The legendary whip Belmont used by Tsukune while training with Ruby, in order to be able to better control his yōkai powers.

It possesses magic cancelling properties, which is especially useful for someone with a seal, such as Tsukune or Moka, who both have magical seals. In this regard, it is able to cancel the sealing properties of a holy lock, and even the seal of Moka's Rosario.

During his training, Tsukune used this whip in conjunction with a specialized, magical chain that functioned as "release valve" that was affixed to Ruby. Whenever Tsukune would utilize his powers and lash the whip, the excess energy that would otherwise transform him into a Ghoul is drawn away and channeled into her, causing Ruby pain similar to an electrical shock.

The training with both implements enabled Tsukune to be able to use his powers without further damaging his holy lock.



  • One of the images of the whip is the same used in one of the Castlevania games and its name is most likely a reference to the Belmonts, a family of vampire slayers in the Castlevania series, who used a magical whip to slay supernatural creatures.
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