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Junya Inui
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Kana 乾 潤也
Romaji Inui Jun'ya
Gender Male
Status Alive
Race Onimodoki
Personal Status

Junya Inui (乾 潤也, Inui Jun'ya?) is an Onimodoki student that attended Yokai Academy. He is introduced when he sees Moka Akashiya sucking Tsukune's blood.


Inui in his "vampire form"

Claiming to be of vampire origins, Inui (as stated by Yukari) is a player who takes up the title of vampire to drop a females guard in order to approach them. In fact, he's a Onimodoki, creatures who pretend to be powerful monsters, in Inui's case a vampire, to intimidate other races but are actually weak. This truth as an Onimodoki was revealed by Tsukune by stating that the vampire he knows are honorable monsters and an actual vampire can kill him with one hit; but the actual idenity of Onimodoki was revealed by Inner Moka.

Inui being taught a lesson by Moka of how his pathetic vampire form is different from an actual vampire.


  • Inui appears in a bonus chapter of Rosario-Vampire.