Hokuto Kaneshiro
Kana 金城 北都
Romaji Kaneshiro Hokuto
Birthday November 24
Gender Male
Age 18-20
Race Human (Former)
Hybrid (Former)
Chimera (Current)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Technique Martial Arts
Equipment Holy Lock, Tentacle claws
Rosary of Judgment (formerly)
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Affiliations ANTI-THESIS Leader (formerly)
Fairy Tale (formerly)
Class Unknown year Yōkai Academy (formerly)
Voice Actor N/A

Hokuto Kaneshiro (金城 北都 Kaneshiro Hokuto) is a former member of Fairy Tale, the previous leader of ANTI-THESIS, and currently confined to a wheelchair due to the degenerative influence of the monster blood inside him. Hokuto was previously a student at Yōkai Academy and the primary antagonist of the first series of the manga.

History[edit | edit source]

Hokuto was originally Human and following years of physical abuse from his father he accidentally enrolled himself into Yōkai Academy to escape from him. Unfortunately, all he found there was death and unlike Tsukune, he admitted that he never had anyone to protect him. Eventually he met Kiria Yoshii who then injected his monster blood into Hokuto so he can survive the dangers of Yokai Academy.

Sometime later he and Kiria plotted to destroy the harmony of the school and the human world by bringing down the school's barrier by first gathering fellow hybrids that came to be known as Anti-Thesis. The Headmaster eventually designated Hokuto to being the head of the committee for the school festival.

Appearance[edit | edit source]


Hokuto Kaneshiro is very tall in stature standing almost a foot over Aono Tsukune, in fact it is the height difference between Tsukune and Hokuto that Tsukune takes first notice of upon Hokuto's introduction. He has dark hair and dark brown eyes which he wears glasses over. In Season 1 Hokuto dresses in a black variant of the Yokai Academy uniform, however during his fight with Moka and Tsukune it is shown that under it he wears a dark tank top which reveals his battle hardened muscular physique as well as the many scars he has gained over the years. He also wears a silver pendant around his neck with a skull etched upon it. Hokuto, like Tsukune, wears a Holy Lock in order to keep his remaining humanity intact. Hokuto's lock is worn on his left arm and is shown to have nearly all of its links shattered.(Shattered Link Count:16+)

In Season 2 Hokuto's style of dress consists of a white business shirt with a black vest to go over it as well as black pants, black shoes, a dress tie, and an expensive-looking watch with a leather band. His most noticeable trait though is that he,has been confined to a wheelchair due to his body degenerating from the monster blood inside of him.

Hokuto in color

Personality[edit | edit source]

Hokuto has shown to be a very manipulative individual with an intellect to match. He is able to keep a step ahead of the Headmaster, as when he was prepared to break out of a barrier pre-prepared by the latter. As well as knowing how to disable the barrier veiling the Academy from the Humans outside. He also manipulated others to do his dirty work and bore no remorse when they were killed (like when he deceived Tsukune into believing he was working against the very organization he himself was leading).

Manga[edit | edit source]

Year One[edit | edit source]

He is introduced as the President of the committee that is preparing for the coming school's festival, but is revealed to be the leader of ANTI-THESIS after the incident of Mizuki's attempt to kill Tsukune, Kurumu and Mizore (due to a slip in his mouth revealing that he's part of ANTI-THESIS); which eventually failed after Tsukune breaks the 3rd part of the Holy lock which allowed him to tap into the powers of his vampiric blood. After being defeated, he was critically injured and was placed in the hospital, where he was re-injected with monster blood from Kiria to keep him alive.

Year Two[edit | edit source]

Hokuto transforming

Fairy tale 1st Subdivision Staff Officer. He was last seen after the failed attempted of crashing the plane. After the fight at the Huang Mansion, he and Kiria appeared. He says that he know where Akua and Moka are heading and they are here to help Tsukune. He later appears to help the group rescue Moka, but appears to abandon them when Gyokuro's Enemy Zero is used. However, he later arrives to save Tsukune from Alucard.

When the Shuzen Family vampires become Ghouls and Tsukune realizes he is resonating with them, Hokuto cautions him to control his emotions to avoid losing control to the Ghoul in him. He later expresses frustration when Tsukune ignores his caution to save Moka from a ghoul. When Tsukune defeats Gyokuro Shuzen, Hokuto displays abject shock at the fact Gyokuro lost, yet he doesn't seem too disappointed at Tsukune beating her.

After Gyokuro rises up and fuses herself with Alucard, Hokuto along with Tsukune and his friends are ready to fight, however, Gyokuro beats them easily. Hokuto's wheelchair is broken and Tsukune carries him. When Kiria appears to both of them in his true form, Hokuto quickly transforms into his monster form ready to battle Kiria pushing Tsukune away saying that he will fall. Later after Alucard's demise, Hokuto is unconscious while being held by Kiria standing along side with Kuyō holding the corpes of Kahlua Shuzen and they make their escape to rebuild Fairy Tale a second time.  

Equipment[edit | edit source]

  • Holy Lock (formerly): As Hokuto was originally human like Tsukune, he wore a holy lock wrapped around his left forearm to suppress his Yokai powers. Though unlike Tsukune's ghoul nature, as Hokuto was injected with hybrid and eventually chimera blood his holy lock is used to maintain his human form rather than to maintain his sanity.
  • Rosary of Judgement (formerly): When Hokuto stole the rosary from Tenmei Mikogami, he used it to create a powerful barrier around Kurumu, Yukari, Mizore, and Ruby to prevent them from interfering. Later on he used the rosary to gain access to the "Everlasting Altar of Darkness" within the academy's basement and proceeded to use it to dispel the great barrier. After his defeat the rosary was returned to the headmaster.

Powers & Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Hokuto's original monster form

Hybrid & Chimera Physiology: Hokuto was once a human, but due to being injected with monster blood by Kiria he has become a Hybrid. In his suppressed state Hokuto was able to fend off Tsukune fairly easily even when under the influence of the injected Vampire-blood (albeit the latter lack of experience with martial arts during the time). After full degeneration from the monster blood inside him and infection from Alucard has turned Hokuto (like Kiria) into a synthetic beast, a Chimera.

  • Transformation: He is able to transform his limbs into sharp protrusions and turn into a large multi-limbed beast after removing his Holy Lock. Even after being reduced to navigating within the confines of a wheelchair this ability in no way has been affected. He can also turn his limbs into tentacles. After revealing his full degeneration into a chimera from his monster blood, Hokuto sprouted giant bat wings along with tentacles that support his paralyzed legs in order for him to stand.
  • Immense Strength: Mostly due to his size. In his release state Hokuto is superhumanly strong, capable of overcoming Tsukune and Moka and severely wounding them. Even in his suppressed state, Hokuto is still considerly strong such as when he grabbed onto Kurumu's wrist firmly she was unable to break free. By a simple budge with his right hand, Hokuto was able to send Tsukune hurling across the yard away from Kiria. Hokuto was able to cause a crater in the wall with a plank after merely missing Tsukune's head as well as severely wounding everyone of Tsukune's friend in his suppressed state who were using their release form. Even Tenmei Mikogami a member of the Three Dark Lords was severely injured from a single attack though Mikogami's powers were restricted by three holy locks at the time thus diminishing his capabilities not to mention his guard was down then. During his one-on-one fight with Tsukune his extended claws and tentacles could easily shatter apart concrete and is more than enough to counter and severely injured him despite the latter having the endurance of a vampire.
  • Immense Speed & Reflexes: Hokuto is a very fast fighter. In his suppressed state he was able to easily dodge all of Tsukune's attacks that had the power and speed of a vampire while making counterattacks that the latter could barely dodge or react to. In fact during that fight with Tsukune, Hokuto was noted to barely have any effort in his dodging and that he was just toying with Tsukune. In his released state, Hokuto is fast enough to deliver multiple slash attacks that even Moka couldn't completely dodge despite Hokuto's large size. Hokuto is also fast enough to grab and save Tsukune from Alucard's attack when he was under Gyokuro's control despite the distance between the former two being a mere few feet apart.
  • Immense Durability: Hokuto's body was incredibly resistant to damage such as taking a direct kick to the face by Moka with only slight injuries which send him to his defeat. Even in his suppressed state, Hokuto is still resistant to damage such as when he took a team attacks by Kurumu, Mizore, Yukari and Ruby several times he only appeared with a slight gash in his forehead. He took a full force punch to the face by Tsukune who was using his vampire power completely unharmed even after being hurled through several surroundings along the way as well as taking a direct knee to the face by Moka he only appeared with a sight gash in his forehead.
  • Immense Stamina: Hokuto's musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human or yokai, allowing him to be physically active for longer periods of time. He was able to immediately break free from the Headmaster's barrier and engage in a one-on-one fight with Tsukune just after pretending to be defeated for an extended period of time that Tsukune's ghoul nature started to break through while hardly looking tired. Later after bringing down the great barrier of Yokai Academy he then released his holy lock and engaged both Tsukune and Moka at same time with little rest between the fights. Even after being defeated by Moka and Tsukune, he was able to stand up and help Tsukune to restore the school's barrier.
  • Great Demonic Aura: Hokuto can exert a powerful amount of Yoki for a non-vampire Yokai where even Moka was visibly unnerved upon sensing his aura leaking out of his Holy Lock which she compares to the Yoki of Tsukune's ghoul nature. Kurumu had described his aura as pitch black and was also able to tell his sinister nature just from sensing it during the confrontation between him and Tsukune.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hokuto is a very skilled fighter as he proves to be one of the most deadly foes Tsukune and his friends ever faced, something made more notable as he is not a vampire yet has skills and abilities comparable to one. Hokuto was able to slaughter every member of the committee in just in his suppressed state. Even with his true form suppressed, Hokuto is intelligent and a powerful practitioner of martial arts, which, when combined with his ability to unwrap and extend his fingers to strike with rock-shattering force makes him a deadly fighter. He is able to fight off and toy with Tsukune using his vampire powers to the point of almost releasing his ghoul self while commenting that the latter's movements were amateurish and like a wild animal's. Even after being confined to a wheelchair, Hokuto's skills did not deteriorate in the slightest being able to easily fend off multiple Shuzen Vampires with one hand while the other is focused on controlling his wheelchair.

Master Manipulator: Hokuto is very manipulative as he managed to infiltrate Yokai Academy in order to destroy it from the inside without anyone realizing his true intent which includes Tenmei Mikogami of the Three Dark Lords until he willingly allowed himself to be caught in the act. He was able to manipulate the committee members and Tsukune into believing that he has good intentions for Yokai Academy but was secretly plotting to pit its yokai populace against the humans in a war.

Master Strategist & Tactician: Hokuto is extremely crafty and cunning. This is evidenced in his ability to plan out his attempt on obtaining the Rosary of Judgement from Tenmei Mikogami by pretending to be defeated by Tsukune and his friends without any one of them realizing it. Later he was able to lure out Gyokuro from hiding by pretending to abandon Tsukune and his friends during their rescue of Moka without anyone of them realizing it either which is synchronized with the second group's arrival.

Black Arts Expert: He shown to be quite knowledgeable with the black arts in particular with that of barrier magic, as when he easily broke his way out of the Headmaster's pre-prepared barrier and managed to cast it on Tsukune's friends with relative ease. He was also aware of the barrier which veiled the Academy from the human world, as well as how to dispel it.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Hokuto's name Kaneshiro (金城) can also be pronounced as Kinjō in Japanese.
  • His name "Hokuto" can also be pronounced as "Hok-toh" in Japanese.
  • Unlike most Yōkai, Hokuto's monster form is likely one of the least reminiscent to his human form, leaving the only part human-like is his head, located in the center of his "chest," while his entire body is turn into a skeletal beast.
  • Part of Kaneshiro's name "-shiro", of "Kaneshiro" (金城), which is "城" means "castle" in Japanese. One of another "shiro" (白) literally means "white" in Japanese.
  • When Kiria injects his blood into Hokuto in the hospital, he remarks about how Hokuto never opened his heart to anyone, until Tsukune Aono.
  • Hokuto cautioned Tsukune against getting emotional for the sake of suppressing his ghoul powers.
  • Hokuto had a shocked expression when Tsukune beat Gyokuro, suggesting that Gyokuro was a truly fearsome Vampire without her limiter to suppress her power, yet Tsukune defeated her anyway.
  • The name Hokuto Kaneshiro can be a play to Fist Of The North Star's(Hokuto No Ken) protaganist Kenshiro who uses Hokuto Shinken to combat enemies.
  • After losing his wheelchair in Chapter 63, Hokuto explains that his disability is due to the side-effects of Kiria's blood given to him.
  • Hokuto's name "Hokuto" (北都) means "north town" in Japanese. "Kita" (北) means "North" and "Miyako" (都), which makes up the "-to", means "town" or "city". 
  • Being a newly born Chimera, Hokuto is the first ancestor to the family name "Kaneshiro".
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