Issa Shuzen
Kana 朱染 一茶
Romaji Shuzen Issa
Manga Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 030
Anime Rosario + Vampire Capu2 Episode 13
Gender Male
Age 150+
Race Vampire
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Relatives Akasha Bloodriver (Wife)
Moka Akashiya (Daughter)
Kokoa Shuzen (Daughter)
Akua Shuzen (Daughter)
Kahlua Shuzen (Daughter)
Alucard (Father)†
Affiliations Shuzen Family
Yōkai Academy
Class Beyond S-Class
Voice Actor Katsuji Mori (Japanese)
J.Michael Tatum (English)

Issa Shuzen (朱染 一茶 Shuzen Issa) is the father of Moka Akashiya and her three sisters of the Shuzen Family, as well as a very influential figure among Vampires. In Chapter 31, it is revealed that he is the leader of the Three Great Dark Lords, and the Shinso. Fittingly, he is incredibly powerful and a very capable combatant.


In the manga, Issa Shuzen is seen as the head of the Shuzen Family. In the flashback into Moka's memories, he is shown to own a fairly large European-styled castle, which is the meeting place for vampires in all of Japan, and is apparently well known in the yōkai underworld for being the one to go to when a problem needs to be 'solved'. He also fits the general expectation of what one expects a vampire of his status to look and behave. When Akua is first introduced, he seems to be caring enough to make sure that Moka, Kahlua, and Kokoa all introduce themselves formally to Akua. However, right after that, he tells Kahlua and Akua to 'fight each other' without holding back.

Touhou Fuhai explains that the Shuzen house is probably the most fearsome place in all of Japan due to the high number of vampires who live there. Based on Akua's attack and subsequent deduction of Kahlua's fury, Issa stopped the match with a loud clap.

The clap was with great strength, so strong that it choked Kahlua and Akua in fear. It appears he determined the strength of each of them within a minute of battle. When he is warned of the possible threat of intruders, he merely brushes it aside, believing it to be yet another attempt to try to kill him. He states that if they managed to get into the castle, that he will take their challenge personally.

Despite his brutal nature, he treats his family rather well, celebrating his daughters' birthdays with them. He even seems supportive of Akasha's plan to have Moka leave the mansion for fear of having something happen to her because of 'that thing in the basement'.

In the most recent chapters, Issa is revealed to be Fairy Tale's 2nd Subdivision Leader when Gyokuro says to Touhou Fuhai that his opponent was not her but rather behind him (referring to Issa). This is later disproven in Chapter 64 when Touhou Fuhai reveals 'Issa' to be a doppelganger and says that the real one is much stronger.

In Gyokuro's flashback, Issa is talking with Akasha who's holding her daughter Moka about humans and monsters coexisting. Issa finds Akasha's solution to be interesting and saying when that time comes he will be with both Akasha and Moka in the newly human world.

Issa appears later on in the Epilogue "After Story". It's revealed by Kokoa that Issa was imprisoned in Fairy Tale by Alucard because of Gyokuro's coup d'etat. After the great battle had ended with Alucard, Issa's been running around everywhere in Japan trying to rebuild the Shuzen Family once more by gathering new members.

Issa comes to Yōkai Academy after meeting with Nurari, the bus driver. Nurari shows Issa Tsukune's wanted poster from Fairy Tale which they've put a price on Tsukune's head. Issa is assigned to kill the young Shinso Vampire saying he'll take care of him. 

Issa meets with Moka and Tsukune, commenting on how much she has grown. Tsukune nervously greets him, calling Issa father, leading to a furious aura out for blood with Tsukune comically shivering in fear as Issa is a powerful vampire, commenting, "I was wrong! Later, the three are seated at a bar table. He finds out that Tsukune was human and now a vampire. Issa asked Tsukune how he felt after hearing that he wasn't just close to Moka, but also some of the other girls. Tsukune hesitates, thinking of Outer Moka which Issa figures out. However, before Issa could question him about it, Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari, and Ruby interrupts them with their sexual appearances making Issa to believe that Tsukune has a harem, despite Tsukune's rejections to it as they were muffled by Kurumu's breasts and his nosebleed. Furious at his 'answer', Issa smashed the bar table. The group discovers the wanted poster of Tsukune and Issa claims that it's his and reveals himself to be an assassin to kill Tsukune. Moka tries to prevent Issa and Tsukune to clash, but Tsukune stands in front of everyone, willing to protect them with his life, glaring at Issa. Issa proceeds to attack Tsukune although kills a poisonous monster with a sharp needle that was sent by an assassin saving Tsukune's life.

Nurari comes to the scene revealing Issa to be on Tsukune's side and that him and the Shuzen Family will support and protect Tsukune taking out the assassins in Fairy Tale. Nurari also said that he hired Issa to become Tsukune's trainer since Tsukune had plenty to learn before becoming the next Headmaster, to which Issa gave a frightening smile that would make many folks' blood run cold. Nurari also tells Issa not to be too hard on him after Issa commented that Tsukune might be worth hazing. 

After Tsukune's training, Issa revealed himself to be a polygamist and made a mess of things. Issa's tells Tsukune he's thankful to him and his friends for stopping Gyokuro and saving Moka. Issa also says that the woman who disappeared with Alucard was not Outer Moka, it was his wife, Akasha. Issa states that although Outer moka was his wife, the girl grew up as a part of Moka, living within her. He points out to Tsukune that Outer Moka's soul should still be inside of his daughter, that is if Tsukune still thinks of her since Issa believes that Tsukune was in love with Moka's Outer personality, which is not true. Since he considers her as a friend.             


In this adaptation, Issa created Moka's Rosario Cross and the one used for the school barrier. His contempt for humans knows no bounds and, according to Koumori, his powers exceed that of a standard S-class yōkai, able to throw anyone with just a wave of his hand.

Moka's father resided in a vast castle when Tsukune Aono went in search of him for another Rosario cross. Upon meeting him, he disliked Tsukune because he chooses a "fake" Moka over his real daughter however he gains a respect for him once he takes the Rosario out of his hand without him knowing. As Inner Moka arrived and stopped the fight claiming that Tsukune would have lost if he kept fighting the way he was (she claimed if Issa was truly fighting seriously, Tsukune would have lost instantly). With this, he lets Tsukune keep the Rosario and he leaves, causing the castle to collapse.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Powers Edit

Vampirism: Though the full extent of Issa's powers are not shown he is mentioned by Touhou Fuhai, one of the Three Dark Lords, as having power far greater than an ordinary S-Class vampire. He was also referred to as the strongest vampire which was proven when he easily defeated Tsukune and leff him a bloody mess without receiving any injury. Though considering that Issa is not a Shinso vampire but has power that allows him to surpass the currently only living Shinso Vampires easily, he must have reached the pinnacle of vampiric potential and abilities.

  • Immense Strength: Issa is known as an extremely powerful vampire due to his enormous strength. With a powerful clap he silenced both Kahlua and Akua from their fight with the two being visibly frightened. He is able to destroy an entire bar table by simply slamming both of his fist on top and killed a poisonous monster that almost killed Tsukune with a single powerful punch. Issa's strength matches that of a Dark Lord and he was strong enough that he was able to easily overpower Tsukune as a Shinso Vampire and beat him to a bloody mess.
  • Immense Speed: Issa is shown to be extremely fast, as he was able to easily catch Tuskune completely off guard with his speed when a poisonous monster tried to kill Tsukune from behind while the latter couldn't react to his movement. Later,when they sparred,Issa was not hit even once by Tsukune and he very quickly defeated Tsukune.
  • Yoki Detection: Issa can detect another monster's aura which is a standard ability amongst vampires. Though Issa's skill in this ability appears to be more advanced than an average vampire as he was able to detect the poisonous monster attempting to kill Tsukune while Tsukune himself and his friends didn't even noticed it. Though their attention was completely focused on Issa out of suspicions of his intentions when they noticed that he dropped a wanted poster of Tsukune out of his coat pocket.
  • Immense Demonic Aura: Issa apparently has a monstrous level of Yoki as when the 2nd Sub-Division Leader of Fairy Tale had copied the vampire's form and abilities to a lesser degree, Moka had sensed his Yoki to be identical to that of Issa himself from a far away distance and became increasingly frightened by his presence. In fact she even proclaimed him to be Shuzen's strongest man while still under the belief that the doppelganger was Issa.
    • Force Push: In the anime, Issa has shown the ability to repel others away just by exerting his Yoki with either a wave of his hand or by his thought. He did this to push Tsukune away from where he was sitting to show his disapproval of Tsukune choosing Outer Moka over Inner Moka.

Abilities Edit

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Issa is extremely skilled in Hand-to-Hand Combat and an exceptionally powerful fighter with his immense speed,agillity,and strength,with Kokoa noting his combat level as being equal to that of the Three Dark Lords. This was proven when Issa is able to easily defeat Tsukune after he became a Shinso Vampire during training, in fact,Tsukune was unable to land a single hit on Issa while he reduced the latter to a bloody mess in their fight.



  • "This isn't what you'd call our occupation, but sometimes, there are some "worthy people" who will receive rewards after taking care of "certain tasks." Some would call us the "problem solvers" of the underground world." 
  • (To Akua and Kahlua) Well then my daughters, there's no need to hold back. Fight each other.
  • (To Akasha) You've taught them well... they're getting along with each other much better than I expected.
  • (To Moka) It's been so long, Moka. You've grown so much since I last saw you.
  • (To Tsukune) I'm a Polygamist myself and made a real mess of things, so let me warn you now... I'm sure you'll know what I mean one day. That said they're all nice friends. I'm thankful to you all for stopping Gyokuro and saving Moka. ...As a thank you, I'll tell you something. The person who disappeared along with Alucard in that battle wasn't the "Outer" one. That was my wife, Akasha. The "Outer"one may be Akasha, but she was, at the same time, inside Moka, living and growing as part of her. That soul may have lost its form, but even now, it should be still be inside that body. That is... as long as you continue to think of her...


  • "As I thought, humans are so weak."
  • (To Moka) All of this, is proof for your new life.
  • (To Tsukune) I'll leave that rosario to you then, Aono Tsukune.


  • In the anime, Issa appears with silver hair instead of black hair. This is likely to create the resemblance between him and Inner Moka as she is not a Shinso Vampiress in the anime.
    • This aspect is made more evident in the manga, since Inner Moka only has silver hair because of her near death and blood transfusion at infancy and after becoming a stabilized Shinso Vampiress, her hair began turning into the same shade of pink as her mother and Outer Moka.
  • Just like the rest of his family, he is named after a beverage, Issa meaning "one tea."
  • In the anime, Issa has a habit of curling the strand of hair that hangs over his left eye.
  • In the manga especially, Issa resembles the traditional image of a Vampire.
  • In the manga, despite being Japanese, Issa's clothes have an older European styling to them.
  • Issa's being worked up at finding out Tsukune had multiple females fawning over him in the epilogue, seemed to be admiration of Tsukune being a polygamist like himself, hence why he'll help Tsukune.
  • When Issa reappeared in the Manga Epilogue, his clothes were modern stylish wear, like what a wealthy man who had no need to worry over money might wear to be "casual stylish".

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