirety of her fights, most of her opponents are terrified of her. Either way, her personality and style of fighting prove effective in unbalancing her enemy psychologically.

Kahlua truly loves her younger sisters and was unwilling to harm Moka during their reunion and was happy and relieved when Miabi ordered her to stop. She later on requested Moka be treated well upon her capture, showed sympathy towards Akua's inability to fight seriously against Moka and Tsukune, and looked sadly away as Moka suffered upon having her Rosario removed. She also displayed enough care for Kokoa to beg her mother not to harm her. She appears to have been brainwashed in some way by her mother, attested to by the way her eyes seem to react when given a particularly difficult command, and is unwilling to defy her commands despite the personal dislike towards the order given. Kahlua was actually quite impressed by Kokoa's strength when the latter fought her off, and displayed some integument towards it, possibly pride, a thing Kokoa always desired from her kin.

Revealed in Chapter 63 of the manga, Kahlua isn't able to remember the number of people she has killed. Furthermore, she wishes to die as she sullied her life by killing so many people. Even as Kokoa was moving in for the final blow, Kahlua still proclaimed that she loves her younger sister. Kahlua, despite her mother's evil personality, has shown herself to pity her, revealing the reason behind all of Gyokuro's actions as she died and staying with her.

However, Alucard gave Kahlua some of his blood to revive her. Now no longer bound by trying to stay at her mother's side, Kahlua vowed to no longer take lives, though she and Aqua would continue to make the Shuzen name legendary by fighting off opponents.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kahlua fancolored.png

Inheriting her mother's appearance, Kahlua has light blonde hair, tan skin and dark red eyes. Though unlike her mother's hair, Kahlua's is longer, held back by a tiara and is wavy with bangs framing her forehead. She dresses in a flowing white dress with snow white gloves and white boots.

Recently Volume 12 Cover for Rosario + vampire Manga was released with Kahlua being on it. It shows her skin color is not as tan as her mother's. 

History[edit | edit source]

Kahlua harvested great power whenever she removes one of or more of her rosary earrings that act as Rosario earrings and hold great power. Kahlua had great love for Kokoa, but Kokoa Shuzen is too afraid of her older sister to play with her or pay her any mind. She tried not to mind Kokoa's fear of her, but she also tries to help Moka Akashiya, her younger sister, Kahlua found herself wanting to help the people she loves greatly. As greatly as she wants to help, no one wants Kahlua's help and there Kahlua is defeated. She found strength in helping Gyokuro, her mother, bypass and scheme in Fairy Tale. Gyokuro Shuzen, Kahlua's biological mother, helped her feel pride and strength in herself. Kahlua was strong and her father Issa loved her very much. When Kahlua was hired by Fairy Tale to kill and worked with Miyabi Fujisaki to assistant people, she hesitated for a while, because she hated killing and murdering and was outraged when she did kill. Eventually, Kahlua was hired to murder everyone in the Snow Village to assist Miyabi, and she went on a rage when she beat up Moka and Tsukune and their friends. Kahlua was unable to figure out that Inner Moka actually came out because Tsukune took off her Rosario Cross, not because Outer Moka did so herself. Inner Moka beat Kahlua, and Kahlua congratulated her for getting her Inner Personality to come out to the inner self. Inner Moka thought not so much of it, and kind of shrugged it off, and Kahlua continued to fight and beat people. Eventually, Miyabi came after Mizore wanted to commit suicide and Kurumu stopped her with a kiss to wipe the idea of Miyabi's kiss from Mizore's mind, and Miyabi grabbed Kahlua and took her in a jet plane to see way out and escape to make effort and retreat.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Kahlua was hired by the Fairy Tale organization to assist Miyabi and kill everyone in the snow village. Because of the way she was raised, she actually hates murdering others and gets angry when she does so. She fought the Newspaper Club and decimated them until Inner Moka showed up. Though Kahlua could have easily killed Moka in their battle, she held back because of her love for her sister but still gained the upper hand. Miyabi stops the fight between Kahlua and Moka, canceling her orders to kill everyone present, because if Kahlua continued and won, it wouldn't matter because she would die from the injuries she has sustained. In Chapter 29 she returns to the Snow Village, bumping into Kokoa and Ruby and cryptically informs them not to let Moka and Akua meet.

In Chapter 54, Kahlua and her mother leave to go outside and deal with Tsukune and his friends as well as "greet" Alucard.

In the subsequent chapters, she has released one of her rosaries, revealing her Wealth of Power. She also watches Akua's battle with Moka and Tsukune. While her mother brutally chides Akua, Kahlua has compassion for her older sister, stating the Akua is feeling immense emotional pain from fighting her "most precious person". After Gyokuro knocks away Tsukune, Kahlua restrains Moka with her bat wings. She is saddened after her mother rips Moka's rosario from her neck, causing Moka immense pain. She then hands Gyokuro the device to control Alucard. Before the Huang Family ship crashes onto the Fairy Tale, Kahlua stands by her mother as her mother makes Alucard her faithful servant.

Once Touhou Fuhai and the rest of the Fairy Tale Invasion Squad land on the base, Gyokuro orders Kahlua to deal with all of them alone. After being taunted by her sister, Kokoa Shuzen, she bats her with a slap after warning Kokoa to flee, sending the vampiress crashing and tumbling into the rubble. She then pleads to her mother to ignore Kokoa and let her live. Once Gyokuro orders Kahlua to kill everyone, Kahlua bursts in a massive rage and jumps to kill Kokoa with her bat-winged arm. Kokoa is narrowly saved by Haji Miyamoto. Slightly distracted by her sister's escape, Kahlua is surprised to notice Gin about to attack. She unleashes a beam-like attack, but Gin is in turn saved by Touhou Fuhai.

Kahlua then engages Kokoa and easily dominates her though her younger sister is able to keep up and defend without taking too much damage, but struggles to do so. Once Kokoa acknowledges the difference in their power and skill and begins to break down both physically and emotionally, Kahlua goes to decapitate Kokoa who is once again saved by Haiji. Kahlua goes to attack again, but Kokoa defends and breaks though one of Kahlua's wings, destroying it in the process. Kahlua and her mother, Gyokuro, are astonished by Kokoa's new power as Kokoa re-engages Kahlua, eventually defeating her. However, after Kahlua takes of the second limiter, Kokoa is easily defeated.

Kurumu and Mizore then fight her but even with the recovered Kokoa aiding them, they were no match. However, they manage to greatly weaken her with Duet 13 Last Waltz, by using Holy Water, which acts as a limiter on Kahlua's powers. Kokoa then appears to impale her to death with her blade.

After Kahlua is mortally wounded, she tells a stunned Kokoa that their mother was cruelly ignoring her because her desperate hope that her birth would win back Issa's interest failed. She dies before Kokoa voices her sorrow at not succeeding as her mother wanted her to win Issa's interest back.

When Alucard was vanquished, Kahlua, now as a corpse, is being held by Kuyō who's standing along side with Kiria holding an unconscious Hokuto to make their escape and rebuild Fairy Tale once more.  

Later on in the Rosario Vampire II chapter 67 Extra II, it's revealed that right after Kokoa, Kurumu, and Mizore left Kahlua's corpse and a little bit before Miyabi went to battle against his enemies, he had injected his Shinso blood into Kahlua's corpse thus reviving and asked Kuyo to look after her as she's too pure to die.  

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Moka Akashiya[edit | edit source]

As the younger sister of Kahlua and fellow rosary power-sealer, Moka as Outer Moka finds Kahlua powerful, and generally loves her. Though it is unknown about Kahlua's relationship with Inner Moka, Kahlua may or may not find her as a very strong Vampiress. When they first meet again during visiting the snow village of Mizore Shirayuki in the Season II chapter 12 manga book, Moka becomes generally surprised to see Kahlua there, but still is happy to see her. Once Inner Moka defects her in the Snow Village chapter, she is taken away by the one engaged to marry Mizore, and the man warns the gang of Tsukune and Moka and their friends of the Newspaper Club that they will be back.

Akua Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Kahlua's older sister through Issa being biologically related to her and being the granddaughter of Alucard, Kahlua was a good friend of Akua's, appreciating her as an elder and generally elder sibling, while loving her dearly. When Kahlua was still alive the first time, some parts of her relationship with Akua were unknown.

Kokoa Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Kahlua's youngest sister. Kokoa feared Kahlua greatly, but deep down, truly loved her and really cared for Kahlua. Before Kahlua is killed by Kokoa, Kahlua tells her that she loves her older sister, meaning, no matter how much Kokoa feared her, deep down she loved her younger sister Kahlua.

Issa Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Though Kahlua's relationship with her father is not exactly known, but not exactly unknown either, Kahlua has a good relationship with her father, being very respectful toward him. Not much of her relationship towards him is known about Kahlua.

Gyokuro Shuzen[edit | edit source]

Kahlua's biological mother, that she shares as a blood-related mother with Kokoa. Like Kahlua, Gyokuro was a powerful S-Class monster, and Kahlua knew well of that. Kahlua generally respected Gyokuro. She also felt pity at her mother, as she knew her true nature, that of someone who actually only longed for the attention of Issa, hence causing her to do all she asked.

Akasha Bloodriver[edit | edit source]

Akasha Bloodriver was the biological mother of Moka Akashiya. She was Kahlua's stepmother. Kahlua's relationship with her is unknown. Not much is said about the relationship between her and Akasha Bloodriver. However, she does not share the hatred her blood mother felt towards Akasha and respects her.

Miyabi Fujisaki[edit | edit source]

The clone of Alucard, and general leader of Fairy Tale, Miyabi was engaged to marry Mizore Shirayuki, much to Mizore's dismay and displeasure. He took Kahlua with him to leave before making his and Kahlua's escape.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Limiters: Kahlua's rosary-shaped earrings function as individual limiters to seal away her power until it is needed in battle. Upon removing the first limiter on her right ear, Kalua's right arm tends to transform with the Wealth of Power and becomes her signature weapon. Her overall power is also noted to increase drastically. After removing the second limiter, Kahlua's power is noted to increase even more drastically as she stated that Kokoa, who had just defeated her with the first limiter removed, was ten years too young to win against her in that state.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Vampirism: As the second eldest of the Shuzen vampire sisters, Kahula is a highly powerful vampiress and yokai being able to easily overpower even ordinary or weaker vampires as shown when Inner Moka was unable to defeat her and was overpowered and almost killed by her initial release state. Kokoa after training for a month was barely able to defeat her and was easily defeated after Kahula removed her second limiter. Both Kurumu and Mizore remarked that she is one of the strongest vampiresses after seeing her power in her second release state.

  • Immense Strength: Kahlua has shown monstrous levels of strength. Even While sealed, Kahlua could severely hurt Kurumu and Tsukune as well as every member of the Newspaper Club with a single punch. Her kicks are just as powerful and were greatly increased when her limiter was removed. In her initial release state, Kahlua has enough strength to match and ultimately overpower and badly injure inner Moka when they fought in Snow Village and easily overpower Kokoa after she trained for 3 months and counter most of her attacks that had the added weight of Koumori Nazo in weapon form with little effort before Kokoa gained the strength and resolve to cut through Kahula's razor wings. Even then, she could still go toe to toe with Kokoa before being overwhelmed. During her fight with Akua 7 years ago, Kahlua was able to smash apart the floor with one downward punch which also gave Akua a shoulder wound. In her second release state Kahula's strength became so high that Kokoa was completely overwhelmed and Kurumu and Mizore had to douse her with water to weaken her before Kokoa dealt the finishing blow.
  • Enhanced Speed: Kahlua is seen to be very fast. Even with her powers sealed, she was able to get in front of Moka when she attempted to run away; acting as a decoy. Kahlua even managed to strike and incapacitate most of the Newspaper Club in an instant before most of them had even registered for movements. Her speed vastly increased once she removed her limiter. She could easily hit anyone before they blinked, but her full potential has yet to be seen.
  • Immense Durability: Kahlua is extremely resilient. After being kicked in the face by Inner Moka, she stood up with little damage while her limiters are on,something which visibly astounded Moka. Once removed, she can nearly recover instantly after any attack. Even after her internal organs were penetrated, she was able to remain standing to fight. This was caused by an ability to paralyze her pain. Combined with her healing ability and strong vampiress body, Kahlua can for a short time become "Charmed". This particular ability makes Kahlua an extremely powerful but equally vulnerable opponent: her catastrophic injuries catch up to her when she returns to normal and if she doesn't notice them, it will lead to her death. 7 years ago Kahlua was able to endure Akua's Youho Saishusui, which Akua noted is strong enough to render a normal person incapable of standing for three days, and immediately retaliated.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Kahlua's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of ordinary humans or yokai, allowing her to be physically active for longer periods of time. This is shown when Kahula managed to fight against Kokoa's new found strength with the added power of Noumori Nazo until well in the morning before being defeated in her initial release state. After releasing her second limiter, Kahula could fight against Kokoa, Kurumu, and Mizore at the same time despite having little time to recover from her previous fight and was only defeated when her body was doused with holy water to weaken her before Kokoa ended the fight by impaling Kahula through the heart. Even after having her heart pierced, Kahula still had enough strength to continue talking with Kokoa and revealed the intentions of their mother and apologized to her before ultimately dying.
  • Regenerative Healing Factor: Kahlua has the ability to regeneration from deadly wounds almost immediately and is capable regrowing missing limbs. This depends on how much power she releases at a time as after releasing both of her limiters in Chapter 63, she used one of Mizore's icicles to nearly decapitate her own head, before it regenerated.
  • Wealth of Power:  Yukari states that all Vampires have an ability called "Wealth of Power" which allows one to shape-shift and weaponize their body. In the case of Kahlua, she has the ability to turn her arms into five razor-sharp bat wings that can easily demolish stone columns and cut bodies to confetti. Kahlua is also able to fire a beam from the wings.
    • Liquefaction: After her limiter has been completely removed, her transformative power increases dramatically. Ghoul-like tattoos reach up from her hands, stopping at her shoulders, while the rest of her body becomes a mass of liquid flesh and blood, making her an intangible body mass to which all attacks harmlessly phase through. Also, her now transformed body's unique constitution can become her personal artillery, using and molding pieces of it into makeshift high velocity projectiles she can launch from her body at will. Though despite the intangible advantage of her second release state, Kahlua is stilled vulnerable to water and when doused she becomes tangible again in that small window of time which can be taken advantage of.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Kahlua is an excellent and very formidable fighter most likely being taught by Gyokuro. In her normal state she would be seen fighting using her fists and sometimes if she has to use her kicks, but when she fights her best,she would be seen using her "Wealth of Power" in battling Moka and Kokoa. While supressed, Kahlua was more than formidable enough to easily defeat the entire Newspaper Club. She also was able to fight Inner Moka with ease upon releasing her first limiter and ultimately managed to overpower and badly wound her even though she managed to inflict a potentially fatal wound. Had Miyabi not interfered,Kahlua would have killed Moka. Gyokuro expressed full confidence in that Kahula would be able to defeat nearly all of the members of the second group rescuing Moka though this was proven wrong when Kokoa,with 3 months of training,was able to fight on even ground against Kahula alone before she released her second limiter. This implies that Kahula has been taught by Gyokuro to have very high combat skills but she did not take into account the growth Kokoa would display from her training.

Miscellaneous Skills: Gyokuro stated that she taught her daughter a large variety of skills, assassination skills, bomb disposal skills, language skills to name just a few, in the hopes that she'd inherit the title of the Shuzen House's leader. Her mother is so confident in this education that she finds it insulting for Kahlua to be having difficulty in battle, even against her own sister Kokoa.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Oh dear! Tripping over my own skirt on a first meeting like this How embarrassing. I mean, I thought a funny entrance like this would put everyone at ease"
  • (To Kokoa) I think... I've been waiting. Waiting for the day where one of my sisters ends this soiled life for me...
  • (To Kokoa) "Ah, I see... Now I can finally... Thank you Kokoa... I love you..."
  • (To Kokoa) "Please forgive Mother... She just wanted it back... Father's heart... The peaceful family we once were... Mother was hoping that, with me, she could take back Father's heart... Of course Father worked his hardest for her sake... But his love for Akasha was something that couldn't be broken... The reason why she was so harsh on me was likely a reaction to that. But Mother... She really loved us both... Definitely... From the bottom... Of her heart... Gah!... So please... Forgive... Her... Please... Forgive... Us..."
  • "...I'm sorry Kokoa... For never being much of an older sister... I'm sorry... Sor...ry..."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Kahlua's alternative name spellings are Kalua because of her drink-based name with the H being silent; and Karua as Japanese pronunciation with the 'L' becoming an "R".
  • Like her sisters, her name is a reference to a drink. Kahlua's name is a reference to Kahlúa, a coffee flavored liqueur from Mexico.
  • After removing her 2nd limiter, Kahlua's body became fluidic in that she nearly decapitated herself but she was seemingly unfazed. 
  • Despite being an assassin, in the Season 2 Volume 12 Omake, one of the assassination techniques that Kahlua is inexperience in is seducing men to coax them into bed. In Kahlua's case, she wasn't taught by her mother on how to seduce a guy nor what to do when she's in bed with a guy and finds this whole solution to be embarrassing. She even watched a porn video to understand this matter. 
  • Kahlua revealed near her own death that she had stood by Gyokuro's side and done whatever she asked (consequently making her life so sullied that she wanted any one of her older sisters to vanquish her) because she knew if she didn't stay by her side, her mother would have been left alone.
  • In the Epilogue tales for the series, Kahlua and Aqua are shown to become the future leaders of the Shuzen Family and the family name is more widespread and feared than ever before.
    • This is due to both of them no longer killing to make Moka and Kokoa like them again. Leaving barely alive victims also shows the Shuzen family's power.
  • Kahlua proved she's an excellent battle analyst when Kokoa began making headway while she still wore 1 limiter. She remarked that Kokoa had fewer openings and her moves weren't as rough as before. Consequently, she praised Kokoa for finding the style that suited her best.
  • More properly, Kahlua's name is spelled as Kalua without the "h" in pronunciation wise to English language pronunciation skills, but since the name literally has Spanish-language origins, "Kahlua" or more commonly, "Kahlúa" has a silent H due to the J being akin to the H sound in the language. The "L" in her name is where it comes from in English, while her translated English-to-Japanese-transliteration name is Karua with the letter 'R'.

References[edit | edit source]

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  2. She is seen with this during the first chapter of the fourth book of the second season.
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