Ageha Kurono
Rosario others 0267.jpg
Kana 黒乃 アゲハ
Romaji Kurono Ageha
Alias Ageha (アゲハエ)
Birthday March 22
Gender Female
Blood type AB
3sizes J-cup
Age Early to mid-thirties
Status Alive
Race Succubus
Hair Color Light Ocean Blue
Eye Color Purple
Equipment Claws
Personal Status
Relatives Kurumu Kurono (Daughter)
Class Yōkai Academy Graduate
Voice Actor  Japanese: Chieko Honda (Japanese, anime)

Takako Honda (Japanese, drama CD version of manga) English: Kelly McHalen

Ageha Kurono (黒乃 アゲハ, Kurono Ageha) is the mother of Kurumu Kurono who appears during the start of the school festival under the belief that Tsukune Aono is her daughter's fiancé, going so far as to allow him to "jump" her daughter anytime he wants.

Exclusively in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Ageha and Tsurara Shirayuki hold a long grudge against one another, being rivals for the affection of a student during their days at Yōkai Academy. However in the manga, they seem to have no grudges between one another and appear to be on friendlier terms as Ageha helped Tsurara keep the zombies from cheating in the school race.

In the Omake segment of Rosario + Vampire Lesson Nine: Monster Mamas, the only actual "skirmish" between Ageha and Tsurara was when they bickered about whose daughter would win Tsukune. Misunderstanding Tsukune talking about goldfish he'd gotten in the scoop game, Tsurara asked Mizore Shirayuki how many women Tsukune had, to which Mizore said 'about six..I think.' Prompting Ageha to blush and say "A week's worth of daily specials!"

Despite knowing that her daughter loves and wants to marry Tsukune, she has tried to ensnare the boy for herself a few times.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ageha is a beautiful and busty woman in her early/mid-thirties who has the same appearance as Kurumu Kurono as they both light blue hair and purple eyes. However, there are a few differences between Kurumu and Ageha:

  • While Kurumu has shoulder-length straight hair that has bangs falling over her eyebrows and a lighter color, Ageha has mid-back length or waist-length wavy hair that has a darkish color tint in her hair with bangs swept to the left.
  • While Kurumu has G-cup breasts, Ageha has larger J-cup breasts.

Her usual outfit is a red minidress that barely covers her ample cleavage (in the manga, her mini dress was shown to have spaghetti straps, but they are omitted in the anime. Specifically in the anime, much of her appearance is the same) and a brown fur coat. She also has long, red-nail-polish-coated claws, is of decent height for her age, wears a bright red strapless dress that is also specifically a mini-dress in length, with black hem in the anime, and her coat is black that sparkles and shines, and has light tan fur on the collar. Ageha also sports a pair of gold heart-shaped earrings and a matching heart necklace. In her true form as a Succubus, she has long sharp claws, bat wings and a succubus tail.

During her days at Yōkai Academy, she wore a plain, white long-sleeved shirt, the green pleated skirt all female students wear, white socks and brown shoes like Kurumu.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Unlike Kurumu Kurono (Ageha's daughter) who learned to restrain her seductive nature, Ageha fully embraces her succubus instincts who even thinks Kurumu should already have "experience" intercourse at her age where she causes unending embarrassment for Kurumu because of how she acts towards Tsukune Aono, such as trying to give him "pointers". Despite this, she still cares for her daughter and ultimately wants to see her with the man of her dreams.

Manga[edit | edit source]

Year Two[edit | edit source]

In the school festival, Ageha is introduced to Tsukune Aono by Kurumu Kurono (Ageha's daughter) who believed that both her daughter and Tsukune were together. However, she learns by Kurumu that they weren't together and Ageha eventually punishes Kurumu.

Ageha later appears in the school athletic games along with Tsurara Shirayuki and Fujiko Sendo to stop Ling Ling Huang from cheating.

Alucard's Return[edit | edit source]

Along with Tsurara Shirayuki and Fujiko Sendo, Ageha is seen working together against Alucard's clones where Tsurara is firing the full scale mini-gun, Ageha seems to aid in range determination and Fujiko is airborne, seemingly determining wind shear for shot adjustment.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Ageha possesses the same Succubus abilities as Kurumu Kurono (Ageha's daughter), though the only ones to be shown in the manga are her charm ability and her retractable claws. Featured only in Rosario + Vampire Capu2, Ageha is able to fire a laser beam from her chest where she calls this ability "Fury Boob Missiles" ("Breast Missiles of Rage" in the Funimation dub).

Etymology[edit | edit source]

  • The name Ageha means "butterfly".
  • Ageha's surname Kurono means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "of, from" (乃) (no), which literally translates to "of black" or "from black".

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Like Kurumu Kurono, Ageha has large breasts.
  • Although she is determined to see Kurumu win Tsukune's heart, Ageha doesn't mind taking him for herself as shown in Capu2 of the anime.
  • Along with Akasha Bloodriver, Ageha is one of the few characters to have her given name spelled with katakana Japanese characters instead of kanji characters, which kanji characters are literally just Chinese characters, properly called as Chinese "hànzí".
  • In a offshoot of the manga ageha is shown to have a massive fart fetish,remarking tsukune could use a good spray down of love gas.
  • In the manga, there really is no hatred between Ageha and Tsurara Shirayuki where they worked together more than they fight in the manga.
  • It is unknown if Ageha had her own mate of fate or just used a male to impregnate herself with Kurumu.
    • In the omake of Lesson 9 in the manga, she stated that she had preyed on countless men.
  • Ageha doesn't seem to mind that Tsukune has a harem.
    • In fact, she referred to it as "A week's worth of daily specials."

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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