Fujiko Sendō
Kana 仙童 不二子
Romaji Sendō Fujiko
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Age 34 (Possibly)
Race Witch
Hair Color Black (Manga)
Brown (Anime)
Eye Color Purple
Technique Pots
Equipment Magic Wand
Voodoo doll
Personal Status
Relatives Yukari Sendo (Daughter)
Tamanori Sendo (Husband)
Class Yōkai Academy Graduate
Voice Actor None
Fujiko Sendō is the wife of Tamanori Sendo and the mother of Yukari Sendo. She appears in chapter 24 of the second serialization alongside Tsurara Shirayuki and Ageha Kurono, to aide their daughters in an athletic carnival. She had a short appearance in the first series at the school festival. She may or may not be a true mute in both the manga and anime.


Just like the other mothers, Fujiko's age is never mentioned. However, since she used to be in the same class as Tsurara Shirayuki and Ageha Kurono, she must be about their age (Tsurara being the only one whose age can be confirmed with some certainty).

However, since her daughter is a genius, it might be possible that Fujiko is also a genius; she could be a few years younger than her classmates.


Like her daughter, Fujiko is a witch and has the ability to use magic. Also like Yukari, she loves to attack enemies with metal pots, but her skill is much more advance to the point where she will drop them from orbit, gaining extreme speed for reentry.


  • Harahara-kun: Like her daughter Yukari, Fujiko has a voodoo doll. She first used it against some Zombies in the athletic carnival.


  • Because she does not have any lines of speech in the manga, the anime renders her as indefinitely mute, only using a wide array of expressions to communicate. Characters around her however, act as though she actually does talk. She did have one thought line though.
  • In the omake set of the sports carnival, Fujiko seems to be unable to cope with being over looked and tried to draw attention to herself by blowing up the school in the confusion.
  • Just like her husband, Fujiko is mute or has a speech disorder, unable to verbally communicate.


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