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is a Mukadegami and an alumnus of Yokai Academy who appeared in chapter 27 of the first serialization.


Year OneEdit

Hyakushiki is first seen in his true form watching on how Tsukune Aono wanted to suck Moka Akashiya's blood due to his ghoul nature believing that Tsukune's like him who wants to eat. Moments soon he confronts Tsukune and attacks him so he can eat him. When Moka came to Tsukune to see him in battle, Hyakushiki grabbed Moka and held her so he can eat her as well, however is stopped by Tsukune as he punched him in defeat. Hyakushiki realized that Tsukune's power is very sinister. Hyakushiki was sent by Mikogami to kill Tsukune knowing that he was a test for Tsukune to control his vampiric powers.


Hyakushiki's true form


  • It's revealed by Hyakushiki that he lives in the Human World and has a beloved human woman as his lover, however, due to his hunger he ate her.
    • Its unknown if this actually causes him grief or he's slipped so deep into insanity, that he focuses on eating to avoid guilt.
    • In the english version, the woman is hypethetical; Hyakushiki implies his self control is better than what it seems.
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