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Fang Fang Huang
Kana 黄 芳芳
Romaji Won Fanfan (Japanese)
Huáng Fāngfāng (Chinese)
Birthday August 14th
Gender Male
Age 16
Race Yasha
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Pale Pink
Technique Monster Summoning
Chinese Martial Arts
Equipment Coin Sword
Personal Status
Relatives Ling Ling Huang (Older Sister)
Ten-Ten Huang (Mother)
Fei-Hong Huang (Father)
Touhou Fuhai (Great-Great Grandfather)
Tsukune Aono (Through Affiliation)
Affiliations Huang Family
Class 2nd year Yōkai Academy

 Fang Fang Huang (黄 芳芳, Won Fanfan, Chinese pinyin: Huáng Fāngfāng) (spelled Fangfang Huang in some translations) was at first an effeminate first year student who first appears in Chapter 23 of the second serialization. 

Fang Fang is a Chinese Yōkai whose father is the leader of a major Chinese Mafia organization, entering Yōkai Academy to recruit powerful subordinates. He is a Yasha, and can summon other monsters to fight on his behalf, though only one can be summoned at a time. He is occasionally accompanied by a giant panda, which he claims is his servant. 

He knew Moka's Rosario Cross was breaking when he heard a "creak" from the seal, and returned to Hong Kong with the others to ask his great-great-grandfather Touhou Fuhai to fix it. Fang Fang later trains with Tsukune and the others before traveling to Fairy Tale's headquarters to recover Moka.

In his next year, Fang Fang is now a member of the Newspaper Club (manga only) to which he joined after the battle against Alucard.


Fang Fang's appearance is somewhat akin to a bishōnen; at first glance Tsukune thought he was a woman. He has black hair and feminine looking eyes and face, wearing common Chinese clothing and Chinese hairstyle looking very similar to his sister Ling Ling. Also, he has unique eyebrows, in the shape of lightening bolts or thunder bolts. When he activates his powers, a third eye appears on his forehead. All these traits suggest he's the spitting image of Touhou Fuhai when he was young.


Fang Fang with Xia-Long Miao in their childhood.

Fang Fang is a very kind person who tends to have an overactive imagination and jumps to conclusions pretty easily. However, he is responsible and is very caring of his family, as well as being very intuitive seeing as he immediately notices Moka's seal creaking but is very sincere and apologizes for his family's melodramatic and over-the-top plans. Even though he is usually away from a fight he will be brave enough to stand up for his friends and defend them. Despite his vast amount of money, he is very modest and level-headed; however, he has the least bit of cockiness in the situations he is in. Fang Fang is loyal and cares greatly for his friends. He does possess inner strength, but has only displayed his true abilities when fighting for the sake of his friends. Fang Fang appears to be better friends with Yukari Sendo than any of the others (beside Tsukune). As a symbol of friendship, Fang Fang taught her some summoning technique, which she secretly became more adept at than himself. Yukari seems to worry about him the most, showing that their friendship is mutual. So despite his resemblance to Touhou Fuhai, he doesn't seem to be as sensitive.

Fang Fang is particularly interested in recruiting Tsukune into the Huang Family, having heard of his taking out a human Yakuza group and mistakenly believing that he, not Gin and Haji, was responsible for destroying Fairy Tale's 7th Branch. When he first asked Tsukune to join, he accidentally painted himself as a homosexual. After witnessing Inner Moka's power, he decides that Tsukune and Moka are an "invincible partnership" (also assuming without basis that Inner Moka is Tsukune's wife) and wishes to recruit them both. He was particularly interested in making Tsukune Aono part of the Huang Family.


Year Two[]

Fang Fang first appeared while the Newspaper Club were having a meeting. He immediately asked for Tsukune, explaining that he needed Tsukune's power to fight against Fairy Tale. After noticing all the girls surrounding Tsukune, he begins to convince everyone to join the Huang Family, where they could all marry Tsukune under the tradition of Polygamy. He mention that there were no laws forbidding polygamy with monsters. Fang Fang attacks Tsukune by summoning forth a phoenix, to test his abilities. Inner Moka and Tsukune manage to defeat it; this leads Fang Fang to the conclusion that both Moka and Tsukune need to be recruited into the Huang Family. Later, after hearing Moka's Rosario creak, Fang Fang steps in and offers to have his family repair it. He invites Moka and company over to Hong Kong by plane and brings them to his house for their welcoming party. He watches over Touho Fuhai, Tsukune, Moka and Mizore's bodies with Yukari Sendo while they are in the world of Moka's memories. Fang Fang later witnesses Akua Shuzen's fight with his sister and Moka's reluctant departure for Fairy Tale.

When Tsukune and the group are traveling through the Fairy Tale headquarters in search of Moka, Fang Fang stays behind at a crossroads and fights Routier, Deputy Leader of the 4th Subdivision. Routier gains the upper hand throughout the fight, but Yukari Sendo returns and saves him from Routier's chainsaw. With the sudden urge to protect his friend from harm, Fang Fang defends Yukari and successfully defeats Routier.

Fang Fang fighting Xia-Long Miao.

Fang Fang's reunion is cut short when Xia-Long Miao appears with the unconscious Routier and announces himself as Head of the Miao Family and Leader of the 4th Subdivision. Fang Fang reflects on his childhood, where he had known and befriended Xia-Long and had called a halt to the rivalry between the Miao and Huang Families. It is revealed that the truce between the families was called off when Xia-Long assumed leadership of the Miao Family. Yukari, having learned some of Fang Fang's summoning skills and secretly becoming even better at them, fights Xia-Long by herself, but is wounded in the process. An enraged Fang Fang discovers his true potential lies not in his great-grandfather Touhou Fuhai's summoning abilities, but in his mother Ten Ten Huang's martial arts prowess. Fang Fang evades Xia-Long's oncoming gun-fire and stabs him through the abdomen with his coin-sword.


  • Chinese Coins: Fang-Fang carries with a number of Chinese coins to use for various purposes whether be it combat or practical use.
    • Coin Sword: Fang-Fang can connect and shape his coins into a sword for he to use as a weapon with coins being able to block and deflect an attack coming from a chainsaw wielded by an oni.
      • Summoning: Fang-Fang can also use the coins in their sword form as his medium for summoning techniques by placing a talisman on it.
    • Luck Prediction: With his coins he can (not accurately) sense negative energies, using this Fang-Fang is able to tell that an enemy has been following him and his friends depending on the amount of bad luck in the direction he faced it in.

Powers and Abilities[]


Yasha Physiology: As a yasha and descendant of Touhou Fuhai, Fang-Fang possesses abilities similar to that of the Dark Lord though since he is significantly younger his use of them is inferior. It is later revealed that he did not inherit Touhou Fuhai's talents but rather he inherited the talents of his mother, Tim-Tim Huang.

  • Enhanced Speed: Fang Fang has a great deal of speed capable of moving a great distance in a few moments. This is shown that when resolved and determined, Fang-Fang was able to instantly move from his position to where Yukari and Routier were and deflected the latter's attack without either of them noticing him. After relinquishing the Summoning Techniques, Fang-Fang proceeded to fight Xia-Long Miao with his martial arts where he struck Xia-Long's shoulder before the latter could react despite their distance being mere inches apart and easily dodged all of his summons' gunfire.
  • Enhanced Agility: Upon resolving to rely on his martial arts to win, Fang-Fang proceeded to slash Xia-Long before jumping high into the air above the latter and dodged nearly of the the latter's attacks which included a multitude of gunfire.
  • Enhanced Strength: He also has an impressive level of strength, to the point where he was able to stop Routier's chainsaw attack with his coin sword without any strain and send her flying through a concrete pillar knocking her unconscious with one elbow strike.
  • Enhanced Durability: Fang-Fang has enough durability to withstand having his left shoulder cut open by a chainsaw pressed down on him by the oni, Routier only to immediately recover to save Yukari. Fang-Fang was even able to withstand an attack from Miyabi Fujisaki (a clone of Alucard) though was left incapacitated like everyone else
  • Enhanced Stamina: Despite not inheriting Touhou Fuhai's talents in summoning, Fang-Fang can still do multiple summons in a day despite the art being very taxing on a yokai's stamina and Yoki. In fact even after being injured by Routier, Fang-Fang was able to immediately recover and continue fighting and even when the injury was not healed he was able to engage Xia-Long Miao where he emerged victorious with Yukari's help.


  • Summoner: As a Yasha Fang-Fang is known for being a yokai that specializes in summoning though he is untalented in the art. However during unexpected moments he can be bring forth powerful creatures such as a Phoenix though when he expects his summons to powerful it usually brings forth a useless panda often for comedic effect.
  • Expert Swordsman: Fang Fang has displayed some skill as a swordsman as he often uses a sword made of Chinese coins. This is shown where he can stop and deflect a downward chainsaw attack using his coin sword.
  • Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: It is eventually revealed that he did not actually inherit his father's summoning abilities, rather he possess' his mother's martial arts skills, making him a "born martial artist". This is shown when after giving up on summoning he instinctively utilizes his mother's signature martial arts abilities to fight and eventually defeat Xia-Long Miao.


Martial Arts Techniques: Fang-Fang is well trained and talented in martial arts though he apparently uses it as a last resort since he originally relies on his summons in spite of his lack of talent before the discovery of this talent.

  • Huang Style: Senzan Touchuu(穿山撞肘 - Mountain-Piercing Elbow Blow): A powerful elbow attack that utilizes great speed and the rotation of the body to cripple enemies.
  • Hengenjizai Stance: The signature martial arts stance of his mother that Xia-Long Miao immediately recognizes to be where Fang-Fang inherited the talents of his mother. This stance involves rising one's left leg above their right leg while placing their left hand on their hip and place her right arm above their heads directed towards the opponent to initiate a high-speed attack or evasion.
  • Kyouka (鏡花 - Mirror Flower): A technique used by Tim-Tim Huang, where Fang Fang evades his opponent's attack by creating an illusion of himself from an afterimage.

SummoningFang Fang has the power to summon various creatures, from chickens to powerful monsters. Usually, he has very little control over these summons, which causes him to summon a Panda instead of what he wants to summon.

  • ​Dragon: As shown when Huang family's plane crashed Fang Fang was able to summon a dragon to help them land safely
  • Panda: A summon that happens when Fang Fang fails his summons
  • Phoenix: A summoning Fang Fang used trying to defeat Tsukune by bringing forth a baby phoenix that immediately transformed into an imitation of an adult Phoenix.
  • Various Bugs: Fang-Fang summons a multitude of bugs for various purposes like riding on one for flight.



  • "I want you to join the Huang family, Tsukune!"
  • "Though I may not look like it, I am the heir to the Huang Family"
  • "I don't care if you hurt me, but don't you dare lay your hands on my friends!"


  • His name "Haung" means the color "yellow" in Chinese. In Japanese, the character of hanzi and Japanese kanji of 黄is pronounced as 'ki', but in the actual Japanese setting, the pronunciation of his name is pronounced as "Won" with the long "O" sound or Wan with the short "o" sound, like ˈä or ä sound in "phonetically" reading, specifically like the English sound of the word octopus, which, in English, is pronounced as ˈäktəpəs.
  • In Japanese, his character writing spelling of "芳芳" meaning "Fang Fang" is also translated into pronunciation as "Hō Hō" and can also be translated as "Yoshiyoshi" or "Yoshi Yoshi", also "Yoshihiro". Additionally, his name "黄 芳芳" altogether can also be pronounced as "Kō Hō Hō" or "Kō Hōhō", with the character "ki" for "yellow" being pronounced as "kō" instead.
  • The initial confusion on Fang Fang's gender is likely a reflection of being as good looking as his mother and Dark Lord Touhou Fuhai.
  • Just like his mother Ten-Ten Huang, his given name or first name has no real translation or meaning and is just a name in the Chinese translation.
  • His fury over seeing his friends hurt suggests he has a potent mix of Touhou Fuhai's and his mother's tempers. (i.e. Fuhai is self-admittedly hot-tempered and Ten-Ten is also hot-tempered) But he seems to be less sensitive than Dark Lord Touhou Fuhai.
  • Fang Fang is the first non-Japanese Yôkai Academy student who appears in the series, followed later by his sister Ling Ling. However it is unclear if Yôkai Academy currently houses other foreign students as well.
  • Fang Fang was upset over being a lousy sorcerer because he wasn't aware he was more on par with his mother than his father's side of the family. So in terms of abilities, Fang Fang is more his mother's son.
  • Fang Fang's combat skills seem to peak when he's less concerned for himself and more concerned for his friends. EX: Routier diverted from him to attack Yukari and he outran her and blocked her chainsaw slash with his coin sword and then used his elbow strike to deck her.
  • In the Epilogue tales for the series, they mention that in the future Fang Fang fully comes into his full skills inheritance and is hailed as "The Second Coming of Touhou Fuhai" they also allude that his combat backup is Yukari...then shown them in the present and mention his grand future is still a long ways away.