Deshiko Deshi
Deshiko Deshi
Kana でし でし子
Romaji Deshi Deshiko
Birthday December 27
Gender Female
Age 16-17
Race Jiang Shi
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Gold
Technique Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Affiliations Student Police (formerly)
Class Second Year Yokai Academy
Voice Actor Saori Goto (Japanese)
Kristin Sutton (English)

Deshiko Deshi (でし でし子, Deshi Deshiko) is a red-haired member of the Public Safety Commission who ends her sentences with "deshi" and is always seen with a across her shoulders. She appears as a generic member in the manga, but her role is expanded in the anime and in the second season, where she becomes the first girl on campus to fall under Kou (as Kotaro)'s hypnosis. After the downfall of the PSC in the first season, she has apparently lost the fear and respect she was given as a leader of the PSC and, as seen in the second season, she had to endure regular verbal abuse by the students she once victimized.



Being one of the leaders of the PSC she is always seen with a group of thugs to help enforce her stance as she bullies students by hitting them repeatedly with her bo, on the final battle of the first season she tries to stop the Newspaper Club from reaching Tsukune that was already set on flames by the grandmaster of the PSC, at that time she transformed into her true form and revealed she was a controlled JiangShi (because of the Ofuda on her forehead) and fought Yukari Sendo, only to be bashed into submision with her trademarked punishment from heaves (metal bowls to the head), nothing else was seen of her until season 2.

Rosario+Vampire Capu2Edit

On season 2 she was seen walking to school while enduring verbal abuse by a lot of students (on her PSC attire), maybe a bit undeserved due to her forehead seal on her monster form, that meant she was being controlled by the grandmaster of the PSC, the nine-tailed fox spirit, she bumped into Kou in his human form (Koutarou) while feeling really down and she was easy prey to his charm spell disguised as the words "Jet'Aime" ("I love you" in french), next time she was seen as a member of the brainwashed harem of Kou using the same black uniform all the others were made to wear and hitting Tsukune for approaching her "Master". At the concert Kou was doing as a way to control all the females of the Academy permanently she was seen cheering for him, but once he was defeated by Inner Moka she fainted along with everyone else in the audience free of the lil bat's control, she is not seen again afterwards (maybe she just got mixed again on the faceless student groups after that experience)


Year OneEdit

Deshi makes a small breif appearance in the manga shown as she and members of the PSC come to approach the Newspaper Club.  


  • In the anime, Deshiko's true form is a Jiang Shi, and her costume pays homage to Hsien-Ko/Lei-Lei of Darkstalkers, as Capcom is one of the anime's sponsors.
  • Deshiko and Keito's pics are the only photos Ginei Morioka doesn't drop after the PSC is defeated, saying "Oooops, I'm keeping those", the pics are from Keito on the changing room and Deshiko on her lingerie with a surprised blush on her face.
  • Deshiko commonly carries around a wooden Bo as a weapon even when walking around in the commons.


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