Haiji Miyamoto
Kana 宮本 灰次
Romaji Miyamoto Haiji
Birthday March 17
Gender Male
Age 19
Race Crow Tengu
Hair Color Grey
Technique Karate
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Yōkai Academy Karate Club (Formerly)
Class Yōkai Academy Graduate
Voice Actor None

Haiji Miyamoto (宮本 灰次? Miyamoto Haji) is the former president of Yōkai Academy's Karate Club and is a huge lolicon pervert. As a result, Yukari Sendo and Kokoa Shuzen harbor deep hatred for him, constantly beating him whenever their paths cross.

He had a rivalry with his friend Ginei Morioka for the affection of San Otonashi, who was both their Senpai, but lately he ends up dating Kokoa. His true form is that of a Crow Tengu.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Haiji is a fierce karate martial artist, bending his intolerance of disrespect of karate only for children. As is fitting with being a Crow Tengu, he has a noted love of children. (the reason why he is a lolicon) This is proven true when Kokoa Shuzen shrinks back down into a child. After teasing her and picking her up with a smile, when the Karate club recruiter urges Haiji to harm her, he glares at the recruiter and makes him back off on parading the "club's disgrace".

He is prone to occasional outbursts of anger when kept from his intened goal, such as Fairy Tale's 7th branch office blocking him from seeing San Otonashi. After they raised his ire again, he decided to use them as an outlet (they asked for it!) for his anger.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Haiji is a tall, intimidating man with broad shoulders, light eyes and short grey hair. Fitting his title as the president of the Karate club, he wears a formal white karate gi with a black belt wrapped around his waist. He normally walks around barefoot, but he will occasionally wear white tennis shoes with red stripes.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Crow Tengu Physiology: As a crow tengu, Haiji possesses powers common to them but like transforming into a humanoid crow at will but is heightened from his training to be comparable to that of an S-Class monster.

  • Transformation: A basic ability where Haiji transforms into a humanoid being with a crow beak and wings at will.
  • Flight: Due to being a crow tengu and thus having wings, Haiji is capable of flying at will such as flying down to the final battle against Alucard with most of the other allies.
  • Wind Manipulation: As a crow tengu, Haiji possesses the ability to directly manipulate the wind around him though he only shown this ability by compressing the surrounding wind and shoot it towards his target like a cannon. He describes his fists as cannons of air in this manner and was powerful enough to wound and defeat groups Shuzen vampires at once in continuous use.
  • Immense Strength: Due to his constant martial arts training, Haiji possesses powerful physical strength. He is able to punch through a yokai at a fair distance away with just the air pressure from his fist alone without using his wind manipulation ability. Later after training with Kokoa for a month, Haiji is capable of punching away Kahula's razor wings and sending her skidding a fair distance away from Kokoa. Before doing his combination with Ginei he is shown with Gin to have taken down some of the Shuzen vampires while in his human form.
  • Enhanced Speed: Haiji is a very fast fighter. This is shown when he was able to easily appear behind Kokoa during her fight with Kahula and punched away the latter's razor wings before it hit Kokoa and without either of them noticing him despite the small distance between him and them.
  • Enhanced Durability: Haiji possesses a certain level of durability and resilience shown when he had punched away Kahula's razor wings with his bare fist without suffering any damage from doing so despite the wings being sharp and powerful enough to easily penetrate through concrete and stone and capable of easily piercing Moka.
  • Enhanced Stamina: Haiji's musculature produces considerably little fatigue toxins than the musculature of ordinary humans, allowing him to be physically active for longer periods of time. This is shown when he and Ginei alone took down the entire Shuzen vampire army by themselves with Haiji using continuous wind cannons one after the other in order to defeat them without showing any exhaustion afterwards.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Haiji excels as the Captain of the Karate club, which suggests a high level of prowess in the art. He is shown to incorporate his tengu abilities directly with Karate techniques which took down the 7th Sub-Division of Fairy Tale and the Shuzen vampires with Ginei both times.

Teamworker: Haiji and Ginei excel well together in a fight being able to utilize each other's strength to their advantage something made more easier from their common perverseness. Gyokuro Shuzen has noted that, together with Gin, their combination of speed and wind was too much for the Shuzen's vampires.

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Empty Fist- Hole Puncher

  • Empty Fist- Hole Puncher: Haiji lashes out with a jab of his right arm, releasing what appears to be air pressure. This technique has been shown to be powerful enough to punch holes through and injure several lower-ranked members of Fairy Tale.
  • Fuuga Seiken Zuki (Gale Punch): When in his true form, Haiji is capable of releasing pressurized bursts of wind that seem to transform into tornadoes when coming in contact with an enemy.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Year Two[edit | edit source]

New and Old Club Members Arc[edit | edit source]

Haiji and other Third Grade members from the Karate Club appear, asking Kokoa if she had been a little rough to his juniors and saying not to underestimate his club. Saying that she would join them if they could beat her, everyone is then shocked when Kokoa suddenly shrinks. Then, realizing what happened, they appeared behind Kokoa and cracked their knuckles.

Haiji feints an attack on Kokoa, which then hits the wall behind her and cause a small explosion. He then tells her he is the captain of the club and that anyone who mocked it wouldn't be pardoned. He then picks her up and says that she is cute (making Kokoa accuse him of being a lolicon) before the recruiter tells him to punish her.

With a stern look, Haiji tells them that he wouldn't have them expose their shame "any more than this" and sends them running.

Later on, Haiji comes to find some of the bullying "idiots" of his club in a brawl with what appears to be a group of children. They all then turn on him, where he admits he's a lolicon, before they defeat him with Child-Only-Combination-Secret-Super-Move: Rainbow Destroyer.

Second Battle with Fairy Tale Arc[edit | edit source]

Haiji appears to help Gin at the Headquarters of Fairy Tale's 7th Division. He was angry because he had wanted to help San, though was drawn into the conflict. Later, he is seen defeating numerous enemies with his Empty Fist- Hole Puncher.

He later remarks about how the members of the division kept coming after them one after another. Gin then tells him that they'll have to defeat the division before they can go after San, seconds before they are surrounded once more. When Gin tells him about how he was beaten by San, he says he wouldn't want to make an enemy out of her a second time before he explains San's limiter and why she was called the "Strongest of the Generations". Once they had defeated the entire Fairy Tale 7th Division, both Gin and Haiji made their way to Marin-san's Inn. There he awkwardly remarked about how they had a "enjoyable time shopping (for rods)", only for Kokoa to yell at him. After getting Kokoa angry enough to kill him, he senses San's Yōki before he turned around and picked her up.

After Gin did something stupid, the girls fire the firework-launcher at both Gin and Haiji, causing them both to start running.

Infiltrating Fairy Tale, Saving Moka Arc[edit | edit source]

Haiji later appears in a hovercraft with Tohou Fuhai, Kokoa Shuzen, Ling-Ling Huang, Ginei Morieka, and the Bus Driver when his cell phone beeps. When Tohou says that the first party has located Moka and that is now their time to shine, he says that party is just starting.

He then pats Kokoa on the head when he notices that she's shaking, only for her to angrily call him a lolicon before thanking him for training her.

During the fight on top of the Floating Garden, Haiji is a valuable asset, beating swaths of Gyokuro's underlings with Gin and helping Kokoa overcome her fears and lack of self-confidence. With Haiji's words of confidence, Kokoa is able to adequately compete with Kahlua and thanks Haiji for his help.

After disappearing with the rise of the Black Parade; Haiji, Gin, Ling-Ling are confirmed to be alive later following Tsukune and Moka's display of their power and Alucard's regeneration. Also alive are the young head of the Miu family and Routier. Ling-Ling reveals that while they all played dead, the Huang-Miu treaty was renewed. As for Alucard's clones in China, they had to face the unified monsters of China with Ten-Ten Huang and Fei-Hong Huang leading the attack.

New Start Arc[edit | edit source]

After the battle against Alucard, Haiji is seen in the bus with everyone happily greeting Tsukune's return and the all head back to the Academy. Haiji eventually graduates from the Academy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • He might be a S-Class Monster due to the fact that he is able to take on an entire division of Fairy Tale with Gin and is even complemented by Gyokuro Shuzen on that.
  • Haiji was furious seeing the Shuzen Family Vampires watching Kokoa Shuzen dueling against her elder sister, and seeing that they looked as though they were watching a cockfight. This told him what had helped to decimate Kokoa's confidence.
  • In the Manga Epilogue, Haiji is shown to have developed romantic feelings for Kokoa and officially starts dating her. Unfortunately, neither of them seem to have any clue of what "dating" really means, as they spend all the time fighting each other in order to become stronger combatants.
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