Kōji Aono
Kana 青野 故事
Romaji Aono Kōji
Birthday Unknown
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Race Human
Hair Color Brown
Personal Status
Relatives Tsukune Aono (Son)
Kyōko Aono (Niece)
Kasumi Aono (Wife)
Class None
Voice Actor Scott Freeman (English)
Kōji Aono is the husband of Kasumi Aono, the father of Tsukune Aono and the uncle of Kyōko Aono.

Manga Edit

Year OneEdit

Kōji makes about a few brief appearances. First, he appears as to explain to Tsukune how he found the entrance form to Yōkai Academy. Second, he's reading a newspaper as his wife is talking on the phone with Tsukune. Third, he's seen has his son waves goodbye to his friends returning to the monster world as a result coming home due to his wife's panic calls.

Year TwoEdit

In the second series upon Alucard's defeat, Kōji along with is wife and niece watch on the televison of the battle's end.

Anime Edit

Year OneEdit

In the first episode he is shown how he got the entrance form to Yōkai Academy. Later, he appears when the newspaper club, excluding Ginei Morioka, comes to visit and causes trouble.

Year TwoEdit

Kōji is briefly seen at the end of Capu2 Episode 7 as a response to his wife's panic calls.


  • "I'm the father."

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