A Jorōgumo (Spider Woman) is a Japanese Yōkai, a Japanese monster with the Japanese spellings being 絡新婦, literally meaning "coterie", meaning "people who stay close together" or "a group of people or click", in kanji; in hiragana, it is じょろうぐも, with literally no exact meaning or translation but "Jiyoung", in Japanese Romanization, being "Ji ~yorougumo"; in other kanji, spelled as "女郎蜘蛛", literally meaning "maiden spider", in kanji, for "絡新婦", meaning "coterie" or "binding bride". In other kanji, 女郎蜘蛛 can also literally mean "whore spider". In katakana, "ジョロウグモ" refers to exclusively as of a spider of the Nephila clavata spider species. The word "Jorō" can also literally mean or translate to "woman" in Japanese, while "gumo" comes from "kumo", literally meaning "spider". Spider Women are a different class of monster to a Spider Man or in Japanese, Otokogumo, due to being a female version of a male monster.

Bite Size Monster DictionaryEdit

A spider monster that takes the form of a women. It has been known in Japan since ancient times. Her appearance is very beautiful, and she uses it to mystify men and eat them. She makes sticky threads within her body which she uses to strangle and take her prey

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A Jorōgumo's facial features


A Jorōgumo's monster form looks identical to its human form with the exception of compound eyes and a set of eight spider-like legs that protrude out of the now-segmented stomach. When fully transformed, their mouths turn to multi-joint mandibles and their face mold toward more angular in shape to fit the mouth. The male version of the Jorougumo is the Tsuchigumo.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Like the spider they resemble, the Jorōgumo can produce web-like threads used to capture prey. Also like the spider, they have no problem crawling on their own webs without getting stuck.

Known JorōgumoEdit

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