Jasmine Intro
Kana ジャスミ
Romaji Jasumin
Manga Season II
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Appears 7-8
Status Deceased
Death Murdered By Humans
Race Vampire
Hair Color Light
Eye Color Light
Technique N/A
Equipment N/A
Personal Status
Relatives Akua Shuzen (Stepsister)
Alucard (Step-Grandfather)†
Affiliations Unknown
Class S-Class
Voice Actor None

Jasmine (ジャスミン Jasumin) was a vampire who lived in China with Akua Shuzen a long time ago. Her death at the hands of humans incited Akua's hatred of humans and her initiation into Fairy Tale. She is Akua's best friend and step-sister. She was emotionally hurt by Akua because Akua killed a human boy she liked.


Jasmine first appeared in Akua's flashback in chapter 56, when she rebuked Akua and declared she never wanted to have seen her again. The flashback ends with Jasmine slapping Akua.

She's formally introduced by Miyabi in Chapter 65.2. She was described as being "like a younger sister" to Akua. They lived amongst human society and, although they were poor, the two were happy together. Unfortunately, one day Jasmine was suspected of being a Vampire by the local humans; she was captured, tortured, and killed by being skewered on three sharp poles.

Akua later discovered this horrendous crime and swore on Jasmine's remains that she would slaughter all humans. It has been stated by Alucard that Jasmine bears a resemblance to Moka Akashiya, hinting at the reason why Akua wanted to protect her new sister so much.

She's next seen in another of Akua's flashbacks, where Jasmine was led across the flower fields by Akua, as they fled their home of so many years.  Jasmine wanted to return, but her sister refused, saying that since the villagers knew they were vampires, they couldn't return. The younger sister freed herself, and pointed out that it was happening only because Akua hurt one of the village boys, whom she'd grown to love. Though her sister pointed out that he would've turned on her had he discovered her true nature, Jasmine vowed to return regardless. "Human, monster, none of that matters to me!" she declared with tears in her eyes. "I want to believe in something much more valuable."


  • "You're so mean Onee-chan. How could you do something so terrible...?!"
  • "I... liked that boy. I loved him..."


  • Jasmine's heated words during her flashback were practically the same ones Moka spoke to Akua once she caught her fighting her mother, Akasha.
  • Her last words in her second flashback are repeated by Tsukune, which strikes a chord in Akua's tormented heart.
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