Alucard original.png
Kana アルカード
Romaji Arukādo
Manga Rosario + Vampire Season II chapter 08
Birthday November or December
Gender Male
Age 500+
Status Deceased
Race Shinso Vampire
Monstrel (from consuming other monsters)
Hair Color Ink Black
Eye Color Ink Black
Technique Shinso Vampire Strength and Shinso Vampire Speed (Techniques of Monster Powers from Devouring and Consuming Other Monsters)
Personal Status
Relatives Akua Shuzen (Granddaughter)
Kahlua Shuzen (Granddaughter)
Moka Akashiya (Granddaughter)
Kokoa Shuzen (Granddaughter)
Jasmine (Relative)
Akasha Bloodriver (Daughter-in-Law)†
Issa Shuzen (Son)
Gyokuro Shuzen (Daughter-in-Law)†
Miyabi Fujisaki (Clone)
Affiliations Himself
Class S-Class
Voice Actor None


Alucard (アルカード, Arukādo) (known as Dracula (ドラキュラ, Dorakyura) before his kingdom was destroyed) is a Shinso Vampire who attempted to wipe out the Human race in seven days. By absorbing numerous Ayashi and gaining their powers, he became a huge monstrous entity without equal, but it also cost him his human form. However, he made a clone of himself before he was sealed away by Akasha Bloodriver 200 years ago, and the clone subsequently assumed two identities: the Masked King, who created Fairy Tale and the Miao Family, while using the alias Miyabi Fujisaki in present day.

Background[edit | edit source]

In the 15th century Europe, Alucard was a king in the Principality of Wallachia revealing himself to be a vampire and his dream was to build a utopia where humans and monsters lived in peace, however, the humans of the neighboring countries feared Alucard and his people believing that monsters are the enemies of god and they are the work of the devil. They eventually killed all the monsters and destroyed Alucard's kingdom, but he managed to survive as he killed all the men knowing that he couldn't be killed so easily.

After the battle with the humans, Alucard found one surviving member which was a young girl, Akasha Bloodriver, and she along with Alucard travelled east together. Alucard made a vow to have revenge on all mankind and rebuild his lost kingdom, but Akasha still believed in coexistence between humans and monsters which leads Alucard to seperate from her. When Alucard meets Akasha again, he becomes her enemy in order to prove that Akasha's path is nothing more than a delusion and using his shinso powers to absorb other creatures to become a giant monster.   

Manga[edit | edit source]

Alucard is known to be the oldest vampire in existence, and may have been the most powerful monster of all time, as he is shown to have a powerful aura long after his presumed death. It was only the powers of the Three Dark Lords that kept him from destroying mankind. Even now his power is held in high opinion because only amazingly strong or well informed people know him even in death people seek his vast strength. It is believed that his mind remains intact even after all these years.

After Akua attempts to kill Akasha, Moka's Shinso power, which she inherited through the blood given to her by her mother at birth, awakened, giving her incredible power, but also waking up Alucard in the process. Alucard's tentacles encircle the Shuzen's mansion, grabbing any living thing within its reach and sprouting smaller eel-like creatures that drain the victim of blood to satiate Alucard's centuries-old hunger.

In chapter 42 it was revealed that Alucard resided in the Fairy Tale Headquarters, and Moka had been put in a special seal next to him, designed to break the Rosario seal and free Inner Moka, which would've awakened him as well. However, Outer Moka was willing his revival time to be delayed at her own expense. Unfortunately, Moka was eventually forced to awaken by the sight of Akua supposedly killing Mizore and Kurumu, thus waking Alucard as well.

As Alucard's awakening transpired, he consumed countless Fairy Tale monsters to satiate his hunger, just as he'd attempted to do seven years ago, and altered the landscape of the Floating Garden with his devastating search. Gyokuro later arrived and stole Moka's rosario, and supposedly placed Alucard under her control.  But once she lost the Rosario, Alucard didn't hesitate to devour her as he did her underlings.

He then appears as the Masked King, aka Miyabi Fujisaki, aka a clone created from Alucard's body before he was sealed away.  He swatted the heroes away like flies, but before he could've killed Moka and released the seal, Akua interfered.  After some discussion, Akua charges forth in a rage and apparently destroyed Miyabi with her Jigentou.  However, her victory was short lived, as Alucard impaled Moka, Tsukune, and the seal with parts of his body.

After the Floating Gardens crashes into the city, Alucard emerges in his true form: a xenomorphic beast as tall as a skyscraper. He wreaked havoc throughout the city, decimating buildings with punitive ease.  However, Miyabi noticed that despite the destruction he'd wrought, there were virtually no casualties.  He soon saw the reason was his old enemy, Mikogami Tenmei. When he asked what magic Mikogami had employed to evacuate the city, the Third Dark Lord replied it was no magic, but simply a call to his ally in the Human World. Miyabi soon saw a battalion of tanks headed his way, along with a squadron of fighter jets.  When Mikogami praised humanity for the advances they'd made, Alucard simply rolled his eyes in response. "Your method of dominating through power is outdated and excessive!" the exorcist proclaimed. "You're like a fruitless flower that's bloomed out of season!  The least you can do is wither, together with the old era!".

With that the military assault began, and Alucard became worried as he noticed his main body's reactions seemed sluggish, and wondered if its long slumber had affected its intelligence.  In response, his clone fused back together with his main body to give it more versatility.  Yet even then, he noticed their thoughts weren't completely connected.  The despicable fiend soon counterattacked, decimating the tank force with a single blow and destroying several jets.  Though before he could've pressed his advantage, he heard singing from nearby, which actually began to damage his body. "Incredible," he thought to himself, "to think such a being still exists." He soon found his assailant, a winged girl who stood atop a nearby crane.  She called herself San Otonashi, and offered to be his opponent, although she later corrected herself and claimed that "they" would be his opponents.  He turned around, and saw the rapidly approaching form of Mikogami, who hauled back with an overfist strike that he drove flush into Alucard's jaw, which knocked the evil overlord off his feet and onto the ground below.  As he got to his feet, he noticed Mikogami had assumed his true shape, and soon saw his other nemesis, Fuhai Touhou, had done the same.

In the next panel, the two Dark Lords and San had badly beaten Alucard.  San used her ultrasonic song to have disabled Alucard's shoulders, while her cohorts nailed him with two crushing blows that sent him to the ground yet again.

Moments later, Alucard rose to his feet, fully regenerated after the massive damage his cranium had taken.  He became aware of an intense demonic aura in the area, and surmised it was Mikogami's "trump card" of sorts, Tsukune Aono.  He then sends his old enemy into a building with a immensely strong punch, intent on getting past him to where the aura originated.  Soon enough, he got to the pillar of youki, within it was Tsukune and Moka.  He raised his huge claw to have crushed the pair, along with everyone gathered around it.  However, his claw was destroyed when it came in contact with the pillar, which soon dispersed to have revealed Tsukune and Moka, very much alive and prepared for battle. "New Shinsos, huh," he asked with an unimpressed look, "meddling brats." He sent forth his tentacles to devour the pair, but they streaked past the attack, and punched a huge hole right through Alucard's chest.  They proceeded to have smashed his body into pieces, which then crumpled onto the ground in a heap.

Yet despite his wretched condition, Alucard refused to die, as he arose as a twisted amalgamation of monstrous bodies, limbs, and even organs.  He then reminded them of the egg he planted in the Snow Maiden Village, and proclaimed the time had come for them to awaken.  He then created several portals, which showed different locations all over Japan, where monstrous creatures began to run amok, all Alucard's creations.  He declared that once his "babies" reduced the human population, monsters would come out of hiding and live in the light, all under his domination.

Tsukune denounced him as a madman, but the insidious being countered by saying the newborn Shinso should've stopped siding with humanity. He then revealed that the Holy Lock did not restrain his blood, as Tsukune had originally believed, but rather it helped adapt his body to the power it suppressed, namely the Shinso blood.  He went on to say that as a Shinso, Tsukune was now the enemy of humanity, and thus had no more reason to fight him.  He then sought to devour Tsukune while he became conflicted over what he'd heard, yet the newborn Shinso broke free and proclaimed that regardless of his current nature, he would still fight for coexistence.

Around that time, he saw his creatures were being resisted, by youkai spread all over Japan.  Members of the Wong and his own Miu family fought against the demons, as did members of Youkai Academy.  His plans continued to deteriorate, as several of his supposedly dead enemies returned to the battlefield yet again, even his former underlings, Sai-Lung Miu and Routier, who all proclaimed their defiance of the eldest vampire.

Incensed by their proclamations of dependance, Alucard created a huge hand from his twisted flesh, and sought to have crushed his enemies once and for all.  However, his attack was stopped by Fuhai Touhou, and he watched as his gathered enemies attacked en masse, the most persistent being Tsukune Aono.  The young Shinso struggled against him, but was soon impaled by a deadly tendril created from his body.  Though instead of wilting, Tsukune grabbed Moka's Rosario, and in an curious maneuver, attached it to Alucard's chest.  The ancient vampire was perplexed, until a powerful presence burst forth from his chest.  It was then that he realized what had occurred: the Rosario had been used to recreate the body of his old enemy, Akasha Bloodriver, who commandeered Alucard's main body and bound his clone as well, much to his chagrin.

"Let's end this, Alucard," the resurrected Shinso spoke with an unreadable glance, "our journey has gone on long enough."

The bound king admitted he'd traveled for vengeance, while Akasha sought peace, yet neither had achieved their desires.  His former subject disagreed, saying that while their paths were different, their destination was the same: a utopia where humans and monsters could coexist.  When she spoke of how their dream had been passed onto the next generation, the words of Tsukune Aono came back to him: "And prove that even we can come to an understanding."

Alucard asked Akasha if their journey was to end, and the Shinso replied it was no different than the dark day over five centuries past, when they lost everything and set off together.  Alucard reflected upon the day, and confessed he cursed his body daily for not letting him die, yet chose to live for Akasha's sake.  With that, he chose to follow her on their next journey.  Mikogami and Fuhai assisted the pair in enacting a self-destruct spell.  A pillar of light soon erupted, and all four of them disappeared from the world.

Personality[edit | edit source]

In his supposedly first appearance during Moka's flashback, Alucard displayed traits more akin to an aimless beast of little or no intelligence, however he was noted for having two driving forces in his personality. Firstly, for a yet unknown reason, Alucard detests humanity, so much that he became a horrible monster and attempted to wipe them out two hundred years ago. Secondly, due to his long slumber and the sheer hunger he is suffering from because of it, Alucard is a voracious eater who sees everything around him at the moment of awakening as mere food. This includes other monsters, his "supposed" allies, his own granddaughter, Akua, (although it is not clear as to whether he even knows who she is), and anything that breathes.

However, once Miyabi Fujisaki was revealed to be a clone of Alucard, it was shown that Alucard had not lost his mind as originally believed.  Rather, his intelligence was apparently channeled into Miyabi, who's shown Alucard to be a truly cruel and diabolical genius, who's schemed to enact his full resurrection for the past two centuries.  He crushes all forms of resistance and has no tolerance for defiance amongst his followers and even his granddaughter is not an exception.

Later on it's shown that instead of being a malevolent and sinister being, he is actually a tragic villain as his reasons for wanting to wipe out humanity is the result of losing his kingdom, his people, and being only able to save Akasha when she was a child during the attack made by the neighboring human knights in fear of his power. His dark twist that set him on the path of vengeance is the regret of being only able to save Akasha and when they traveled to the East together, he briefly forgotten his desire for revenge and remarked that her being with him made him want to live again after he had cursed his body for not letting him die.

Also Kiria reveals that Alucard is actually very self-sacrificial as his plot to destroy the human world through Fairy Tale is in truth to make himself seem like the ultimate villain so that his enemies (whom are yokai themselves) would be hailed as heroes who saves the human world. This was so that his dream of coexistence between humans and yokai would finally come true in which Kiria would describe him as a false villain.

Powers and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Powers[edit | edit source]

Vampirism: As the oldest Shinso vampire, Alucard is the strongest vampire and even perhaps the most powerful entity in the entire series itself. This is proven when 200 years before the main storyline, when Alucard fought against Akasha Bloodriver, Mikogami and Touhou Fuhai, all impressive beings in their own right who became known as the three dark lords upon his suppression. Alucard's power was enough to threaten the entire world itself, and proved so great that Akasha decided to seal herself into his body and force him into a 170 year long slumber, along with herself, rather than continue to fight and lose more lives.

  • Immense Strength: Due to his gigantic size, Alucard has proportionately impressive physical strength. He is able to easily pressure even the strongest of yokai in battle shown when he alone pushed the Three Dark Lords to their very limits 200 years ago. Upon his complete revival, Alucard resembles a gigantic bipedal alien monster, who can demolish skyscrapers with punitive ease and even swatted Tenmei Mikogami away into a building with one backhand which visibly injured the kishin.
  • Immense Durability: Equally due to his gigantic size and form, Alucard also has enormous durability and endurance. He is able to endure powerful attacks that destroys his body continuously only to recover and quickly retaliate. This is shown when Sun's sound attacks destroyed the ligaments in his arms but spoke about how meaningless it is as if nothing happened and easily recovering from missile attacks coming from the most advanced of human tanks and fighter jets. Later he took two simultaneous attacks coming from Touhou Fuhai and Tenmei Mikogami at the same which further tore apart his body yet did not do any lasting damage at all. He even attempted to further attack the newly reborn Shinso vampires, Tsukune and Moka, after having his right arm destroyed by them during his initial attempt. His immortality and regeneration may influence his durability.
  • Immense Stamina: Alucard's musculature produces little to no fatigue toxin during physical activity in comparison to ordinary human or vampire, allowing him to be physically active for longer periods of time. This was proven when he is able to fight against Tenmei Mikogami, Touhou Fuhai, and San Otonashi at the same time after having dealt with the human army. Later he is shown to be able to still challenge all of his enemies at the same time which included Akua Shuzen, the new Shinso vampires (Tsukune and Moka), and two of the Three Dark Lords without any deterioration in his performance at all. In fact the only thing that stopped him all together was when Tsukune had released Akasha from his body by placing the broken Rosario Cross on his chest with Alucard himself remarking that he had lost the strength to stop her resurrection from enduring all the relentless attacks coming from his opponents.
  • Shinso Bloodline: Alucard is the progenitor of one of the two known bloodlines of Shinso and after having Akasha slept within his body for 170 years, their Shinso blood mixed and became synchronized thus merging their bloodlines together with him being the progenitor. This unique blood allows Alucard near immortality and abilities normal vampires don't have and despite his original body deprived of its intelligence after creating his clone he can still influence others who have his blood flowing in their veins.
    • Immense Demonic Aura: Even after being sealed for 200 years, his body is stated to have an overwhelmingly monstrous aura that Moka was absolutely terrified of when Akua first showed her his slumbering vessel. As he is a Shinso, his aura is much more potent and darker than an average vampire and is described as "a darkness deeper than night".
    • Blood Synchronization & Resonation: During the time that Akasha is within Alucard's body, her blood and Alucard's mixed and synchronized, allowing him to be awoken by anyone possessing their shared blood and in fact influencing those who bear it, as in the case of Tsukune. Alucard's flesh was extracted by Gyokuro and placed inside of the Shuzen Vampires, resulting in it consuming them from within and erupting from their bodies as a type of grotesque mutant, each time varying greatly in form, and is under his direct control.
    • Yokai Absorption: Alucard is able to absorb other monsters and gained their powers thus it can be assumed that he possesses several different powers yet undisplayed. It is also this absorption ability that he in turn lost his original human form 200 years ago in his attempt to destroy humanity.
      • Tentacles: In both the present time and seven years prior, Alucard has not been seen fighting directly, but rather uses his tentacle-like prostrations to consume food; which basically means any unfortunate soul he comes across. This is due to the fact that he is starving from his long slumber. He presumably gained these tentacles when he lost his human form upon absorbing all those countless monsters.
      • Replication: Alucard has shown the ability to create a replica of his original human form that carries his intelligence and a portion of his overall power just before being sealed. He likens this ability to that of the fabled Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, and it's presumed that this ability came from a yokai he absorbed or possibly him shedding a portion of his original vampire self.
  • High-Speed Regeneration: Alucard possesses a terrifying healing ability, such that cuts and slashes do no permanent harm. The only weaknesses this factor is shown to possess is that he cannot heal body parts that are completely and instantly destroyed. After having his body completely torn apart by Tsukune and Moka, Alucard regenerated and reformed into a more monstrous form that appears as an amalgamation of various monsters and continued fighting against all of his enemies.
  • Immortality: As a Shinso due to having an undying body, Alucard was nearly immortal as said by Tsukune even though him and Moka destroyed his body, Alucard couldn't die so easily. However the Dark Lords claimed that while his body is nearly immortal, his vitality isn't limitless to endure constant destruction of his body. Alucard himself stated that during his travel with Akasha to Asia 500 years ago he cursed his body everyday for not allowing him to die thus indicating that this is an involuntary ability.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "This is my true plan that I spent the last 200 years perfecting. First, reduce the population by devouring them, crushing them, trampling them. Next, summon my brethren to this land and scatter them to every corner of the world.  And then I will build a 'Fairy Tale' that brings forth the dawn for those who live in the darkness... an eternal nation for our kind."
  • (To Tsukune) Since being made into a shinso, you, like me, are now an enemy of humanity.
  • (To Akasha) Back then... I cursed my body everyday for not letting me die, but it was because of you were with me that I chose to try and keep living...

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Name Alucard is the name "Dracula" spelled backwards and was first used in the movie, "Son of Dracula".
  • The name was also used by Kouta Hirano for the main protagonist, Alucard, in the manga and anime "Hellsing".
  • Alucard seems to be the most common name for the reference of the oldest vampire in most merchandise. It is also used commonly for the son of one of the famous vampires in fiction, Dracula.
  • He resembles the monster's from the major film "Alien". He seems to look that of a predalien (an alien and predator hybrid). also, the ghouls made by implanting his flesh into others tend to erupt from their host bodies, similar in principle to the "Chestbuster" in said films.
  • Akua Shuzen claims to be the granddaughter of Alucard.
  • Alucard is a the evil submission brother sorcerer earth destroyer sorcery pentagrams spells from is a the Rise Dark Pentagram.
  • Alucard once served the Shuzen family as said by Kahlua in Rosario + Vampire II Chapter 033.
  • It is stated that Tsukune has the same sinister aura as Alucard. Alucard's visage has also started to appear behind Tsukune. This is because Akasha and Alucard's blood was mixed during the 170 years they were asleep, this blood was then transferred to Akasha's daughter, Moka and through her it reached Tsukune.
  • Alucard has undergone some sort of form shift since Moka's first awakening as a Shinso years ago. Kurumu plainly stated that Alucard didn't resemble his former appearance from Moka's hidden memories
  • When Alucard awakens in Fairy Tale H.Q., a number of the lesser members are under the mistaken assumption that Alucard is on their side, right before he consumes at least one member.
  • Alucard reveals Akasha to be the "Bomb" and Moka to be the "Fuse" meaning that his main body could be destroyed by both the mother and the daughter. (Example: push the button and the bomb explodes)
  • After Fairy Tale HQ crashes, Alucard's body reconfigures into a giant humanoid form but still looking horrible, perhaps reflecting a visage worthy of his senseless cruelty and bloodlust.
  • When Alucard rises up after being smashed into pieces by Tsukune and Moka, his body reconfigures once more into a giant blob form with creature like body parts attached together.
  • Alucard was stated to be nearly immortal by Touhou Fuhai and Tenmei Mikogami, but he lacked limitless vitality to endure relentless destruction of his body, over and over again.
  • In the flashback of the 15th century, Alucard's real name is Dracula. His appearance back then resembles that of Matthias Cronqvist, who later becomes the Dracula of the Castlevania video game series.
  • In the flashback of the 15th century, Alucard, as Dracula sought harmony and coexistence. But when humans annihilated his fellow monsters yet failed to kill him, as he was unable to die, his sorrow over saving only Akasha poisoned his heart into desiring vengeance and coexistence by domination.
  • The destruction of his dream of peace and desiring revenge while being immortal is similar to a line from "Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe" about the long-lived Finders (lawmen). The quote was akin to "There are problems as a Finder...we live too long, we see too much, and every once in of us goes renegade."
  • A running gag is that Alucard has to re-light his cigar after sustaining massive damage.
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