An Artifact spirit (Tsukumogami) is a literal fairy or fae, tiny and miniature. Their name "Artifact spirit" comes from the literal term meaning a spirit that possesses an artifact of some sort, with Lilith, it is Lilith's Mirror. Tsukumogami are known to be unkind, cruel, crude, devious and demonic creatures that don't take liking to monsters being in human forms or even generally humans, exhibit: Lilith.

One-word monster encyclopediaEdit

An artifact spirit which gained a soul after a long period of time. Most of the time they have special powers related to their artifact. Generally, artifact spirits hold a grudge against those who have mistreated them. When they turn evil, they destroy every master they encounter.

Known Artifact SpiritsEdit

  • Lilith
    Lilith mirror

    Lilith, an artifact spirit!


  • Artifact is a the souls spirited from the Rise Dark Pentagram created by: Terrin Auh??!
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