Hitomi Ishigami
Kana 藤咲 雅
Romaji Ishigami Hitomi
Anime Does not appear
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Race Medusa
Hair Color Snakes
Eye Color Black
Technique Hair
Equipment Hair
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Affiliations N/A
Class N/A
Voice Actor None
Hitomi Ishigami (石神 ひとみ, Ishigami Hitomi) was the former art teacher at Yōkai Academy, and is the legendary Medusa.


She loves art in many forms. She finds destruction as the purest form of art outside her petrified statues, indicating that she is severely mentally unstable. She'll toy with and gloat over her opponents, leaving sizable openings. She is a strong and powerful Gorgon, or Medusa who takes pleasure in using sizable stone figures in the forms of her students who are beautiful. As a Medusa, Ishigami can turn what she wants to into stone. Ishigami was looking for Moka Akashiya to model for her in Series I originally in a chapter.


She seems to be in her early 30s or late 20s with a hourglass figure. While in her human form, her braided hair is a stand in for her locks of snakes. She wears a bandana over her head and only discards it when she needs to fully move her hair. Hitomi wears a tube top, slim jeans, pumps, a golden necklace and a long trench coat with paint stains on it from her stint of painting when she taught Art Class. When she reveals her true nature, mottled lines form under her eyes and fangs are visible in her mouth. Her eyes also have a colder look when she shows her true nature.


Year One Edit

Ishigami is first introduced when Moka was taking her class, she had a desire to turn any attractive female student into stone, but was stopped by Tsukune and Moka, resulting in her immediate sacking from the faculty. Ishigami returns, secretly informing the Student Police Committee of Tsukune's human nature, but immediately leaves the scene when the head of the Student Police, Kuyo, is soundly defeated.

In the final chapters of Series I, Ishigami reveals it was she who gave Tsukune's cousin, Kyouko Aono, the Lilth's Mirror, with the intention of stealing his soul, with the added bonus of releasing all the students into their monster state, through the powers of the artifact, to create an uproar that will destroy the school, stating how death and destruction is the purest form of art. Ishigami is defeated a second time and arrested. She doesn't make an appearance in the anime.


Her bite can instantly turn its victim into stone, but she lacks the ability to turn people into stone with a gaze.


  • Flowers, lives, love... They are most pristine when they are at the brink of being destroyed. As an artist... I yearn for the sight of this academy's final moments as it teeters on the brink of destruction. This I shall impress into my memory.


  • Ishigami possess the same ability to turn people into stone just like Medusa, but unlike the legendary gorgon, whose stares will instantly turn anyone into stone, her braided hair, which is a stand-in for the snakes of a gorgon, bites into her enemies, and turns them into stone.
  • Ishigami's proper Yokai lineage is a "Gorgon" not a Medusa.
  • Ishigami's giving Kyouko Aono Lilith's Mirror to steal Tsukune's soul suggests a deep-seated thirst for revenge. First, Tsukune freed Inner Moka to deal with her, at the cost of turning to stone. That cost Ishigami her collection of girls whom she had turned to stone, as well as her job. Nextly, her bid to kill Tsukune was thwarted when Kuyo sought to kill him and then Inner Moka saved his life, as well as used her blood to pass him off as a Vampire. For such a disturbed person, the first incident caused a desire for revenge, while the second amplified it terribly.
  • Ishigami's thirst for revenge came full-circle when she was arrested for the catastrophic events her mirror scheme caused. Old saying: "Revenge has a way of rebounding upon oneself."
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