or "Smile" Higuma is a Human that only appears in the Rosario+Vampire Prototype One-Shot Chapter 0 of Season 1. He's a muscular Japanese teacher at Yokai Private Academy (Human School in this chapter), a 7th dan in Kendo, his hobbies are bodybuilding, and the bodyguard of the Student Council President under the Headmaster's order.


One ShotEdit

He first appears when Moka Akashiya threw a softball at the school's window by accident which landed right on the teacher's head with pieces of glass attached to his skin. He goes outside, blames some of the male students, and beats them up with his wooden weapon.

Later, Higuma calls for Tsukune Aono to come with him for breaking the school's window (which was really Moka) and brings him to the music class room. When Tsukune walked in the classroom he saw Moka being held hostage by the President knowing that it was trap for Tsukune and it's revealed that Higuma is the President's bodyguard. The selfish student orders Higuma to kill Tsukune for being near Moka before joining him and Tsukune was beaten up badly by the two. However, Tsukune gets back up on his feet, releases Moka's true self, and the teacher is defeated by Moka's thrust then drains the President's life-force energy afterwards ending his selfishness.

The next day, Higuma is seen walking with a crutch in his weaken state along side with the President who looked like an old man walking with a cane knowing that his normal state that was drained by Moka won't return for the next few days. 

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